TVNERD129's Bubble Show Update

The Ratings Junkie Saturday, May 02, 2015
Please welcome TVNERD129 to the site, who has been kind enough to let me post their bubble show update, taking a different approach to my own. It is definitely worth reading, as our predictions on the fates of a few shows are indeed different.
ABC- Fresh off the Boat (80%), Nashville (90%), Secrets and Lies (65%), Revenge (25%)---->The time has come to say goodbye to Emily was a good show that lasted 4 seasons and nearly 90 episodes but the ratings and story doesn't justify another season. It will be cancelled. Fresh off the Boat has held steady and done well alone on Tuesdays being the highest rated comedy for the night and most likely will get another season unless ABC thinks the fall shows are stronger. Nashville has such high chances due to syndication value and it is likely to get one more season in Revenge's slot. Secrets & Lies has stayed consistent around the 1.5 mark and that's good enough for ABC based on their mediocre drama performance outside of Once and TGIT...Agents of Shield and Castle do around the same and Nashville does a little worse yet will get renewed....It's a good filler show for the spring with a new mystery and new actors...Unless ABC thinks the fall shows can do better.
CBS- Stalker (40%), CSI Cyber (50%), CSI (55%), The Good Wife (70%), Hawaii 5-0 (45%)---->Stalker is most likely cancelled despite a decent start, the ratings weren't high enough for CBS and I doubt May airings will help unless they licencing fee and star contracts get a deal, but they could have straight up cancelled or aired remaining 3 episodes in summer. Giving them May sweeps airings gives it a small chance. CSI Cyber is most likely done, while it gets 1.4 repeatedly, it's far from syndication and doesn't do that well. CSI may get a final season just as filler in case something fails or a special spring 10 or so episodes with returning stars? While the chances are low, CBS has blatantly denied its cancellation. Why not just say nothing if it was the last season...blatant refusal and syndication power give it a stronger chance then CSI Cyber. About The Good Wife, CBS loves Emmy acclaim and they love the creators, the Kings who have wanted 7 seasons so one last season is definite, but not sure if it will be full 22 episodes or shortened due to low ratings this year.Hawaii 5-0 has been a Friday staple doing pretty well on a weak night, but in order to move other shows like PoI and Elementary, it has to go and Blue Bloods is stronger. The show has stronger ratings than Good Wife but unfortunately their Emmys mean more to CBS.
FOX- The Mindy Project (80%), Bones (70%)---> I think both will get renewed as Fox is desperate and can't air too much new stuff in the fall. Both may get shipped out to Fridays and both will be final seasons...Bones may get cancelled due to contract issues and that will be one of the biggest shockers this season. Mindy has stronger chances due to syndication and less expensive cast than Bones which is older and more expensive being a drama.

NBC-Mysteries of Laura (40%), Undateable (75%), One Big Happy (50%)---->Mysteries of Laura continues to get weak ratings and I think NBC has better options for fall like Chicago Med and Shades of Blue. It is cancelled despite delusional fans on here. Undateable has very strong chances of returning as it is the only comedy on NBC to do so while One Big Happy depends on next few weeks. If it gets above 1.5, it will be renewed, but not if it's low 1's and most likely it is done.

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