Game Day #10: Guess The Show (UPDATED WITH RESULTS)

The Ratings Junkie Friday, July 07, 2017

Welcome back to Game Day! This edition closes at midnight Eastern Time on Friday, July 7.

Show #1
Most networks have flagship newsmagazine shows. For example, ABC has 20/20, CBS has 60 Minutes, and NBC has Dateline. But what about The CW? They used to have one airing at a very undesired hour on the same night as reruns of America's Next Top Model.

Little fun fact: At its low, CW Now hit a 0.1 rating in A18-49, which was at the time just 3% of the Big 4 league average.

Show #2
Year: 2016-17
Season High: 2.0 in W18-49
Season Low: 0.3 in M18-34
Hint #1: Changed time slots midseason
Hint #2: Comedy
Hint #3: You can use our Ratings Database to find the answer to this.

ANSWER: 2 Broke Girls, The Great Indoors

Show #3
This comedy based off a series of popular commercials was asked to self-start a night, and failed massively. It only lasted six episodes, with the last episode rating less than half of its premiere rating in A18-49. On which network and night did this show air? Hint: It aired on the same night of a show named "Jail", though on a different network.

ANSWER: Cavemen, ABC Tuesday
It seems there was some confusion about what I was asking, and many of you simply answered with the show. I gave credit due to this.

Results For This Round
Rebecca Bunch: 3
HV: 3
Lisa: 3
Full Boyle: 3
JB: 3
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 3
diegodaily: 3
Game of Thrones PT: 3
Miguens: 3
Rick Porter: 1

Overall Results
Miguens: 26
JB: 23
Full Boyle: 22
Rebecca Bunch: 21
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom: 21
HV: 17
Game of Thrones PT: 16
diegodaily: 16
Alicia Florrick: 11
Rick Porter: 4
darkness: 4
lwaskow: 3
Existence: 1
omabin: 1
Who Shot JR: 1

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