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Position Category 1 of 2: International Ratings Discussion

The TV Ratings Guide currently reports and discusses TV ratings from the United States. We are looking to expand our coverage to include other countries, and need your help to do so. Particularly, we are aiming to find volunteers to discuss ratings from Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. We are also open to covering other countries, should anyone be able to locate ratings from those places. 

The contribution would be to leave a link to a ratings report and write a roughly two to three paragraph discussion about the ratings. This is up to a weekly assignment for anyone wishing to cover Canada, France, Italy, Japan, and/or the United Kingdom. It is up to a monthly assignment for someone who wishes to cover Ireland. It is as often as a daily assignment for Australia and Sweden (select the day(s) you wish to cover in the below form if interested in covering the ratings for those countries). 

We are looking for as many volunteers as it takes to cover as many countries as we possibly can. Articles can be written in either American English or the native language. 

Here are the links to ratings for the writing sample in the below application. These links are also the general domains to the websites which regularly report the ratings. It is not necessary to discuss every single show.

In most cases, it is not necessary to be fluent in the native language to identify the name of the show and its ratings. With Japan, the column to the right measures the average individual audience rating in percentage form, while the column to the left of it measures the average household audience rating in percentage form. 


Canada (English):,%202020%20(National).pdf

Canada (Quebec):,%202020%20(Quebec).pdf

France:édiamat_s38_1.pdf (FIRST PAGE ONLY. Copy and past URL into browser to open.)





United Kingdom:

Position Category 2 of 2: Sports Ratings Discussion

The TV Ratings Guide is also looking for a volunteer to discuss sports ratings. Think in the vein of our Prime Time Cable News Ratings series, only with sports. The assignment would be to create and post a table featuring sports aired in prime time across broadcast and cable networks. It would contain five columns: Show, Network, Day, A18-49 Rating, and Total Viewers. 

To apply, fill out the form below. Here are all the links needed to help you with the writing sample:

If you are unsure about anything, send us an email at 

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