Special Review: People of Earth Season 1

Aliens have been a common element in mainstream media for many years but there haven't been many sitcoms focusing on an extraterrestrial species, most notable being 3rd Rock From The Sun and The Neighbours. People of Earth on the other hand, proves itself to be unique from the examples above.


Despite being labeled as a comedy, the show veers more to the drama side. Unlike most shows and movies about alien invasions which focus on the war between humans and aliens, People of Earth focuses on a group of people who believe they were abducted and how their belief affects them and the people around them.

Overall, People of Earth is another small little show well worth your time as it has an adequate blend of unique characters, humorous comedy and light drama. I'm gonna go even further and say it is the best show on TBS right now (Sorry Angie)

People of Earth Season 2 premieres today on TBS at 10:30/9:30c

Quote of the special: "There's dickery afoot in Beacon"

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