A Simple Music Review: The Audiots

YouTube is well known for cat videos, movie trailers and a whole lot of advertising. But YouTube is also a great website for discovering unknown artists worthy of recognition.

The Audiots are a relatively unknown band based in Los Angeles. After releasing their entire first album on Youtube, they have slowly increased in popularity with a total of 70000+ views on their videos. Their influences include The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys which is pretty evident in their music

Their 1st album Lounge Lovers on Standby is a great display of their talents. Like a gem they are still a bit rough around the edges and that's mostly because of the vocals. I had no idea that the song ' I Need to Know' had lyrics until I put on a pair of high quality headphones. But their main selling point is their guitar work which is truly exceptional. 'Calling You All Night' and 'Take What You Want' have some great riffs. But overall, the album is pretty good. The perfect time to listen to it is when you feel sad. Not if you feel heavily depressed but more like slightly down in the dumps. Don't ask how I know this.

Their top 5 songs are:

5. Anemoia
4. Wait and See
3. Room 23
2. I Need to Know
1. Calling You All Night

If you have anything to share, let us know in the comments below

( I initially wrote this a few weeks back but saved it to coincide with the 1 year anniversary of Lounge Lovers on Standby. So cheers!)

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