2016-17 Sitcom Scorecard Library

Written Encapsulated in Time by Bridger Cunningham

As the second season of the Sitcom Scorecard concludes in the upcoming weeks.  Take a peek back at prior season which launched this staple to TVRG.  Launched mid-season, the action centered on the icing winter ratings, a silent spring with declines and the nitty gritty survival game for the 34 Sitcoms which aired this season.  The Sitcom Scorecard incorrectly predicted renewals for Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken, as well as bubble shows leaning cancellation with Great News and Trial & Error.  Subtracting already renewed sitcoms The Simpsons, The Good Place and Bob's Burgers, that was 28 correct predictions among the 32 entries, leaving an 87% accuracy for this season's predictions.  NBC's Great News and Trial & Error surprised fans with returns, while Last Man Standing shocked viewers by leaving the schedule performing above average.  Though 2 Broke Girls' fates appeared sealed, it still devastated the sitcom community as many felt the series was not given proper closure.  Check out the week by week plays and how sitcoms survived and perished at the hands of Nielsens, outsourced licensing fees and network politics.

2016-17 Sitcom Scorecards

Week 20-21 -- January 27 The Sitcom, Explained by Bridger Cunningham.
Week 22 -- February 8 Superior Donuts Debuts Inflated by Big Bang Lead-In as Powerless Enters the Anemic Range.
Week 23 -- February 16 NBC's Superstore Renewed; FOX is Awash in Another Deflated Football Bloodbath Cutting Up Demos.
Week 24 -- February 25 Can Our Sitcom Ratings Claw Their Way Back After This Icy Sweeps Period?.
Week 25 -- March 7 The Slides Continue as New Renewal Predictions Trek the Ratings Mud.
Week 26-27 -- March 17 Happy Hour Order: More Nielsen Mudslides, or Certain Renewals?.
Week 28 -- March 22 Who's Room Is For Rent on the 2017-18 Primetime Schedule? Check the Credit Report's Findings.
Week 29-30 -- April 7 A Silent Spring Continues.
Week 31 -- April 15 The ABC's of Renewal.
Week 32 -- April 21 Save the Network Planet, Do the Math!.
Week 33 -- April 28 Speak Easy and Carry a Big Nielsen Stick!
Week 34 -- May 4 Between Heaven and Hell Rests 12 Comedies
Week 35A -- May 10 Friday the 12th Part 1: The Sitcom Killer Claims an Unexpected Victim
Week 35B -- May 11 Friday the 12th Part 2: The Body Count Grows to 8 Sitcoms
Week 35C -- May 11 Friday the 12th, Part III -- CBS Slaughters the Remains.
Week 36 --May 24 The 2016-17 Night by Night in Review,

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