Let's Talk Smoo About: Nothing to Discuss About the CW

Written by Oh Smoo 

For those of you ready to chase me off this site because of the title of this article, RELAX! Having nothing to discuss about the CW's Renew/Cancel woes is a good problem to have. Earlier this season, CW surprised fans and did a mass renewal of shows, including mediocre-lowly rated The 100, The Originals, Reign and Jane the Virgin. All hovered around the 0.5-0.6 ratings range and appeared to be potentially on the chopping block. After watching the comments during the weekly ratings, everyone hoped the other s hows would plummet in favor of their show's survival. Frankly, I will optimistically watch how CW's bold stroke pans out. CW maintained its viewership at the bottom of the fishbowl, and seems committed to year-round viewership.
The year-round platform has allowed Beauty and the Beast to escape the jaws of cancellation and allow its fans to continue to flood the comments section with support. I'll admit I do not watch anything on CW, but have marveled as this network seems to be here to stay. We all saw Hart of Dixie and Messengers parted today, and few can really state they were surprised. With that said, let's move forward in excitement as there will be plenty to talk about with the CW in upcoming months.

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