Summer Renew/Cancel Week 4: The Real CSI: Miami’s Ratings Are the Real Crime

After a week off last week, the Summer Renew/Cancel is back this week to look at two of the new entries - The Real CSI: Miami and The Wall! Keep reading to see the outlook for both!

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Lingo (0.19, 0.18-0.20)
The Real CSI: Miami (0.16, 0.14-0.17)

Leans Cancellation:
Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars (0.18, 0.14-0.19)
I Can See Your Voice (0.21, 0.17-0.31)

Leans Renewal:
Beat Shazam (0.23, 0.19-0.27)
Don't Forget The Lyrics! (0.22, 0.18-0.26)
The Wall (0.19)

Likely to be Renewed:
The 1% Club (0.23, 0.22-0.25)
Password (0.26, 0.22-0.29)
The Quiz with Balls (0.26, 0.23-0.29)
Weakest Link (0.24, 0.17-0.30)

Certain to be Renewed:
America's Got Talent (0.47, 0.45-0.51)
American Ninja Warrior (0.33, 0.30-0.36)

Fate Determined:
MasterChef (Renewed)
Name That Tune (Renewed) 

Coming Soon:
The Bachelorette
Big Brother
Celebrity Family Feud
Claim to Fame
Judge Steve Harvey
Lucky 13
Press Your Luck
Secret Celebrity Renovation
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 

The Real CSI: Miami: Two weeks ago, CBS debuted this new docuseries. It's one of the very few originals airing on the Tiffany Network this summer, as summer has more-or-less turned into a season where they go on autopilot, airing Big Brother surrounded by a sea of repeats. The Real CSI: Miami, with its extremely loose connections to the CSI franchise, can hardly be considered a genuine effort at programming in the summer, but it is, at least, something original, during a summer season that has yet to see a single original series air on ABC (that changes tonight, at least), and has only really seen Fox seriously trying to program. Unfortunately, this half-baked effort at original programming hasn't rated any differently than the cheap repeats that aired in this slot before it premiered, and, in fact, it trails the game show re-runs that were leading into it. Its 0.17 premiere was a paltry start, and then it dropped to a 0.14 the next week despite being the only original program on all of the big five. This is the sort of cheap crime show that CBS will often air during the summer, and the sort of cheap crime show that rarely makes it past one season. Considering how inexpensive it likely is, this isn't a disaster for CBS, but I can't imagine they feel too inspired to order more. They never gave this one much of a try to begin with, so I feel confident enough saying it's unlikely they like it enough to give it another chance. It's a LIKELY CANCELLATION. 

The Wall: Last week, this long-running game show returned from a months-long hiatus in its "new" slot, Mondays at 10. It's aired here plenty of times before, including for its series premiere all the way back in 2016, so this isn't exactly new territory for it. This show has long been scheduling filler for NBC, getting thrown across the schedule to fill whatever slot NBC needs to fill, and never airing there for very long. In that capacity, it's done fine for them. Its performance in the fall was pretty mediocre, and that continued when it returned last week, with a 0.19 after a 0.33 from American Ninja Warrior. It definitely looks worse than Weakest Link did, but this should be enough for NBC to keep it around as filler. There is value in having a show that can be slotted pretty much anywhere with little notice, and The Wall has filled that role well for the past several years. One day, they will eventually give up on it, likely once the financials no longer make sense for them, but I think it's more likely than not that, even with the mediocre performance and retention, it'll be sticking around. It LEANS RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments!

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