The Ratings Junkie Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Welcome back to Game Day! This is the final edition of this round of Game Day before the playoffs. This edition will close at midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, July 18.

Show #1
Year: 2016-17
High: 2.8 in W18-49
Low: 0.4 in M18-34
Fate: Renewed

ANSWER: Kevin Can Wait, The Good Place

Show #2
This game show, which didn't go past its first season, was an international hint. Contestants would answer series of questions and money would actually be subtracted if their heart rate went above a certain point.

ANSWER: The Choice

Description #3
This ranked #15 in total viewers for the season...but was pulled after just six episodes. Its replacement fared slightly better, coming in #12 and making it through nine episodes before being pulled. In the end, reruns of a different show aired and cracked the top 10 in total viewers.
Note #1: Naming one of the shows gets you one point, naming both gets you two points.
Note #2: The two shows can be found in one of our Sitcom Scorecards.

ANSWER: Inside Schwartz, Leap of Faith

Description #4
Name the night and year when this happened:
-Two networks aired two-hour comedy blocks
-One network aired a one-hour comedy block
-One network aired a short-lived spin-off of a show
-One network aired a formerly-hyped show at 8pm followed by reruns of a reality show at 9pm
-One network aired a show that would have a spin-off which in turn would create a new franchise

ANSWER: Friday, 2004-05

Results For This Round
diegodaily: 5
Game of Thrones PT: 5
Miguens: 5
JB: 2
Full Boyle: 2

Overall Results
Miguens: 44
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 39
JB: 37
Game of Thrones PT: 35
diegodaily: 35
Full Boyle: 31
HV: 25
Rebecca Bunch: 21
Alicia Florrick: 11
Rick Porter: 8
darkness: 4
lwaskow: 3
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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