ABC Renew/Cancel Week 1: The Conners Will Keep On Truckin’

It's the first official ABC renew/cancel of the season, and three shows will receive their initial predictions. Keep reading to see where veteran comedies Blackish, The Conners and The Goldbergs will end up!

Certain Cancellation:


Likely Cancellation:

Leans Cancellation:

Leans Renewal:

Likely Renewal:

Certain Renewal:
The Conners
The Goldbergs

Coming Soon:
American Housewife
Big Sky
Call Your Mother
For Life
The Good Doctor
Grey's Anatomy
A Million Little Things
The Rookie
Station 19
Women of the Movement

The Conners: Last week, The Conners returned to ABC with a below-average performance by its own standards, but still a hit rating by TV standards overall. It was ABC's top comedy of the night and will likely remain their top comedy on their lineup through this season. Except in extremely rare circumstances (such as with the Conners' parent show, Roseanne), networks never outright cancel their top-performing shows. The show is early in its run yet, and while I don't know how long The Conners will last, it definitely will be around for longer than three seasons. It's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

The Goldbergs: On premiere night, The Goldbergs wasn't a far cry from The Conners, and only narrowly lost out on being ABC's top show of the night. Its 0.8 rating isn't that high by its standards, but with World Series competition and a sinking league average, it's more than fine. It'll drop as the season goes on, no doubt, but it's not going to drop nearly low enough to be canceled this season. It's a legacy show for ABC and will get to go out on its own terms. It's also a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

Blackish: This update has been completely positive so far, and that will continue with Blackish. It's certainly no hit anymore, but its 0.6 start to the season is perfectly fine, especially after the 0.4 for its finale. The show makes money for ABC, and it would take some abysmal numbers (I'm talking like 0.2s) for them to consider canceling it while it's still a money-maker. It too is a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below and vote in the poll of the week!

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