Marietta Season 3 Episode 2 - Milton’s SCOTUS Woes

Marietta Season 3 Episode 2
Milton's SCOTUS Woes

Patty Lynn: AHHHH!!!!
Martin: What’s wrong?
Marietta: What isn’t?
Kathleen: She worries about so much, lord knows what her phone just showed her that’s making her freak out like that. She probably shouldn't have a smartphone. Just give her an old flip phone.
Patty Lynn: Rhea Bueller Faulkner died.
Kathleen: Oh my god.
Martin: We just lost the Supreme Court.
Kathleen: Maybe not. Don’t freak out.
Patty Lynn: I can’t believe this is happening.
Tammy: I knew she was sick, and she was only six years younger than sliced bread, but I didn’t think she would die so soon.
Marietta: Why do you know when sliced bread was invented?
Tammy: That’s what you’re worried about right now?
Marietta: Yes!
Kathleen: Milton, you’re awfully quiet. You look like you just saw a ghost.
Milton: I need to go call Sarah right now. RBF was one of her heroes, I need to make sure she’s okay.
Patty Lynn: Tell her we love her!
Milton: I will, mom.
Milton walks away.
Marietta: Tammy, how are ya?
Tammy: What do you mean? Sad, just like every other liberal in this country right about now.
Marietta: Well, Ralph appointed her to the court. I know you had a good relationship with her.
Tammy: She was a lovely person. I’m devastated that she’s gone. I had dinners with her many times. She could be in a room with tons of Senators and Representatives and Governors and foreign leaders and still manage to impress them all with her wit and always be the smartest person in that room. She was old, but she didn’t miss a step even now and it’s sad to see a bright light extinguished.
Marietta: That was beautiful and poetic.
Tammy: I should've saved that for the news, I know I’m gonna be on some cable news show for this. I should save my brilliance for then.
Amy: Of all the nights to be invited to family dinner. Everyone is a mess. For good reason, though.
Kathleen: I think Martin’s holding it together well.
Marietta: He’s sobbing into his hand.
Kathleen: I know. I’m joking. Your dad is a mess.
Martin: I get to be right now! We lost a great jurist and control of the Supreme Court last the same time today.
Kathleen: I’m a Democrat just like you but there’s no use in crying over something we can’t change. Just mourn the loss of Justice Faulkner right now. We can worry about politics later.
Patty Lynn: I feel like I just lost one of my dear friends. This doesn’t feel real.
Kathleen: It feels especially weird because we found out she died in the exact way that we usually find out what CBS sitcom has been canceled.
Marietta: Yeah, mom. You have the same face for both mild sadness and complete despair.
Patty Lynn: I don’t need the criticism right now. We’ve lost a hero.
Marietta: She was one of my heroes, too. Just breathe in and breathe out. You’re gonna hyperventilate. Why is everyone convinced that we’re gonna lose the court, anyway?
Tammy: Probably because of me.
Marietta: Because of you? You didn’t even say anything about losing control of the court.
Tammy: It’s because of the rule I made up in 2016 to make sure President Neuberg couldn't nominate a justice in an election year. That’s it, right Martin?
Martin: Yeah, that’s it.
Marietta: Oh, god. Going along with that cost me my Senate seat.
Tammy: You know, many people did say that.
Kathleen: I forgot about that. We really are about to lose the majority on the court.
Tammy: You’re probably assuming that Kate will follow my precedent, right?
Martin: She’s a person of honor and dignity. I would expect that of her.
Tammy: I would change that belief. She’ll fill the seat. We’re losing the election, she knows this seat is the only thing standing between America and right-wing domination in American politics.
Kathleen: See Martin, it’s gonna be fine.
Patty Lynn: Can we cry and watch the RBF documentary now?
Martin: I guess so. I think that’s a good way to celebrate her life.
Milton returns to the room.
Patty Lynn: Where were you for so long?
Milton: I was gone for ten minutes.
Patty Lynn: That’s a long phone call for you.
Milton: Kate called me.
Tammy: So it begins!
The next day, on the Sunday morning talk show NationLive, journalist Peter Axin is interviewing Kate and Ellie.
Peter: Leader Hagelin, Senator Wilson, thank you for joining me on this somber morning.
Kate: Our pleasure.
Ellie: We just wish it was under normal circumstances, as I know so many do.
Peter: Obviously, the Supreme Court is the issue on the minds of most voters as they awake this morning. Of course, we just lost longtime liberal justice Rhea Bueller Faulkner last night after a long battle with cancer. Before we get into the political ramifications of this, care to elaborate about her at all? How well did you two know her?
Ellie: I’ll take this first if you don’t mind, Kate.
Katie: No, I don’t mind at all.
Ellie: I first met her in, I believe, 2003. She was speaking at Harvard while I was the president of the university. I was starstruck and she was cracking jokes with me and really cared about advising these kids. After her speech, they all came up to her and talked with her and told her how much they admired her and she gave them all a few minutes and was so attentive, unlike most other speakers we’d have that are of such high importance. She didn’t let it go to her head. It wasn’t an act, either. She was like that until the bitter end. I saw her two months ago at a charity event and she was sick, but she was still so kind and so informed about everything going on.
Peter: Leader Hagelin, I don’t want to rush you, but we do have a limited time so if I could ask you to be quick with your response.
Kate: Of course. I had dinners with the women of the Senate every week, and sometimes Justice Faulkner would join us because she was so dedicated to empowering women and getting them to run. Those dinners will stick with me forever and the advice she gave me will always shape my service.
Peter: Thank you for sharing. Now, onto the politics of this all. Unfortunately, we can’t just spend all of our time reflecting on Justice Faulkner’s life and career, because we’re in the middle of a contentious election and the majority on the Supreme Court lies in the balance.
Kate: Indeed it does.
Peter: in 2016, when Justice Starley died, then-Senate Majority Leader Tammy Yarborough denied President Neuberg an appointment to the court, saying that it was too close to the election.
Kate: Oh, I remember.
Peter: She said ti was up to the people to decide who should fill the term. That was in April 2016. It’s now October 2020 and the election is even closer. No one has commented on this so far, so I’m seeing if we can break some news here.
Kate: I’m open to breaking news. What news would that be?
Peter: Will you backtrack on the Yarborough Precedent and attempt to confirm a justice ahead of the election?
Kate: I think that’s something President Howard will decide. If she puts a nominee forward, I will give her a fair trial. I’m not Tammy, I operate differently.
Peter: So you’re planning on a confirmation hearing?
Kate: As of now, that’s the assumption. Whatever the president intends to do on this matter, I’ll follow her lead.
Ellie: And you bet, we’re gonna make sure the new nominee is treated fairly this time. There will be no Republican stalling attempts like last time!
Kate: If there is a nominee, that is.
Ellie: Oh, there will be.
Kate: Maybe.
Ellie: There will be!
Kate: Potentially.
Peter: Well there you have it, folks. We may or may not have a new Supreme Court justice by Election Day! Depends on which Senate Democratic leader you ask!
The next day, as Milton enters the Senate…
Milton: Kate! Ellie! We gotta talk.
Ellie: Marjorie, Milton sounds mad. I’ll be back. Hold onto your thoughts.
Kate: You guys look like you were locked in deep conversation. Marjorie having problems with the Ag Committee?
Ellie: Nah. We were talking about The Bachelorette.
Kate: For real?
Ellie: Duh. You know I love trashy TV.
Kate: You do.
Milton: Guys!
Ellie: Oh, sorry. What’s up Milton?
Milton: Can we talk in private?
Ellie: Your office or mine?
Kate: Or mine!
Milton: Mine works.
Kate: Let’s go then!
Milton, Kate and Ellie walk to his office.
Kate: I hope you know, we don’t just drop everything for a private chit-chat with any senator.
Ellie: Yeah, you’re our shiny object. Our proof that Southern Democrats are still alive!
Milton: That’s a weird way to talk about a person.
Ellie: Yeah, I’m weird. You don’t know that already?
Milton: Of course I do.
Kate: What did you want to talk about, though?
Milton: I have concerns about the SCOTUS nomination.
Ellie: My goodness, is that all anyone can talk about? I haven’t heard anyone ask me about anything else related to politics all weekend. We do have an election coming up, you know.
Milton: I really am worried about this. We have a fifty-seat majority so we need every vote to confirm this justice, and I don’t feel so comfortable blindly voting to confirm a justice so close to the election after the big deal Tammy made out of it last time.
Kate: Again, I’m not Tammy, so don’t worry. We’re gonna have to throw her under the bus a little but she’ll get it. Luckily, I wasn’t on tape opposing the 2016 nomination and neither were you, so we can get away with it.
Milton: This is a very different side of you, Kate. I’m not used to it.
Kate: Let’s be honest, Milton. We’re politicians, we all want power for our own side. We’re about to get walloped in this election, and we’re gonna lose the Senate majority and the presidency. We don’t need to lose the Supreme Court, too.
Milton: We might not lose.
Ellie: Milton…
Milton: I know, I know! It’s not over until it’s over, though.
Ellie: It’s over.
Milton: I again just want to remind you of my concerts with the Court pick.
Kate: Milton, I’m going to say this to you and I hope you don’t get mad.
Milton: Fire away.
Kate: I respect your concerns. However, this Supreme Court seat is more important than holding onto a single Senate seat, and I don’t think this would do you in, either way.
Milton: You really think I’ll be re-elected if I break the precedent and confirm a justice?
Kate: Milton, I don’t know. What I do know is that you’re definitely under the assumption that Marietta lost because of her part in blocking a new Republican justice.
Milton: I am.
Ellie: Marietta said that many times. It’s not true, though. She was screwed either way. It being so close to her election probably didn’t help her, but it’s not why she lost.
Kate: You still have four years until you need to run for re-election. I feel like people that would still be angry about your confirmation vote that far down the line weren’t ever going to vote for you anyway.
Milton: So you’re telling me to confirm the nominee?
Kate: No. We’re telling you to do what you think is right personally, not for your electoral future. The electoral impact of this will be minimal.
Milton: I’m not even the most conservative Democrat in the Senate. If everyone else on board with this? You’ll need us all, I’m sure.
Kate: I don’t know. That’s why I’m not making a big deal about it yet. I need to get a feel for how the rest of the caucus feels.
Milton: Okay, sounds good. I’ll keep thinking, you talk with them all.
Ellie: I have a feeling we’ll be talking again soon!
Milton: We talk every day!
Ellie: Yeah, I know. I just wanted to sound like a mobster or something.
Kate: Unlike what Ellie seems to think, we actually do have some work to get done today, so see ya later. Have a nice day, Milton.
Milton: You, too!
That night, when Milton arrives home, he calls Patty Lynn and Martin.
Patty Lynn: Milton! It’s so lovely to hear from you!
Milton: Can you put me on speakerphone?
Patty Lynn: What?
Milton: Put me on speakerphone!
Patty Lynn: I heard you, I’m just surprised.
Milton: Surprised? At what?
Patty Lynn: I thought you knew I always put you on speakerphone!
Martin: Hey Milton!
Kathleen: How are you?
Milton: Always? Even when I was talking to you about dad’s Christmas gift last year?
Patty Lynn: Always. It helps me hear.
Milton: Oh, mom. That would’ve been nice to know pretty much any time before now.
Patty Lynn: Sorry. I thought you could tell from the echo!
Milton: I just thought your phone sucked.
Patty Lynn: It does. That’s not the reason for the echo, though.
Milton: Oh. Makes sense. Not like you have the money to replace it.
Martin: What are you calling about, son?
Milton: Right! I was so wrapped up in the phone drama I forgot why I was calling! I need advice.
Martin: What about?
Milton: This Supreme Court nomination.
Patty Lynn: Andrea!
Milton: Who is Andrea?
Kathleen: The new nominee for Supreme Court!
Milton: What?
Patty Lynn: Andrea Cannin Giordano, Sheryl’s pick for the Court.
Milton: How did I not know this?
Martin: You’re very busy, Milton. Don’t worry.
Milton: I’m very busy, yes. Very busy working in politics. This is my job.
Patty Lynn: It was just announced, don’t beat yourself up.
Milton: Okay, well, I want to ask you for advice about the nominee.
Patty Lynn: She seems nice!
Kathleen: She reminds me of one of the moms I used to know back in Arkansas.
Milton: Yeah, that’s nice but not really what I need help with. I need to know if I should vote for her.
Patty Lynn: You better!
Milton: I knew you’d say that. Dad, how about you?
Martin: Tell me your concerns and I’ll let you know what I’m feeling.
Milton: All right. I’m worried about breaking the precedent Tammy set in 2016. It hurt Marietta to go along with it, and now I’ll feel like a hypocrite if I don’t go along with it when it’s our party in control of the Senate and White House. It doesn’t feel morally right to confirm her, even though it’s better for the party and, in my eyes, America.
Martin: I see your problem.
Milton: Then what should I do?
Patty Lynn: Confirm her!
Kathleen: Patty Lynn, calm down.
Patty Lynn: Don’t tell me what to do, Kathleen.
Kathleen: Okay, I won’t. I’ll let you give your son bad advice.
Patty Lynn: Thank you.
Milton: You guys are really helpful.
Martin: You should follow your heart.
Milton: I don’t know what my heart says, dad.
Martin: Let’s think through this, then. Are you only considering opposing the nomination because of what happened to Marietta? You’re worried about the political consequences.
Milton: Yes, mostly.
Martin: Would you say having a Supreme Court justice that will benefit the country for decades to come is more important than your re-election?
Milton: Yes.
Martin: Okay. I think you have your answer.
Patty Lynn: Confirm her!
Milton: All right. I’ll consider it.
Martin: I hope we helped.
Milton: You did.
Patty Lynn: Hey!
The next day, in the Senate…
Milton: Hey, Kate! You look upset.
Kate: Ugh…
Ellie: She’s been crying.
Milton: I just wanted to let you know I decided -
Kate: It doesn’t matter. It’s dead.
Milton: It?
Kate: The Supreme Court nomination. Manley killed it. He announced it on Twitter this morning before I could try to convince him to support the nomination.
Milton: Manley? Seriously?
Kate: Seriously. What a douche.

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In Loving Memory
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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