Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 13 Review

McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer) returns on this week's Will & Grace, and he's a little bit too clingy. Plus, Grace's run for president of the interior design association hits a snag when Val (Molly Shannon) returns.

Jack tells Will that he'll be sitting at the singles table at his wedding, something that seems to bring Jack more joy than anything else. This leads to him deciding to go out with McCoy again. On their date, McCoy reveals that he really likes Will, because he really "sees" him, and he becomes an emotional mess. Grace gets a surprise visit from Val on her way home, and she tells her that she's not crazy anymore. (Like we haven't heard that one before.) She also reveals that she's eligible to vote in Grace's upcoming election.

Karen tells Grace that she'll take care of Grace's problem with Val, but she promises not to try anything shady. Jack stops by to give Will his invitation, but Will tells Jack that he'll be inviting McCoy as his plus-one, meaning he won't have to sit at the single's table. This devastates Jack, who is clearly terrific that he'll be stood up at his own wedding. McCoy sends Will a ton of gifts, and Will thinks it's a bit much. However, he doesn't get a chance to speak to him over the phone before he shows up at his door. McCoy tells Will that he loves him, but Will isn't ready to respond yet, because of course he isn't.

Val tells Grace that Karen bought her a ton of things to seal her vote, but it didn't work and Val says she can't vote for a "dirty politician." McCoy tells Jack that Will broke up with him, and Jack offers to help him get him back. Val tells Grace how disappointed she is,and she steps out onto the balcony because she "needs some air." Grace falls for her trick and gets locked outside, revealing her plans to win the election herself. Grace tries to get back in, but she ends up scaring off a nesting hawk. Not wanting the eggs to freeze, she sits on the nest herself and ends up getting attacked over it.

At the election party, Val reveals her own plans to run due to Grace's absence. Grace runs in, looking insane, and she tells everyone about what Val did to her. Somehow, some way, she wins the election anyway. McCoy stops by to tell Will that he realized how he went too far, and that Jack was the one who helped him realize that. Will gives him another chance.

Like nearly every Will & Grace episode of 2019, this episode was spectacular. I wasn't a big fan of the McCoy character the first time, though Matt Bomer was very good in the role. This time, however, he was much funnier and much more enjoyable to watch on screen. Painting McCoy as somewhat of a stalker until Jack of all people helped him was certainly not how I expected his return to go. I don't always enjoy Will's dating stories (because they always end in a disaster and I feel SO bad for him!), but this one was quite funny. This relationship definitely won't work out, but I'm excited to see where it goes anyway. Grace's story was pretty ridiculous and extremely unrealistic, but it was still still hilarious. As much as I love Karen and as funny as she was in this story, the real star of the show was undoubtedly Molly Shannon's Val, who made a triumphant return in true Val fashion. It's hard to believe that any of the four friends could still fall for one of her tricks, especially Grace, but the plot was still really fun and a nice way to end the season-long election storyline. Shannon's work last season was enough to get her an Emmy nomination, and I think this guest appearance was just as good. The part with Grace sitting on the bird's nest didn't make much sense, but it was still pretty hilarious.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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