HBO Max Renew/Cancel: Our Flag Means Death Becomes First Comedy To Lead Platform In Worldwide Demand


UPDATE 6/1: Our Flag Means Death has been renewed for Season 2

Welcome to the latest edition of HBO Max Renew/Cancel! In this edition the renewal chances are discussed of shows yet to be renewed or canceled by HBO Max. These numbers are updated as of May 28, 2022. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Our Flag Means Death
With a massive 36.9 7-day worldwide demand multiplier, Our Flag Means Death has reached heights not seen by any other show that began its run on HBO Max. This is especially impressive for the show given it’s a comedy, a genre that has typically lagged behind dramas on the platform. The fact it’s been over two months since a new episode was released is an indication of its lasting impact on viewers, but it’s also a surprisingly long wait for a renewal giving how successful the show is. Through Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max should be encouraged that comedy is a genre that can end up working out for them. Due to its high demand, a renewal is predicted. 

Young Justice
No HBO Max show has a higher IMDb Rating than Young Justice, just also enjoys sky-high demand. Unless HBO Max is looking to suddenly shift away from continuations and focus only on their originals, or unless the creators call it quits, there’s every reason to believe Young Justice will be renewed again. 

Tokyo Vice
Also airing on linear TV in Japan, Tokyo Vice is undeniably a worldwide hit. The United States demand is certainly far below the worldwide demand, though, and it is decreasing rapidly as seen by the steep decrease between the 30-day and 7-day audience demand multipliers. Still, Tokyo Vice is a high-demanded show that would probably see a renewal on its worldwide appeal alone. 

Raised By Wolves
Raised By Wolves’ also has a much lower demand in the United States than it does worldwide. Like Tokyo Vice, its massive worldwide demand alone should be enough to get it renewed. 

Made For Love
Made For Love’s season finale aired over a week ago, but the 7-day multiplier has still increased from the 30-day multiplier. That is certainly a good sign, as is the fact that it’s HBO Max’s #2 comedy—although it’s nowhere close to matching Our Flag Means Death. The IMDb Rating is indeed on the lower side, but unless demand falls massively in coming weeks and it remains not renewed, a renewal is the most likely bet. 

The Flight Attendant
It is a true testament to HBO Max’s growth that The Flight Attendant is not one of their top shows. It is still massive, especially worldwide, and the fact the season just finished airing proves there’s plenty of time for HBO Max to issue a renewal. 

Hacks’ demand is rising rapidly, with a 9.6 7-day multipler up substantially from the 6.7 30-day multiplier. Its biggest hurdle to renewal is the afct that Warner does not distribute it; NBCUniversal does. Of course, HBO Max wouldn’t have ordered this show to series in the first place if that was an automatic disqualification for renewal, and maybe they’re looking to have a good relationship with NBCUniversal by keeping a couple of their shows around. If HBO Max cancels it, perhaps it will find a new home on Peacock. 

Beforeiengers is HBO Nordic’s first original series and has now crossed over to become an HBO Max original. It’s clear that it hasn’t caught on in the United States the way it has elsewhere, but its success in other countries should be enough to bring it back for another season. The fact it’s been off the air so long is concerning, though, making Beforeigners more vulnerable than a lot of other shows. 

Close Enough
HBO Max doesn’t seem to be in a huge rush to bring back Close Enough given it is an animated series that wrapped its season almost two months ago and is yet to get word on if it will return for another season. However, this wouldn’t be the first time HBO Max waited until after the season finale to renew the show, and being the highest-demanded animated show to begin its run on HBO Max should count for something. 

And Just Like That…
Originally branded as a miniseries, HBO Max ended up renewing this Sex And The City sequel for a second season. Demand has plummeted from its peak, where it hit low double digits in the United States. For comparison, Sex And The City itself is at a 7.0 worldwide demand over the course of the past 7 days, and prequel The Carrie Diaries is at a 2.4 worldwide demand. HBO Max has to be banking on the curiousity factor that brought And Just Like That… initial success to return for Season 2, or else they are looking at a franchise show with lower demand than one that finished its two-season-and-done run on The CW with a 0.3 A18-49 rating in 2014. 

That Damn Michael Che
Like in its first season, That Damn Michael Che suffers from relatively low demand and has to overcome the hurdle of Warner not having the international distribution rights. It doesn’t appear to be doing any worse than it did in its first season though, making a third season look like the most probable outcome. 

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin
Although it is yet to premiere, it is already looking like Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will be one of those shows that does better in the United States than it does worldwide. These demand figures are bound to rise once the show actually premieres, which is why it already starts in the renewal predicted column. 

The Garcias
When it comes to live-action and adult series, nothing is doing as dreadfully in audience demand as The Garcias. In fact, it’s tied for HBO Max’s lowest-demanded original worldwide. Comebine this with a sub-par IMDb score and there isn’t much reason to believe The Garcias will receive a second season. One factor The Garcias does have going for it is that HBO Max doesn’t tend to cancel too many shows, but the fact there was so little demand for the first season does not bode well for a second. 

Ten Year Old Tom
It is rare that renewal or cancelation is predicted for a show without demand figures reported, but it’s been 9 months since Ten Year Old Tom finished airing its first season with no word on a second. As more time goes on, it’s looking less likely that the show’s first season had much demand HBO Max. Given this, it moves to the cancelation predicted column. 

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