Game Day #8: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

The Ratings Junkie Monday, July 03, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Game Day! Since this seems to be going well, here's one more where I'll give descriptions of shows and you give your best guess of which shows I'm describing. As always, getting a show right gives one point. This edition closes at midnight on Monday, July 3 Eastern Time.

Show #1
The movie took in over $70 million on just over a $5 million budget. It's considered a classic and still viewed and parodied on television today. The show didn't have quite as much luck. It lasted just 13 episodes, one of which was burned off in the summer, almost 8 months after the penultimate episode aired. And you really know it's bad when the creator of the movie didn't want his name attached to the show. Many considered the show's failure to have to do with the change in the lead actor, and thus to characterization of the titular character. It was soon replaced by a new show, which blossomed in the ratings. But every star on Friends had to start somewhere.

ANSWER: Ferris Bueller

Show #2
This TV show was actually the second adaptation of the movie of the same name. With an all-new cast, the show never got to air in the regular season. Instead, it was pushed to summer, and despite respectable, stable ratings that were higher than some renewed shows, it was canceled with its total episodes aired in the single digits.

ANSWER: Uncle Buck

Show #3
This was the first show that ever aired on a certain network. As tough as it is to start up a network, the fact that it was able to air a show from an established, massively popular franchise helped give it initial success. The show ran for seven seasons, though it left that time slot for good by its third season. Now, another outlet is using the franchise to try to boost awareness/viewership.

ANSWER: Star Trek: Voyager

Results For This Round
Rebecca Bunch: 3
HV: 3
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 3
Miguens: 3
JB: 2
Full Boyle: 2
Rick Porter: 1

Total Results
JB: 20
Miguens: 20
Full Boyle: 19
Rebecca Bunch: 17
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 15
HV: 14
Game of Thrones PT: 13
diegodaily: 13
Alicia Florrick: 11
darkness: 4
Rick Porter: 3
Raph: 3
lwaszkow: 3
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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