Let's Talk Smoo About: ABC Fallen Shows

Thank you for joining my first article on this happy haven. For those of you who knew my handiwork on other sites, you know I tend to infuse my view of TV with humor. With that said, let's take a look at the 5 networks, starting with ABC and why we lost certain shows. 2014-15 seems to be a slight game changer as the networks yet again rose, fall and changed the direction of TV. ABC enjoyed a creative resurgence and cemented 3rd place, in spite of the handicap of not having sports to infuse its ratings like a juicing athlete. As the other major four networks experienced massive erosion in the scripted department, ABC capitalized on the other networks’ losses and polished three solid nights. As NBC turned Thursdays into “Must Flee TV”, ABC wisely took over and assembled TGIT.
ABC only had minor bloodshed and has thus far lost three series, and hasn't announced its final renewals and cancellations, which I foresee on Tuesday, May 12. SELFIE and MANHATTAN LOVE STORY, which I lovingly retitled "Shelfie" and "Manhattan Cancellation Story", were doomed from when it was announced they would anchor ABC's blighted Tuesday night schedule. I watched the pilots, and decided I’d rather spend my time elsewhere. I have to wonder how CRISTELA would have fared in these timeslots, and Shelfie or Manhattan Cancellation story would have followed LAST MAN STANDING. Perhaps it would not have had a massive affect on these three floundering sitcoms, but I still see Cristela performing higher. ABC wisely cut its looses in the fall and made way for FRESH OFF THE BOAT and REPEAT AFTER ME, which are performing alright.
Lastly, REVENGE was cancelled after four marvelous/lackluster seasons. No smoo! Several speculated if ABC would contemplate a 5th season, and ABC wisely chose to cut the show short before it became more unwatchable than Karine Vanasse's hairdos. Commenters raved and griped about the R-word, as we had to call it on another site as it was overexposed in the comments section. Like it or not, Revenge helped hold ABC together during three troubled seasons in 4th place. During its freshman season, it was tantalizing and one of the few hits the network had to brag about as it lost its powerhouse DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Seeing their dominant hold slipping on Sundays, ABC believed it had a ratings juggernaut paired with successful ONCE UPON A TIME. But its ratings only topped mediocre and managed to avoid the grim reaper as ABC experienced massive bloodshed in pilots and failed series.
Being an in-ho use production, Revenge was a great solution during ABC’s 2010-14 doldrums. However, ABC’s retooling and success left Revenge exposed like an aging and withered vine in a once dead garden, surrounded by new greenery. Revenge won most of its nights in its timeslot this season, but dipping below a 1.1 was not the performance the show needed to survive. Winning against BATTLE CREEK and CSI is like bragging you are the strongest actor in a reality TV series. Coupled with dissatisfied actors, hackneyed and plot driven stories, and losing core characters, it was time to put this show to rest. It reached the 88-episode mark and has remained a successful platform on Netflix, with 89 hours of entertainment for future viewers.
With that said, was it really that much of a los s losing these three series? Two never stood a chance, and the third felt like a thrill ride turned sour and melancholy. I’d rather remember Revenge as a stylish drama with humor infused, like my comments. ABC will announce the remainder of the cancellations next week (or perhaps sooner if we play nice), and I foresee ABC cancelling four more series, or 3 hours of programming space. I will comment on these series when the chips are down, as I’d rather you the commenters keep the fun rolling for the next week. We should count our blessings this season, as ABC remained the scripted series winner with three brag-worthy evenings with an embarrassment of riches with sitcoms and Shonda Rhimes entertainment. Next week shall discuss the fallout of the final announcements. Till Next Time….

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