Raymond Island Season 3 Episode 10 - Judith Light

Raymond Island Season 2, Episode 10
Judith Light

Gretchen and Carol are sitting in Gretchen’s office.

Carol: I have a proposition for you.

Gretchen: And what would that be? 

Carol: In light of, let’s say, recent developments -

Gretchen: Samantha and Jeanne conspiring against me?

Carol: I’ve put together some ideas together for you. Some paths forward.

Gretchen: What do you got?

Carol: For starters, we could have Olivia Rodrigo come to the capitol for a meet and greet and to discuss the importance of voting?

Gretchen: And why would Olivia Rodrigo agree to do that?

Carol: She met with the President!

Gretchen: That’s… you see how that’s a different situation, right?

Carol: No?

Gretchen: With all due respect to Lieutenant Governor Pratt’s favorite singer, what other options do you have?

Carol: You could meet with Dua Lipa?

Gretchen: How many of these “ideas” are just meetings with various pop superstars?

Carol: Only a few.

Gretchen: So what are the other options?

Carol: A meeting with Meryl Streep?

Gretchen: No celebrities!

Carol: You sound like a Republican.

Gretchen: None of them would agree to do it!

Carol: Meryl would.

Gretchen: If she did agree to do it and pretended she was excited for it, she’d deserve another Oscar for it.

Carol: We could sign an executive order to lower taxes.

Gretchen: Now you sound like a Republican!

Carol: People tend to like the idea!

Gretchen: These ideas are bad. And you should feel bad.

Carol: We can reach out to Senator Meyerson and attempt to get her endorsement. She’s by far the state’s most popular elected official. It could give you a nice boost if she agrees to take an active part in campaigning on your behalf.

Gretchen: Judith and I have never been all that close, but we’ve maintained a respectful relationship. It’s worth a shot.

Susana: I’m sorry to eavesdrop -

Gretchen: It’s okay, you learned it from your mother.

Carol: I do not eavesdrop!

Susana: Anyway, Senator Meyerson’s office called yesterday after office hours and asked for assistance on something. I can ask them about having a meeting with her when I call them back about that.

Gretchen: What does she need our help with?

Susana: There’s some sort of information she requested for a constituent. I have to listen to the message.

Gretchen: Make that a priority, we have to get on her good side.

Susana: Will do!

Gretchen: Good idea, Carol.

Carol: I thought my ideas were bad I should feel bad about them?

Gretchen: That’s when you were throwing out that I should court Beyonce’s endorsement.

Susana: It’s a good endorsement to get!

Gretchen: Not you, too. Did you put the idea of a celebrity endorsement in her head?

Carol: No, it was all my idea! Stop mocking it. It’s hurtful.

Gretchen: Okay, fine. I suppose we have some work to get to today, anyway.

Three days later, Gretchen is at an event with her family when she receives a phone call.

Gretchen: Hello?

Susana: Gretchen, I’m sorry to bother you on your day off.

Gretchen: The governor never really gets a day off. But I am at Toby’s school band concert in Boston, so… this better be an emergency.

Susana: I wouldn't say “emergency.”

Gretchen: So everything’s fine with your mother?

Susana: Yes!

Gretchen: And she didn’t ignore me and call Dua Lipa’s people anyway?

Susana: She did try.

Gretchen: So what’s up? Quickly, before mom screams at me.

Lucinda: What are you doing on the phone? Toby’s about to go on?

Christina: Grandma, it doesn’t start for another half-hour.

Lucinda: I know, I’m just messing with her. For fun.

Anthony: You’re a nasty little troll.

Lucinda: I know that, too.

Gretchen: I’m just talking to Susana about something urgent, I will be off in time for the concert.

Lucinda: You better be, it would crush Toby’s heart if you talked over his concert.

Gretchen: Mom, knock it off.

Lucinda: That’s quite rude.

Gretchen: ‘K Susana, what’s up?

Susana: Senator Meyerson has requested a meeting with you on Monday. She has a long weekend in Rhode Island and this is the best time for her to meet with you.

Gretchen: Well, I’m supposed to be here until Monday, but I can make it work. I think. What time does she want to meet?

Susana: What time works for you?

Gretchen: We wanted to do a bit of sightseeing here, and it’s an hour to get home. How about noon?

Susana: I’ll see if that works for her. Enjoy your concert!

Later that day, when Gretchen and her family are at dinner at their hotel…

Gretchen: Toby, you were wonderful!

Toby: I barely got to play.

Gretchen: You were still great!

Christina: Mom, you’re embarrassing him. He’s clearly uncomfortable being praised for barely doing anything.

Lucinda: I taught him well!

Anthony: You taught him? The only thing you taught him was how to discretely steal the salt and pepper shakers from a restaurant.

Christina turns to the restaurant hostess who is walking by.

Christina: Don’t worry, ma’am, she won’t steal yours!

Toby: Even though I didn’t get to play much with the band, I’m happy we came here. It was nice to know you were all out there to support me.

Christina: I was here because mom said I’d get kicked out of the house if I didn’t come.

Anthony: She meant it, too!

Christina: To paraphrase Michael Scott, it’ll take a SWAT team to remove me from that house, and maybe not even then.

Toby: Even still, I’m happy 

Gretchen: We’ll always be here to support you, bud. Even your grandmother.

Lucinda: What is that supposed to mean?

Anthony: You’re the Wicked Witch of the East.

Lucinda: Like I haven’t heard that one before.

Gretchen: I’m glad we’re all enjoying our trip here, but i do have some news. We’re going to have to cut it a bit short.

Christina: Oh no, did we go broke? You never should have given grandma the credit card. Now we’ll have to sell the car!

Lucinda: You’re the shopaholic in this family, cupcake.

Gretchen: We are not bankrupt. I just have to get back to Rhode Island by noon on Monday for a meeting with a very important potential supporter.

Lucinda: They must be extra important if you’re willing to give up time in beautiful Boston with your loving family for it.

Gretchen: Uh-huh.

Lucinda: Was that sarcasm I detected?

Gretchen: We have to leave about three hours early, I’m not ruining anyone’s trip. I promise.

Toby: Will we still be able to do yo the art museum?

Gretchen: Of course! We’re going tomorrow.

Christina: Dammit. I was hoping this would get me out of it.

Anthony: You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.

Christina: I’ll go, I guess. I don’t want to, but it’ better than being left out.

Gretchen: Honey, you’re in your twenties. You have to stop talking as if you’re a teenage girl.

Christina: Excuse me?

Toby: Mom said you need to grow up!

Gretchen: I didn’t say it in quite those terms.

Anthony: So, Gretchen, you never told us who this endorsee is. I’m curious.

Gretchen: It’s Senator Meyerson. She’s the most popular politician in Rhode Island, so this is a very important endorsement to get.

Lucinda: Do people really care that much about who other politicians endorse? You think this is your big break?

Gretchen: I don’t know if there are any slam-dunk ways for me to win the nomination. I’m simply trying out whatever methods I can that may help. Is there something wrong with that?

Lucinda: I suppose not. Desperation has won many campaigns!

Anthony: Well, I hope it all works out for you! I don’t think there’s any reason to worry, though. Why would she not want to endorse a smart, accomplished, steady leader who has guided this state through some of our most challenging times?

Lucinda: Governor Walnut retired about twelve years ago.

Christina: Governor Walnut? Did he give everyone in the state a free nutcracker?

Gretchen: Yes, and her name was Jeanne Rivero!

Two days later, at the state capitol building…

Samantha: Gretchen? What in the world are you doing here?

Gretchen: Well, you see, Samantha… I’m the governor. I know you may want to forget that, given you’ll never have the job, but I am. Governors tend to

Samantha: That was unnecessarily harsh. All I was saying was that I was surprised you were here because you’re supposed to be on vacation.

Gretchen: Well, I had business to tend to here. I’m very hands-on like that.

Samantha: Sure you are. Let’s say that.

Gretchen: Are you insinuating something to the contrary?

Samantha: I would never! Never allow you to compliment yourself without challenging it, that is.

Gretchen: Well, it was only mildly painful to see you today. Adios!

Samantha: By the way, I saw Senator Meyerson wandering around the lobby. Any idea why she’d be here?

Gretchen: Nope, no clue.

Samantha: I wonder what she’s doing here. Shouldn’t she be in DC?

Gretchen: The senate’s in recess, I believe. She might have just wanted to revisit her old stomping grounds. She did spend a decade here before Congress.

In Gretchen’s office…

Gretchen: Susana, where is the senator? Samantha told me she was in the lobby.

Susana: She’s in your office.

Gretchen: This is my office.

Susana: Your personal office.

Gretchen: Oh. Right.

Carol: We told her you’d be in at any moment. Which appears to be a lie, at this rate.

Gretchen: I’m going, I’m going. Do we have donuts?

Carol: I thought you were going?

Gretchen: I’m hungry! I had to skip breakfast today so we could go see some stupid thing Christina wanted to see before we left Boston.

Carol: We have oatmeal and bagels.

Gretchen: Hand me a bagel, please.

Susana: Here you go. Now get in there before the senator gets tired of waiting.

Gretchen: I’m going now.

Carol: We’ve heard that before.

Gretchen walks into her personal office.

Gretchen: Senator Meyerson, so lovely to see you. Apologies for the wait, I had to grab a bite to eat.

Judith: No worries, I only had to wait a few minutes. Proper nutrition is far more important. And call me Judy.

Gretchen: Well, Judy, I think you know why I wanted to meet. Mainly because Susana already told you why.

Judith: I do know why, but I’m not entirely sure what you think an endorsement from me will do.

Gretchen: You’re beloved in this state. Sixth-eight percent approval rating statewide, ninety-seven percent approval among Democrat likely voters. It’s like getting an endorsement from Jesus Christ himself.

Judith: That’s flattering. Blasphemous, but flattering.

Gretchen: You know me.

Judith: We do have history, yes.

Gretchen: You know I’m a hard worker. You know I care about Rhode Island.

Judith: And you never got the credit for it that you deserve.

Gretchen: I know! Thank you for noticing!

Judith: I don’t know if I can endorse you, though.

Gretchen: Let’s back up a second. Back to when you recognized how hard I work.

Judith: I’m not saying I can’t support you. I’m going to vote for you, I respect your hard work and i hate obstructionism. I just don’t know if I want to risk splintering the party by wading into a tense primary.

Gretchen: Jeanne didn’t really seem to care about the health of the party when she decided to charge against me with guns blazing. You can help unite the party behind one candidate, the only one who doesn’t just see this office as a stepping stone to higher office.  Judith: I respect your hustle, Gretchen. You know what you want and you fight for it.

Gretchen: It’s what a governor has to do.

Judith: Contrary to what many people in our state say, you’re good at your job. I’ll have to think it over, but I’ll try to help if I think it’s feasible. Gotta talk to my advisors first.

Gretchen: I get it. You have to think about your future before you think about mine.

Judith: Can I tell you something?

Gretchen: Of course!

Judith: I fear that I’m considering endorsing you more for petty personal reasons than because I want what’s in Rhode Island’s best interest.

Gretchen: How so?

Judith: I really think Jeanne is a bitch.

Gretchen: Oh. Wow. Well, you're right about that.

Judith: We always butted heads when we were in the state senate together. We had a feud eve since we entered office together at the same time and we were always trying to outdo one another. She thought she got one over on me when she was chosen to be majority leader, and then I got elected to Congress. Then to the Senate. It broke her inside.

Gretchen: So you’re why she’s always so mean to me!

Judith: She’s always been competitive, but she wasn’t always this mean. Years in politics will jade you, but the rivalry really ruined her.

Gretchen: Again, it’s your choice as to whether you want to publicly endorse me and record an ad or whatever. But, I really think it would be a nice way to make up for you turning Jeanne into a cold-hearted monster who won’t stop derailing my agenda.

Judith: I did do that, didn’t I?

Gretchen: Eh, it’s okay. Hank would still be here to cause me suffering if it weren’t for Jeanne.

Judith: Guess I’m absolved then.

Gretchen: I’d still love that endorsement, though!

Judith: I’ll keep on considering endorsing you. I’ll give you a call in a few days. We might be able to record an ad before I go back to DC.

Gretchen: That would be great!

Ten minutes later, Gretchen and Judith walk out to the hallway.

Gretchen: Well, it was nice getting to catch up with you! I’ll be waiting by the phone!

Judith: Talk to you soon!

Jeanne: Oh, Judy! Surprising to see you back here!

Judith: Jeanne, always a, uh, pleasure to see you.

Jeanne: What are you doing talking to Gretchen? Melatonin’s cheap, you don’t need to talk to her if you want to take a nice catnap.

Gretchen: For your in-

Judith: We were discussing an important senate matter. She’s a former senator, I though I could use her council.

Jeanne: Well, while you’re here, you want to head to my office? I have a favor I wanted to ask of you. We can talk over tea.

Judith: I have nothing else to do that, might as well.

Jeanne: Yay!

Judith: See you, Governor Raymond. Have a nice day.

Gretchen: Right back at you.

Jeanne and Judith walk away.

Carol: So, how’d it go?

Gretchen: Well! I think. She did disclose that she does not like Jeanne, which is cool.

Susana: Who likes Jeanne?

Carol: Why did she just go back to Jeanne’s office with her if she doesn’t like her?

Gretchen: Courtesy, I assume. Also, most likely, she’s fishing for an endorsement. What a loser.

Carol: So you think we’ll get the endorsement?

Gretchen: I’m leaning towards yes. I’m certain Jeanne won’t. It all depends on whether Judy wants to rock the boat a bit.

Susana: I can think of no better way to rock the boat than to endorse the incumbent governor.

Gretchen: Oh, you get what I mean!

The next day…

Gretchen: Honey, I’m home!

Anthony: Finally! I’ve been waiting for you.

Gretchen: In the words of George Michael and Aretha Franklin: I knew you were waiting for me.

Anthony: We have the house all to ourselves.

Gretchen: We do?

Anthony: Broom Hilda took the kids to some game they wanted to see.

Gretchen: How much time we got?

Anthony: Well, come he-

The phone rings.

Anthony: Must you pick up?

Gretchen: It’s Judy.

Anthony: Judy?

Gretchen: Senator Meyerson.

Anthony: Dammit. Just don’t take long, I’m all fired up.

Gretchen answers the phone.

Gretchen: Hello Judy!

Judith: So, I’ve made my decision.

Gretchen: Isn’t it usually bad news when juries make up their minds quickly?

Judith: This isn’t a court, so don’t worry. I’ve decided to endorse you.

Gretchen: Oh, thank you!

Judith: It was a hard decision, but you really sold me on it. Plus, that talk with Jeanne was absolutely painful.

Gretchen: To think, I really thought that was a sing you’d decide against an endorsement!

Judith: Lord no. I can’t stand the woman, any extra time around her will make me want to do anything humanly possible to spite her.

Gretchen: So, how do you want to go about this?

Judith: I’ll follow your lead. I can do some rallies, TV advertising, the whole works. If I’m getting involved, might as well go all the way.

Gretchen: This is such a huge help, thank you again. It means the world.

Judith: I know you actually care about this job and state. I want to do what I can to help someone like you win. It’s the least I could do.

Gretchen: Wait until I tell Carol I didn’t blow it!

Anthony: Speaking of blowing, this wait sure does.

Gretchen: Oh, I’m coming.

Judith: I’ll let you go, I don’t want to but you and interrupt your night any further.

Gretchen: You’re not bugging me at all! This is far more exciting than anything I was already doing!

Anthony: Hey!

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