TVRG Productions October News Day: Our House Premiere Date, A Renewal, New Miniseries + New Bullpen Specials

Welcome to TVRG Productions October News Day! Here, we have an update on some existing shows, plus some news on what’s coming next. TVRG Productions was formerly known as TVRG Originals (TVRGO). 

Our House Is Back
Our House will return for Season 3 on Thursday, November 12. It takes over the Thursday time slot from Raymond Island, which concludes its five-episode fall run on Thursday, November 5. 

New Series Alert

TVRG Productions will bring you a new miniseries, 8 Years Later. It is about a young, popular President who is now out of office and trying to figure out how to live his life post-presidency. 

8 Years Later is slated to premiere Friday, November 6 and run for six episodes. 

Renewal News
TVRG Productions has renewed What In The World! for a fourth season. It will premiere in 2021. 

The Bullpen Specials
While The Bullpen wraps its third season on Saturday, November 7, four standalone specials have been planned: Coach Garry, Ace’s Letter Club, Eli’s Front Office, and Bryan & The Baby. 

Coach Garry follows the bullpen manager from Season 1 of The Bullpen as he coaches a Little League team. Ace’s Letter Club gives readers a glimpse at what Ace does in his free time. Eli’s Front Office stars Eli, a character from the first two seasons, as a general manager for a fictional big league baseball team. Bryan & The Baby focuses on Bryan, a character from the first two seasons, as he tries and barely succeeds to raise his newborn daughter. 

Coach Garry is scheduled for Saturday, November 14; Ace’s Letter Club for Saturday, November 21; Eli’s Front Office for Saturday, November 28; and Bryan & The Baby for Saturday, December 5. Below are their title cards.

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