Canada Top 30: How Your Favorite Summer Shows Are Doing Above The Border

The following analysis relates to the Live + 7 total viewership ratings for the week of August 6 - August 12, 2018. Ratings can be found on, a Canadian website.

News Programs
While news programs in the United States do not have easily accessible ratings releases, there are a total of five daily news programs in Canada’s top 30, and a couple others that run once or twice a week.

The most popular one this week was CTV Total’s Evening News, which airs from 17:59 to 19:00 (5:59 to 7:00 in American time), and averaged 1.27 million viewers. This was enough to rank it as the #3 show of the week. Keep in mind, Canada has a population of roughly 37 million people, compared to over 326 million in the United States. Their 23:00 news program did well also, with nearly a million viewers and a #7 weekly rank.

Canada’s version of The Amazing Race managed to top the chart this week, with 1.866 million viewers, beating out American powerhouses such as America’s Got Talent (#2, 1.425 million) and Big Brother (#4/5/12, 1.267/1.232/0.833 million). MasterChef is a reliable player for FOX in the summer, and managed a #6 weekly rank in Canada.

The ABC reality shows that made the list are The $100,000 Pyramid, Match Game, and The Bachelorette. While a big hit in the United States, The Bachelorette was #28 in Canada with a total of 570,000 viewers on City Total. That was still enough to make it the network’s #2 show, only behind America’s Got Talent.

Believe it or not, the #1 scripted drama in Canada was Take Two, which had a 10th place overall finish with 935,000, growing from its uncharted lead-in. The Sheldon powerhouse duo reruns led the comedy side, with 9th place Big Bang Theory getting 939,000 and 13th place Young Sheldon holding 88% of that. Big Bang also airs reruns at the 19:30 half hour, which ranked #22 on the chart.

Reverie (#14) and Elementary (#18) both made their marks on the chart, and both grew from their respective lead-ins. Shades of Blue (#24) also made the list, airing at 19:00 in Canada. 

Recently-renewed Making It (#29T) has struggled a bit on CTV Total. With 562,000 viewers, the show was well behind its America’s Got Talent lead-in. While it is unknown what the Live + Same Day retention was like, delayed viewing certainly separates the two. 

Most, but not all, shows in the top 30 were covered in the analysis. Once again, you can visit the website listed above for the full report. 

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