The Bullpen Season 1–A TV Ratings Guide Original

The TV Ratings Guide presents its latest original written series, The Bullpen. The show follows the adventures of six pitchers and one coach who make up the bullpen on a baseball team where the starters often pitch through all nine innings, leaving them with nothing baseball-related to do.

This season consists of 6 episodes that can be read either throughout time or in one sitting. We hope you welcome The Bullpen into our growing roster of TVRG Originals, which also includes Network, Marietta, Our House, and Whoa Folks I Had Another Dream.

You can read each episode by clicking on the episode title below.

Episode 1: Starter #1
Episode 2: Starter #2
Episode 3: Starter #3
Episode 4: Starter #4
Episode 5: Starter #5
Episode 6: Starter #1: 2nd Start

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