Game Day #9: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

The Ratings Junkie Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Welcome back to Game Day! Once again, each correct guess gives you one point. This edition closes at midnight Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 5.

Show #1
This one-season show from the creator of a cult classic one-and-done show also attracted a niche audience despite low ratings. Some blame the show's failure on the network airing the episodes out of order, which made it confusing to follow the linear storyline. On average, the show couldn't even crack the top 90 shows in the ratings.

ANSWER: Undeclared

Show #2
Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres both rose to fame due to television sitcoms starring and named after them. This show proves that it doesn't already work the other way around. While an established television personality, this show depicting a fictionalized version of his life was panned by critics and it's rumored that even he wasn't too confident in the show. Maybe it would have gotten better, but we wouldn't know because it got pulled from the schedule before finishing its already short first season order.

ANSWER: Emeril

Show #3
This travel series was broadcast live in the days before recording shows was possible. Thus, there are no episodes of this show anywhere. It was simply a broadcast of a woman and her husband giving live commentary of places they've visited as seen through their home videos. Showed in 15-minute installments each week, it didn't last longer than a year and a half, as one can only go on so many trips, and thus there was no more material to air.

ANSWER: Geographically Challenged

Results For This Round
Miguens: 3
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 3
Rebecca Bunch: 1
JB: 0
Game of Thrones PT: 0
Rick Porter: 0
Full Boyle: 0

The average for this round was 1 point out of 3, and the median was a 0 (!!) out of 3. So if you did bad, you're far from alone. Hopefully you'll find future rounds a little easier.

Note that I've seen some very close guesses; Freaks & Geeks and Firefly were both very, very close to also qualifying as a correct answer for the first description.

Overall Results
Miguens: 23
JB: 20
Full Boyle: 19
Rebecca Bunch: 18
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 18
HV: 14
Game of Thrones PT: 13
diegodaily: 13
Alicia Florrick: 11
darkness: 4
Rick Porter: 3
lwaszkow: 3
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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