The TV Ratings Guide Welcomes 5 New Contributors—And Still Looking For More!

The fall TV season is approaching, and it is now time to announce our new contributors and what their scheduled contributions to will be. Please note that we are still looking for someone to cover FOX Renew/Cancel, many shows are still eligible for reviews, and there are still some cable networks we do not cover under our renew/cancel columns.

One of our new contributors is yankeesrj12. They will be taking over the CBS Renew/Cancel column this season. Jordan is still a part of our site and will be posting other articles from time to time.

Another new contributor is Peter V. He will be reviewing the show Broad City. In an effort to expand our horizons past just television, Peter V will also be giving his take on top 40 pop music, and is developing a written show for TVRG Originals.

CourJenna is another new contributor of ours. In addition to reviewing Blue Bloods, CourJenna will add a Cable Renew/Cancel column that covers CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News.

We have also added Emily as a contributor, who will be reviewing the reality show Hoarders and occasionally adding her opinion on hairstyles.

Gena may be a familiar name to TVRG commenters, and this season will take over the Speechless reviews from Hunter.

Alongside myself, Jessica, Hunter, Rebecca Bunch, Aasim, Jordan, superg, and A Virtual Scrawl will all continue to contribute in various capacities that will be announced soon.

Congratulations to all new members of The TV Ratings Guide!

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