Will & Grace Season 10 Episodes 14 & 15 Review

My Will & Grace reviews are back with two (very) late reviews of some of the shows most recent episodes. I've been extremely impressed with the show lately after a somewhat-disappointing fall, and I'm excited to see if the show can maintain that impressiveness as it enters the home stretch.

Episode 14:
Grace learns that Noah is the author of trashy romance novels, but she doesn't want Will to say anything about it. Unfortunately, Noah can tell that Will knows, and Jack and Karen (a fan of Noah's series) also openly state that they know about it. Karen is devastated to learn that Noah plans to end his book series by killing off the main character, Aurora. Estefan invited Will to a play. Will clearly doesn't want to go, but Jack tries to force Will to make an effort with Estefan. Karen tries to convince Noah not to kill off Aurora, and she holds his laptop at gunpoint to keep him from doing it.

Grace is going shopping for a gift for Noah and she hops in a cab, brushing someone out of the way to get in. She then gets a call from Will, telling her that someone attacked Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She soon realizes that she was the attacker. Will tells Estefan that he wants to spend time together, and Estefan gets suspicious and confronts Jack about it. Jack denies it, and Estefan begins to believe that Will has a crush on him. When she gets home, a woman confronts her and tells her she knows what she did. She's talking about something else, but Grace confesses to her and the woman tells her to find RBG and apologize to her.

Noah is able to calm Karen, but he tells her that he's stopping to write a "real novel" again, which upsets her again. After some further conversation, Karen tells Noah that he's afraid of love, hence him spending Valentine's Day with her and not Grace. Jack forces Will to pretend that he has a crush on Estefan, and Will agrees. Once Estefan comes into the apartment, he professes his "love" for Estefan, and he lays it on extremely thick. He proposes that they share a kiss to quench his desires, which Estefan agrees to. Jack interjects, and Will suggests that they go to the bedroom to do it in private. Jack confesses. Grace hops in a cab to the hospital to apologize to RBG, but she hears RBG on the radio talking about how she forgives her assailant and the importance of love. This makes Grace go to see Noah instead. Noah tells Karen that Aurora will live, and she tells him to hurry to see Grace before the day is over.


This was a bit of a strange episode, but I did like it. Estefan annoys me immensely, but I actually thought the plot involving him, Will and Jack was the better one. It wasn't the most original, but it was quite funny and it really fit the characters well. Grace's storyline felt so far-fetched that it was hard to actually have an open mind about it and enjoy it. One I got past how unbelievably everything involving American treasure Ruth Bader Ginsburg was, I did find the plot funny, but the bizarre factor was just too much to handle at first. Karen's storyline with Noah felt perfectly Karen, even if it was very over-the-top. It was nice, however, to see the two of them bond. All in all, despite it not airing when it was intended to, this episode was pretty good, though easily one of the weakest episodes the show aired in 2019.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

Episode 15:
Martin and Marilyn are coming over for dinner, but before they get there, Will & Grace have to deal with Jack, who is freaking out about his play and to a greater extent, his wedding. Karen won't let him get a unicorn dessert station, which he has apparently wanted since he was a little boy. At dinner, Martin starts feeling pain and they rush him to the hospital.

Karen learns that Jack asked for the unicorn dessert station, and she cancels it because she's paying for everything. Jack begs for it, but she says no. Jack then learns that an actress in his play quit, and Karen offers to step in. However, she wants to change her role and give her lines, because she's paying, but Jack is able to convince her to agree to his terms. Will is donating his blood to Martin to help his recovery. However, once Grace tells Martin that Will's the one giving blood, he refuses to take his blood because Will is gay.

During the play, Karen starts going off-script (as in, she actually says something). She changes the whole play, which leads to Jack getting so angry he tells Karen he doesn't want her to pay for anything anymore. Grace tells Will that Martin wouldn't use his blood, and Will isn't nearly as mad as she is. He's just tired of having to defend who he is anymore, and he urges Grace to accept Martin's views for what they are. Karen apologizes to Jack for ruining the play and not letting him do what he wants, and he forgives her. She even agrees to let him have whatever he wants at the wedding.

Marilyn brings up Will's blood donation at another one of their dinners, but Grace tells Marilyn that Martin refused to take his blood. Will tells her not to make a big deal about it, but Marilyn doesn't listen and yells at Martin, and at Will for not standing up for himself. This leads Will to go talk to Martin. Martin apologizes to Will, and they both tell the other the they love each other. Meanwhile, Marilyn agrees to let Grace call her "mom," but only when they're alone.


This episode was fantastic, and featured two plots that were great for reasons that were both similar and different. The main plot, featuring Will, Grace and their parents, was both hilarious and extremely touching. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen's plot was also hilarious and touching to a lesser degree, and was mostly great because we got to see Jack and Karen have an argument. This led (of course) to a heart-to-heart that made the plot truly special, adding both heart and humor to the episode through Karen's apology. Meanwhile, Will's plot truly broke my heart, and I felt so bad for him. However, I could see where Martin was coming from. I didn't agree with his opinion at all, but I could understand how someone from his generation could have such an outdated view on an issue where public opinion has been swayed mostly in recent times. This episode, and particularly the conversation between Will and Martin, was one of the best pieces of acting of the entire revival for Eric McCormack. It made me so sad to see Will learn that Martin refused to use him blood, and I'm happy that he was able to patch things up with Martin. Blythe Danner's return is always welcome, and my favorite part of the episode may have been the running joke between Grace and Marilyn, with Grace pushing Marilyn to let her call her mom.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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