The 100 S5E3 Review

This week's episode returns to the ground and to the sky, as Bellamy tries to figure out how to get back to the ground, and Clarke tries to figure out what to do about the new people on the ground.

S5E3 "Sleeping Giants"

On the ground, Clarke attempts to keep the valley to herself, but ends up getting captured. She plans to remain quiet to try to get the group to think that she doesn't speak English and let information slip. There is an interesting role reversal of sorts here, as Clarke in this situation is like the grounders early on in the series. I also find the leader of this group to be interesting, and I would like to see more of her.

Bellamy, Monty, Raven, Murphy, Harper, Echo, and Emori board a prison ship that has a ton of murderers cryogenically frozen. The group is able to listen in on the radio communication between those who landed on the ground, where they discover that Clarke is in trouble. They also discover a video showing prisoners taking over the ship. When one prisoner wakes up, it leads the group to wonder how, and to contemplate if they should take action and kill the remaining ones.

They come up with a plan of how to get to the ground, but someone must stay on the ship. This is similar to the end of season one, where Jaha had to stay on the Ark. As much as I hate to say it with Raven staying on board, I hope that the show doesn't again back out of what is necessary here, and lets the characters in the sky die. Murphy decides to join her, thinking that there is an escape pod that there isn't.

The group of Bellamy, Monty, Harper, Echo, and Emori land on the ground. They are immediately found by the group there, but the kid comes to their rescue. The joy that Bellamy has when he finds out that Clarke is alive is really great. However, things aren't so good for Clarke at that time, as when her people are discovered on the ground, it is believed that she has been lying. Finally, Bellamy and the group comes in to save Clarke, and it's a great moment when Bellamy says how much he cares about Clarke.

I felt that the episode started out fairly slow and somewhat boring. It got more exciting as it went on though, and the final act of the episode was very interesting. I feel that the bunker parts of this season are stronger than the other parts, so the episodes with out that (so far this one and the premiere) lack, but this one was still pretty good.

Score: 7/10

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