CW Renew/Cancel: With The Originals Ending, What Goes With It?

Welcome to a preseason installment of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch for the 2017-18 season! This season will mark my third season doing CW predictions, and this time, I'm going back to basics! There will be five categories in the watch: Certain to be Canceled, Likely to be Canceled, Watching, Likely to be Renewed, and Certain to be Renewed. Here is the table:

Unlike in previous seasons, I will not predict every show. I will only predict in advance the shows in their third seasons. Also in the table, we have shows in the Watching category with uncertain fates currently. The rest of the shows will be predicted once they premiere in October.

In the table, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and DC's Legends of Tomorrow are predicted as certain to be renewed. Both shows will be airing their third seasons on the network. On the CW, a third season gets you a fourth season no matter what. For fans of these two shows, there is no need to worry about their fates. They will be back next season.

Supergirl is also certain to be renewed. With close to three full seasons, a fourth season is needed to get to syndication. Supergirl will have 65 episodes at the end of the season, it can't get much certain than that.

The three shows with uncertain fates are iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and The 100. They are predicted as toss ups preliminarily. The Originals is ending after the upcoming season, and both Jane the Virgin and iZombie will be in their fourth seasons while The 100 will be in season five. It may come down to how the other shows perform or during the announcement at Comic Con before I make the final call. Otherwise, somebody is getting the Reign treatment.

What do you think about the veterans' situation? Let me know in the comments below!

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