TVNERD129 Presents...Fall Choices: How the New Shows Will Do

Welcome to the one-time-only segment Fall Choices, brought to you by TVNERD129 for the networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC.


I'm confused why ABC chose to air Oil and Of Kings and Prophets as their new fall dramas...they are taking a big risk...
I personally think The Family and Secrets and Lies with new famous cast and mystery would have been better additions to the Sunday lineup about mystery/families
I do think Quantico and The Muppets will be strong and not sure about Dr. Ken, looks like a flop but it might do OK?


CBS is not taking too many risks except for Supergirl and ending their comedy presence on Mondays after decades I believe? I think Supergirl will do OK but not as well as people think since shows that premiere in late October/November lose the new TV season buzz? Regardless, it should still do pretty well...

I personally find Jane Lynch annoying and I don't think Angel from Hell meshes well after Mom and before Elementary...I see this as being a flop and cancelled by spring. Too bad CBS didn't buy any other comedies as back-up.

I do see Life in Pieces doing well comedies usually do well and it has a strong cast and can be the next Modern Family possibly. Although not perfectly compatible with Big Bang Theory, it will do pretty well I think.

Limitless looks like CBS's next big drama hit like this past season's Scorpion. Also, with buzzed about cameos by Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper...I think it will become their next big procedural hit.

Code Black is not going to do well I don't think...It reminded me too much of Grey's Anatomy and ER and I think medical shows need to reinvent themselves and not be too similar to old shows. Although, Marcia Gay Harden is a strong lead, I see this show only getting 1 season just because it has weak competition from Nashville and Chicago PD doing OK. At least Code Black looks better than Heartbreaker on NBC.


I think NBC made a mistake introducing Heartbreakers, a definite flop for fall, when they could have chosen Chicago Med, their stronger medical drama with a built in Chicago fan base...yes PD premiered in January but that doesn't make it a necessity for Med to premiere mid-season too?

Also, I don't think NPH will do that well especially at that hour...I predict 1.5-2.5 at best and it will be tough against Limitless and Quantico.

Blindspot will start strong and should do well following the Voice on Mondays. This is most likely their next Blacklist type hit drama.

Having Mysteries of Laura and Undateable/People are Talking on Fridays seem like bad ideas to me...Laura will decrease in audience more unless they get a stronger cast and many people do not like People are new comedies on Friday when people go out these days is like a death sentence...poor NBC and their comedy woes.

Thursday should markedly improve next fall though with Heroes Reborn and the Player...Heroes Reborn should do pretty well I think but the Player is a toss-up to be a hit or flop but at least it's compatible with the Blacklist audience...Going against Murder won't help but it could do better than a weak Elementary.

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