Do Not Resuscitate: According to Jim

Revivals and reboots are touted everywhere this decade. Shows such as Dallas, One Day at a Time, Full House, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ’n Out, and Dynasty all managed to get the revival and/or reboot treatment across broadcast and cable. What’s next? “*Insert Network Here* Orders Revival/Reboot of *Insert Long Gone Show Here*”. Here at the TV Ratings Guide, we have one simple message: “Knock it off with the reboots!” Thus, Do Not Resuscitate was born, and in this installment, we focus on the ABC family sitcom, According to Jim. 

The Original Hit Machine -- According to Jim (2001-2009)

According to Jim, from the start, was universally panned by critics, but was a surprise ratings success, debuting to a 5.1 in A18-49 and 12.72 million viewers. Season 1 averaged a 4.32 overall. This became one of these shows where critical reviews did not translate to ratings. 

The show became a solid performer throughout the down years of ABC. This was when ABC was in fourth place. Then once ABC turned its fortunes around after the breakout season of 2004-05, According to Jim became a subject of ratings ridicule. Season 5 saw a hefty drop of 30% in the ratings, and ratings got worse from there. The only bright spot was that there were no comedy successes in the ABC turnaround period before 2009’s Modern Family and friends. 

But in the later seasons, it is clear that the show was kept around for non-conventional reasons. It made ABC a lot of money in syndication, but According to Jim was held until the winter for the last three seasons. Its lowest point was a 0.9 in the A18-49 demo, only hitting it once. Despite the last four low rated seasons, the show was a testament to ABC’s dwindled comedy fortunes. 

The show starred Jim Belushi as the titular Jim character, Courtney Thorne-Smith as stay-at-home wife and mom Cheryl, Larry Joe Campbell as Cheryl’s brother and Jim’s best friend Andy, Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Cheryl’s sister and Jim’s foil Dana, Taylor Atelian as oldest daughter Ruby, Billi Bruno as middle daughter Gracie, and Connor Rayburn as youngest son Kyle. At the end of season 7, twins Jonathan and Gordon were added to the number of children in Jim’s family. 

Reasons This Show Needs to Stay Canceled
  • The actors have pretty much either moved on to other projects or even retired from acting altogether. 
  • Billi Bruno is married with a child. If the show was revived, I don’t know if Gracie’s pregnancy would plausibly be part of the show as it has been almost ten years since the original series finale. 
  • There would possibly be recasts on either of the character Jim’s now three young adult and teenage children. 
  • Critics still hate the show. 

You can buy/rent According to Jim episodes on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play for your Jim Belushi sitcom fix. 

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