Bubble Shows Analysis: CBS

CBS is perhaps the toughest network to predict at this moment, with the vast number of its shows being aging, low-to-mediocrely rated procedural dramas. With that being said, here are my bubble show predictions:
The Good Wife
The Good Wife never really received great ratings—just passable, perhaps along with critical awards acclaim, something typically reserved for cable shows. Furthermore, it hits an upper class demo that many shows do not. I have also heard that the plan was a seven-season storyline. But will critical acclaim and this storyline plan be enough to outweigh its consistent 1.0s? I don't think so. When it comes down to it, a show like The Good Wife will only be saved if it does well enough in syndication. However, with similarly-rated-and-styled Madam Secretary already renewed, I think CBS may be planning to have it take over for The Good Wife.
Prediction: Cancelled/Ended
CSI and CSI: Cyber
I packaged these two together here because I simply cannot see two shows of the same low-rated franchise being renewed. However, I also don't think two shows from such a legendary, long-running franchise will be cancelled in the same yet either, which would end the entire franchise. Doing such may anger fans and backfire. The original CSI went from being a 1.7-2.0 show on Wednesday last season to a 0.9-1.1 Sunday show. It had the misfortune of an on-again, off-again schedule due to football, and when it did air did not finish until well after 11pm (sometimes closer to midnight). Further proof that the time slot hurt CSI was that it hit a high airing Tuesday at 10, despite following reruns. Still, such a long-running show should be able to withstand a move, regardless of the time slot. In my opinion, the question is if CBS wants to give a final season to CSI as a goodbye to the franchise, or try to continue it by opting to renew CSI: Cyber instead.
It should be remembered that CBS aired a commercial promoting the CSI season finale as a series finale. Although the network later stated that it was a mix-up, and they want CSI around for "time to come", do not take that as a sign of renewal. Or cancellation for that matter.
My prediction will be updated later in the week once the rating for CSI:Cyber's special Tuesday airing is released. But all things considered, including the fact that CBS has not renewed a new midseason show in years:
Prediction for CSI: Renewed
Prediction for CSI:Cyber: Cancelled

Hawaii 5-0
This is Hawaii 5-0's second season airing on a Friday, and I have to admit I did not expect it to make it this far. From here on out, whether the show is renewed or not will most likely have to do with syndication revenue. I have heard that Hawaii 5-0 has not done too well in syndication, and the fact that shows such as Madam Secretary and Elementary are reserved spots on the schedule may hurt its chances of coming back as well. However, the show is holding up very well for a Friday night, and therefore I think it can squeak out another renewal. Keep in mind though that if a show such as The Good Wife, which I predict will not return, does indeed return, that could potentially push Hawaii 5-0 from renewal to cancellation. So, here is my very hesitant prediction, but a prediction nonetheless:
Prediction: Renewed


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