TVNERD129's 2014-2015 TV Season Recap

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, May 02, 2015
PROS: They improved from disappointing past few years but still lag behind in probable 3rd place?
1. How To Get Away with Murder was their drama hit getting 2.7-3.8 all of its 15 episodes
2. Success of TGIT with Grey's Anatomy becoming a Thurs. 8/7C problem spot fixer getting 2-2.5 regularly except now
3. Success of their Wed Family Comedy Block with Goldbergs improving ratings and Blackish holding best Modern Family retention and starting strong
4. The Middle and MF holding stable after 6 seasons
5. Castle and DWTS doing OK 
6. Once Upon a Time doing above average
7. Shark Tank providing weekly Friday wins with 1.5-2.3
8. Fresh off the Boat starting strong
9. Secrets and Lies doing OK
10. Agents of Shield doing OK
CONS: Several dramas flopped as well as fall comedies, Tuesdays 10/9C and Sunday nights after Once are problem spots, Nashville and Castle are declining in ratings, Forever and Revenge have low ratings, American Crime was a flop as well as Resurrection.

PROS: They had a few new hits but had a disappointing season overall in comparison to past successful seasons...They might still be #2 or #3?
1. Scorpion and NCIS NO are doing relatively well
2. NCIS and Criminal Minds doing OK
3. Big Bang Theory still #1 comedy
4. Odd Couple holding well after BBT
5. Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly doing OK
6. Survivor doing really well after 15 years
7. Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0 doing OK for Fridays
CONS: Several dramas declined in ratings especially: Person of Interest, Elementary, Madame Secretary, Good Wife, Battle Creek flopped, The Dovekeepers flopped, The Millers flopped and was swiftly cancelled, Amazing Race and Undercover Boss doing not as good as before.


PROS: They had a bad fall minus Gotham but massive phenomenon Empire revitalized the dying network. It might still get #2 or #3?
1. Empire=Massive Success, Shatters Records, Phenomenon.
2. Last Man on Earth does well on Sundays
3. Animation Comedies and B-99 do OK
4. Gotham starts strong
5. Idol stabilizing and doing OK
6. Gordon Ramsay shows doing OK especially Masterchef Junior and Hell's Kitchen
CONS: Fox needs help Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with Bones, Sleepy Hallow, The Following, New Girl and Mindy Project performing with low ratings. Glee ended poorly

PROS: They most likely won the season and will be #1 for the second year in a row due to:
1. NFL Sunday night football + Superbowl
2. The Voice
3. Celebrity Apprentice doing OK
4. Chicago Fire and PD and SVU doing OK
5. The Blacklist doing OK after big move
6. A.D. doing OK so far
7. Dateline doing really well plugging holes 
8. SNL 40 pulling great numbers
9. Musical doing OK
10. Undateable doing poorly/OK
CONS: all new shows flopped besides A.D. and that just started, have 0 comedies that do well except Undateable which is doing OK, they have major gaps in schedule with few things keeping them alive


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