Shows That May Be On The Move: NBC

NBC has a huge array of reality shows, so it is hard to say where they will be placed—other than The Voice, which will undoubtedly stay the same.
Dramas: The Night Shift, Law & Order: SVU, Chicago PD
NBC is airing Chicago Fire at a special time—Wednesday at 8—for a crossover event with Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD. Some have speculated that Chicago Fire may see a permanent move there, but I do not see any scenario in which it happens due to Empire and the fact that NBC now knows through The Blacklist not to mess with what isn't broken.
Wednesday at 8 is definitely a problem spot for NBC (what isn't?) so I can see them sacrificing their oldest show, Law & Order: SVU, there. The show has undergone many moves already, and with Dick Wolf already having three Chicago shows on the air next season, this one will be wrapping up soon anyway. The question is if Chicago PD slides back to 9 with a new show at 10, or if the new show premieres at 9 in between SVU and PD.
The Night Shift just cannot keep its time slot next season, if it even comes back at all. The show has been a huge disappointment behind The Voice, improving marginally over its summer run behind America's Got Talent. If it is renewed, it will most likely be saved for either summer or Sundays midseason. Just anything besides Monday!
As for the comedies, all I can really say is that NBC can't afford to cancel either one. Undateable will be back at either 9 or 9:30 on Tuesday, and it is just a matter of time until we see if it makes the fall schedule or not. One Big Happy, one the other hand, is something I cannot predict, though after recent ratings it may indeed be cancelled.

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