Shows That May Be On The Move: FOX

Dramas: Sleepy Hollow, Empire, Bones
I do not foresee FOX undergoing a super-radical change with next year's schedule. However, I think it is highly possible that Sleepy Hollow and Bones will be paired together for shorter final seasons. Most likely, that would be on Thursdays, meaning only Sleepy Hollow would have to move. However, it is also possible that they could go side-by-side on Fridays, or even time share a spot.
Meanwhile, the lack of a 10pm spot on FOX's schedule means that Empire's enormous ratings will most likely lead the network to want to slide it up to 8pm to lead into a new show at 9pm. Looking at the premises, this show would most likely be Studio City.
Comedies: Brooklyn 9-9, The Last Man On Earth, New Girl, The Mindy Project
FOX's reasoning for putting Brooklyn 9-9 behind The Simpsons was to boost the ratings of the only freshmen comedy of the 2013-2014 season to see a second season. However, the show did not benefit in the long run once football left, and is disrupting the flow of Animation Domination. With Bordertown confirmed for fall, it is almost certain that FOX will opt for all-animation from 7:30 to 9:30, with Brooklyn 9-9 to follow.
Then there is The Last Man On Earth to think about, which I see as becoming a breakout hit if placed on the fall schedule, or a flat-out flop if saved for midseason. They could pit it on Tuesdays to replace New Girl (if it moves) but I'm honestly not sure what I think FOX will do with the show.
New Girl and The Mindy Project have been struggling massively in the ratings. The former is no longer the big hit it used to be in its first season, and the latter is really only staying around because it has relatively strong numbers in the demographic of Women18-34, and of course that its only one season away from syndication. I would count on it getting a Friday burn-off situation, similar to what Raising Hope got last season. New Girl, on the other hand, will probably keep its time slot for the sake of stability, but may move to a half hour later.
This is not to say that I think all these shows will be moving, or that all the shows not listed will keep their time slots—networks typically like to stay as stable as possible with their schedule while also trying to realistically improve their trouble spots. Of these 8, I can see at least 3-5 moving, but only FOX knows which ones those may be.

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