Rick and Morty Scores Massive 70-Episode Pickup

One of the highest-rated animated comedies on TV has just recieved a huge renewal. Rick and Morty, which last aired in October 2017, has been handed a 70 episode renewal by Adult Swim. This will keep the show, which already has 3 seasons and 31 episodes under its belt, on the air for quite some time. It will remain on the air for quite some time, and with the episode counts of the first three episodes in mind, these episodes could last for about seven seasons worth of content. Rick and Morty was created by Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland (Adventure Time), and features the vocal talents of Roiland as the titular characters, Sarah Chalke (Roseanne) as Rick's daughter Beth, Chris Parnell (Archer) as Rick's son-in-law Jerry, and Spencer Grammer (Greek) as Rick's granddaughter Summer. Rick & Morty's third season averaged a massive 1.39 and you can see the full ratings below.
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