Shows That May Be On The Move: CBS

CBS is now known for its aging, slowly declining in ratings procedural dramas. They have plenty of them, and only one new drama—Scorpion—has emerged as a true hit. In the upcoming weeks, we will see if CBS is conservative and for the most part keeps things the same, or if they move shows around to try to fix this.

Surely, they are keeping in mind that shows such as CSI, The Amazing Race, NCIS:LA, and Person Of Interest were significantly hurt my their time slot changes in the last two seasons. They will also be keeping in mind that the shows replacing them, including Madam Secretary and Stalker, are doing no better or even worse. So, here are the shows I think may have a possibility of moving next season:

Madam Secretary and The Good Wife (if renewed)

If Madam Secretary moves, it will be to The Good Wife's 9pm time slot, which in turn would either be cancelled, moved to 10pm, or used somewhere as a bridge series. Remember that my CBS Bubble Shows Analysis article predicts that The Good Wife will not receive another season, but many think it will and its decision will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Person of Interest

Person of Interest has not been holding onto its NCIS:NO leadin to well, and its ratings are down significantly from its Thursday airings—in fact, its first Tuesday airing hit a series low, and it failed to recover from its prior numbers. If it moves, it would either be to Sundays or Fridays. The most likely place to move, in my opinion, would be to Friday at 9 in the event that CBS opts not to renew Hawaii 5-0.

The Odd Couple and Mom

With its low retention rate out of The Big Bang Theory, combined with the fact that it goes up and down accordingly with its leadin, The Odd Couple does not look like too strong a show. Surely CBS knows that ratings would plummet if moved despite the name recognition of both the title and cast members. However, would it be worth it to premiere a new show in the time slot and simply hope for the best? At this point, I think they should keep it where it is and pair something else with Mom in the 9pmhour. Speaking of Mom, I really don't understand all the time slot changes it has underwent in such a short period of time. After booting it out of the post-Big Bang Theory slot for The Odd Couple, one would think they would put it at 9. Instead, they put it at 9:30 after reruns of The Big Bang Theory (at this point Two and a Half Men had ended, while The Millers and The McCarthys had both been pulled from the schedule). Although Mom could move to 9 next season, I think either 9 or 9:30 would suffice.


Elementary needs to leave that Thursdays at 10 time slot. There is so much more potential to be found out of something airing there, and Sunday at 10 needs something, preferably a show with the sole purpose of having more episodes for syndication, like Elementary. Truly, that is all I have to say about that.

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race was definitely hurt by its move from Sundays, where it has spent numerous years, to Fridays. It was one of the unsung heroes of CBS in my opinion, but they gave priority to the disappointing Madam Secretary. It is cheap enough to squeak out at least a few more cycles, but the question is where they would air. I think that the best option would be to cut down the episode orders (effectively eliminating the non-elimination legs) and air it Wednesdays at 8 between cycles of Survivor. It is the type of programming that most likely wouldn't be affected by Empire, and could even take a tenth or two out of the ABC comedies.

This is not saying that I predict all of these shows to move—in fact, I think CBS will be more conservative than the other networks (besides maybe The CW) when it comes to the formation of their schedule. Also, there is a small chance that a show other than the ones listed here could move (just don't expect to see NCIS on Monday, Criminal Minds on Thursday, and the like). I hope you enjoyed reading this, as I had a lot of fun writing it!

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