Game Day #7: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, July 01, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Game Day! Here's another one where you guess which show I'm describing. This time, there is a recurring theme to all three shows. If you can figure out what it is, you will receive two extra points. This edition closes Saturday, July 1, at 9pm Eastern Time.

Show #1
This show was a spin-off of a long-running show that took one character and focused on his family. While it started fine, it eventually declined when it had to self-start. Clearly, it couldn't fly on its own. Eventually, it hit 88 episodes and is now syndicated.

ANSWER: The Cleveland Show

Show #2
This show was made history as being televised in color when a lot of shows weren't. It took place in the future, and many say that it actually helped shape the future. While it didn't air too many seasons, it's considered a classic.

ANSWER: The Jetsons

Show #3
While every network has at least one super-creator, not all shows from them will be hits. Critically panned, the premiere of this show was delayed several times. It premiered low but managed to have a stronger second week. By the end of its very short run, it was quietly burned off in a very low-priority time slot.

ANSWER: Bordertown

Results For This Round
HV: 5
Full Boyle: 5
diegodaily: 5
JB: 5
Miguens: 5
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 5
Rebecca Bunch: 5
Alicia Florrick: 5
Rick Porter: 2

Total Results
JB: 18
Miguens: 17
Full Boyle: 17
Rebecca Bunch: 14
Game of Thrones PT: 13
diegodaily: 13
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 12
HV: 11
Alicia Florrick: 11
darkness: 4
Raph: 3
lwaszkow: 3
Rick Porter: 2
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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