The Ratings Junkie Sunday, July 16, 2017

Welcome back to Game Day! This edition closes on Saturday, July 15 at midnight Eastern Time. We are coming close to the playoffs, so make sure to gain points while you still can. Details on the playoffs to come soon.

Show #1
Season: 2016-17
High: 2.1 in W18-49
Low: 0.4 in M18-34
Outcome: Canceled

ANSWER: Chicago Justice

Show #2
This comedy, which was met with massive controversy from the beginning, premiered low and went lower. We'll never know how the third episode would rate, since it never aired and was soon replaced by reruns


Description #3
Name the night and year when this happened:
-One network aired three major reality competition shows over the course of the year, including summer
-One network aired a comedy block the entire year, though there was one time slot where two comedies aired
-One network aired Supernatural
-One network aired a Dog Whisperer-like show
-One network aired two dramas back-to-back that have each spawned multiple spin-offs

ANSWER: Wednesday, 2011-12

Show #4
Household Rating Average: 23.8
Season: 1
Hint: Name of this comedy included the name of the lead actor or actress.
Hint #2: You can find this answer in our Historical Ratings database.

ANSWER: Roseanne

Show #5
This show, starring an actor/actress from Friends in the pre-Friends era, was scheduled against the likes of Roseanne and Matlock. As such, it was canceled after 13 episodes, though 17 episodes had been produced. If they wanted it to work, they probably should have scheduled it elsewhere. As we know, that's TV 101.


Results For This Round
JB: 5
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 5
Game of Thrones PT: 5
diegodaily: 5
Miguens: 4
Rick Porter: 3

Overall Results
Miguens: 39
JB: 35
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 34
Game of Thrones PT: 30
diegodaily: 30
Full Boyle: 29
HV: 25
Rebecca Bunch: 21
Alicia Florrick: 11
Rick Porter: 8
darkness: 4
lwaskow: 3
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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