Marietta Season 2 Episode 4 - Mayorietta

 Marietta Season 2, Episode 4

Patty Lynn is on the phone Marietta on the day of Marietta’s mayoral inauguration.
Patty Lynn: Marietta, are you getting ready? It’s the big day!
Marietta: I’m trying to, mom.
Patty Lynn: Well, why aren’t you?
Marietta: I’m talking to you. I’m doing as much as I can.
Patty Lynn: Oh, in that case I better get off the phone with you!
Marietta: No, I have time. It’s eight in the morning, the inauguration’s not until noon. Tammy will be here in two hours to pick me up. We have some time to talk.
Patty Lynn: I’m so proud of you for getting up earlier lately!
Marietta: I hate it.
Patty Lynn: I know you do. You’ll get used to it, though.
Marietta: So, have you spoken to Eliza yet? I know she’s gonna pop any moment but I’d like to know if she’s coming to the inauguration.
Patty Lynn: I did, last night. I don’t think she’s gonna make it.
Marietta: Aww, that’s a shame. What did she say?
Patty Lynn: She said she’s nine months pregnant and could explode at any moment. Exact words.
Marietta: What about Elena and Henrietta?
Patty Lynn: Eliza is nine months pregnant and could explode at any moment.
Marietta: Good point.
Patty Lynn: So, who else is coming?
Marietta: Obviously you and dad. Kyle and Maria will be there too. Same for Milton and Tammy, of course. Aunt Kathleen is back from her European vacation so she’ll be there. A few of the old mayors will be there too, and the council will be there too whether they like it or not. Kate and Ellie said they’ll be coming down. And per tradition, we invited the entire congressional delegation.
Patty Lynn: You did not -
Marietta: Don’t even finish it. Yes, I did invite Betty Benoit.
Patty Lynn: Why?
Marietta: I need to at least appear to be unbiased. If she was the only one I didn’t invite I’d look like a sore loser.
Patty Lynn: I guess you’re right.
Marietta: Governor Birkman’s gonna be there too. And so will Amy.
Patty Lynn: This is a lot of people.
Marietta: I should hope so. It would look so sad if nobody cared enough to show up.
Patty Lynn: People will care, trust me.
Marietta: I invited Uncle Marvin and Uncle Elroy and they couldn’t make it. Gerry’s busy with her baker’s dozen worth of kids up on Martha’s Vineyard. Kathleen’s kids are up in Arkansas yet and couldn’t make the trip down.
Patty Lynn: What about Danny?
Marietta: He was too busy. Still overseas doing humanitarian work, I guess.
Patty Lynn: Have you seen him at all since he left?
Marietta: Nope. Not even a Facetime.
Patty Lynn: I don’t know what that it but it sounds like a sex thing.
Marietta: No! It’s an app that lets you do a video call with someone. I’ve only talked to him a few times. I didn’t even tell him I won, Tammy did. He called when I was sleeping and called her immediately after because he was worried. He forgot I didn’t wake up before nine.
Patty Lynn: Now you do though! Maybe you’ll get to talk more!
Marietta: We’ll see about that.
Patty Lynn: I’m sorry Marietta, I have to go. Your father -
Marietta: What’s he doing now?
Patty Lynn: He’s in his suit for the inauguration and he made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and got it all over himself. I need to go clean up his mess.
Marietta: Dad should stop eating peanut butter. It always ends badly.
Patty Lynn: It really does.
Marietta: I’ll see you later mom!
Patty Lynn: See you later, my little Mayorietta!
Marietta: Please don't call me that.
Patty Lynn: I just made it up, I quite like it. I’m going to keep using it.
Marietta: Guess I’ll have to resign. I always did think John Jackson would make a good mayor.
Patty Lynn: Fine, I’ll stop.
90 minutes later, Marietta hears a knock on the door.
Marietta: Tammy! You’re early!
Tammy: It’s a big day. Had to make sure we’d be out of here on time.
Marietta: I’m ready to go. Just gotta grab a second pair of shoes. Can’t wear high heels for too long or my feel will start killing me.
Tammy: Good idea. One that I should’ve though of myself but did not.
Marietta: See, I have good plans sometimes!
Tammy: Of course you do. I never would’ve hitched my wagon to you if I thought you didn’t. I’d be back home in New York watching This Is Us with Mitch.
Marietta: Mitch watches This Is Us?
Tammy: He’s a very sensitive man, Marietta.
Marietta: Never took him for a big softy. Guess that whole “being President” thing makes you think he’s a tough guy and not someone who watches an entire family be sad for an hour a week.
Tammy: Can’t judge a book by its cover.
Marietta: Why are we talking about this here? We could do this on the road!
Tammy: You’re right! Let’s get out of here!
Twenty minutes later, Tammy and Marietta arrive at City Hall for the inauguration.
Marietta: Oh man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been around here. I think since mom retired as city councilor.
Tammy: I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get to know this place pretty well again.
Marietta: Yeah, I’d say so.
Tammy: I laid out the seating chart for the special guests that we invited. Everything look good?
Marietta: Looks good. Though Eliza and her family won’t be here. Her due date is too close and she’s afraid she’d gave the baby if she came.
Tammy: I understand. I’ll just take their reserved signs off. I’ll move some of the city councilors to the family line. And it looks like Betty Benoit will get to sit next to a stranger.
Marietta: Oh how sad.
Tammy: Knowing her she’ll make one of her kids sit next to a stranger.
Marietta: She is that kind of person.
Tammy: Truly horrible.
Betty: Who is?
Marietta: Betty! You’re an hour early!
Betty: Oh I am? I must have turned the clocks forward when I was supposed to turn that backwards.
Marietta: That was a week ago, Betty. Be honest, you just wanted to get here early so you could sit in the front row so you could boo and be seen on TV? I mean, how else would you get on RNN? Gotta get those Republican brownie points somehow.
Betty: What? You think I’d do that?
Marietta: Yes! I’ve met you!
Betty: I have never been anything but nice to you.
Marietta: You called me immature, terrible, and classless in your victory speech last year!
Betty: I have said things that I regret.
Marietta: No you haven’t. You barely have a functioning conscience, you certainly aren’t using that tiny, tiny part of it that still works to realize you were terrible to me.
Betty: Come on. I really have changed. I’m trying to be a better person now that I have a new sense of responsibility.
Marietta: You were the chair of the House Oversight Committee! How did you not feel responsibility then.
Betty: Alright, fine. I had a cancer scare last month and I realized that I needed to treat people better. You could go anytime.
Marietta: Wow Betty, that’s deep. I’m sure you’re going to outlive all of us, because evil never dies, but I guess we could bury the hatchet and only be playful enemies from now on. Not like I’m gonna run against you ever again, so no need to hate each other.
Betty: That’s really generous of you.
Marietta: My generosity is one of my best qualities. Also I really need to bury the hatchet because I’m probably gonna have to work with you now that I’m mayor and I want a good working relationship with all of the officeholders who represent New Orleans.
Betty: I really am glad that you won the race. I campaigned for Amy and endorsed her but I really was just so fueled by my dislike for you and I saw you as a political enemy that needed to be stopped. She really is an awful woman.
Marietta: Oh yeah, Amy is not a good person. I’m trying to fix her though. She is my press secretary after all, gotta at least try to reform her.
Betty: Oh wow, you really went through with that?
Marietta: I did. Figured I better not break a promise before I even took office. Even if I didn’t actually promise her that.
Tammy: Marietta, not to break up your chit-chat but some of your other guests are arriving and you should probably greet them, too.
Betty: I’ll go find my assigned seat, I guess.
Tammy: You do that.
Kathleen: Marietta! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!
Marietta: It’s only been three weeks, Aunt Kathleen. 
Kathleen: It feels like so much longer. I’ve seen so much in that time!
Marietta: You’ll have to tell me about your tour of Europe a little bit later, I think Milton wants to talk to me.
Kathleen: What gives you that idea?
Marietta: He’s jumping up and down and waving at me and saying “MARIETTTTTTAAAAAAA!!!”
Kathleen: Oh, then I’d say he does want to talk to you.
Marietta runs over to Milton to see what he wants.
Marietta: Milton, this better be important. I almost tripped and got my brand new dress all dirty.
Milton: It is.
Marietta: Then spit it out, please.
Milton: Elena just called mom to tell her that Eliza’s water broke and they’re on the way to the hospital.
Marietta: Oh my god. That’s crazy. Her twins are going to be born on the day of my inauguration. It’s like they knew.
Milton: That’s not the takeaway here. Mom and dad are still coming to the inauguration because of course they are, they’re the most overbearing parents in the world. But they’re going to leave your inaugural ball a little early to go see Eliza.
Marietta: Alright, that sounds good. I obviously can not go, but I’ll call Elena to send my regards later on.
Tammy: Marietta, what’s going on?
Marietta: Eliza’s having her babies.
Tammy: Today? Why do people only give birth on days that are really crucial to you?
Marietta: The babies clearly want to come out to celebrate with me.
Tammy: Yes, that must be it.
Kate: Marietta!
Marietta: Kate, you’re here! And you’re early! I expected my family to get here early but I didn’t think you’d be here now!
Kate: I came right from airport. Ellie did too, but she had to take a different Uber because she has so much stuff with her. We were afraid we’d be late if we went to our hotel first. Would it be okay if we put our luggage in your office?
Marietta: I haven’t even gotten the keys yet, you’ll have to ask Milton for them. But I don’t mind.
Kate: Alright, thanks. I’ll go ask him.
Ellie (out of breath): Marietta! Congratulations!
Tammy: God, you sound like s***.
Ellie: I know. I have so much luggage. I told myself “you know you’re only going to need to pack for a week, have a plan for that” and then when I packed, I didn’t have a plan for it. I just grabbed everything I could because I didn’t know what the weather would be like and I wanted to be prepared.
Marietta: Ellie, you’re from Massachusetts. It’s gonna feel warm to you down here no matter what the temperature is.
Ellie: I know, I know.
Kate: Come on Ellie, let’s go put our stuff in Marietta’s office. Milton gave me the key.
Ellie: Alright. See ya later, Marietta.
Thirty minutes later, once the rest of the guests arrive, the inauguration ceremony begins with Tammy’s opening remarks.
Tammy: Family, friends, colleagues and supporters, thank you all for coming today to celebrate the inauguration of Marietta Landfield as the 64th mayor of the city of New Orleans. I must admit, I haven’t lived in this city for very long. But in that time I’ve met so many people and I’ve always been able to make them one promise. Marietta Landfield is going to work so hard as your mayor. I know that because she cares so very deeply about this city and its citizens. After she lost her seat in the Senate, she immediately thought of a new way she could serve her beloved city. It’s the kind of public servant she is, someone who isn’t in it for the money or the power, but just for a way to best serve her community. She grew up in New Orleans and got her start in politics after being inspired by the various members of her family who had already served this city in some way. At the age of 22, she took office as a Louisiana State Representative. She served their until a new opportunity came along: a seat in the US House. She was a popular figure in the city because she consistently got results in the state house, and she easily won that first election. She didn’t do it by being funded by big corporations or the Washington elite. You know, like me. She did it by knocking on every door she could in this city and explaining her vision for the community. That’s what she did in every election. Because she cares about what the people of her city care about. She wants to hear what they have to say. Trust me, I worked with her for twenty years. She talked about New Orleans a lot. When the Saints won the Super Bowl, she was almost unbearably annoying about it. The only thing she talked about for about a month. And no, I’m not joking. The Senators from Indiana were not big fans of her for that period. Most senators just talk about the state of politics or whatever’s on TV that night in their free time. She talked about how she couldn’t wait to get home to her city. To get out there and talk to the people who also called this great place home. So when she told me she was running for mayor, I knew she was going to be a natural fit. You all embraced her just like I did those twenty-some years ago. She’s going to make you proud. Now, without further ado, please welcome your 63rd and current mayor, Milton Landfield, to hand over the key to the mayor’s office to your mayor-elect!
Milton: Thank you Tammy for that wonderful introduction for my sister. I feel so basic now after that speech about how great she is. But she really is. That’s why I’m so happy to present the key to the office to her.
Milton reaches into his pocket to pull out the key for Marietta.
Milton: My apologies, folks. I don’t appear to have the key on me at the moment.
Kate (from the audience): I have it, Milton!
Kate rushes up to the stage.
Tammy: Senate Minority Leader Kate Hagelin, everybody!
Kate: Sorry for the inconvenience, everybody. Here’s the key.
Milton: Thank you, Senator Hagelin. Now, Mayor-Elect Landfield, could you please make your way to the stage?
Marietta: Gladly! Let’s get this show on the road!
Milton: I now present the key to the Mayor’s Office of New Orleans to the Honorable Marietta L. Landfield, 64th Mayor of the City of New Orleans.
Marietta: Thank you so very much. I will promise not to lose it like you did.
Tammy: Now, to administer the oath of office to Mayor-Elect Marietta Landrieu, President of the New Orleans City Council John Jackson.
John: Hello Mayor-elect Landfield.
Marietta: Hi John.
John: Shall we begin?
Marietta: Now’s as good a time as any!
John: Then please place your hand on the Bible and repeat after me.
Marietta: Alright!
John: I, Marietta Lorna Landfield
Tammy: Lorna?
Marietta: I, Marietta Lorna Landfield
John: Do solemnly swear
Marietta: Do solemnly swear
John: That I will support the Constitution
Marietta: That I will support the Constitution
John: And laws of the United States
Marietta: And laws of the United States
John: The Constitution and laws of this state
Marietta: The Constitution and laws of this state
John: And the home-rule charter
Marietta: And the home-rule charter
John: And the ordinances of this city
Marietta: And the ordinances of this city
John: That I will faithfully
Marietta: That I will faithfully
John: And impartially
Marietta: And impartially
John: Discharge
Marietta: Discharge
John: And perform all the duties
Marietta: And perform all the duties
John: Incumbent upon me
Marietta: Incumbent upon me
John: As the mayor of this great city of New Orleans
Marietta: As the mayor of this great city of New Orleans
John: To the best of my abilities
Marietta: To the best of my abilities
John: And understanding
Marietta: And understanding
John: So help me god.
Marietta: So help me god!
John: Congratulations Madam Mayor.
Marietta: Thank you, so much.
Tammy: Please welcome, for her inaugural address, your mayor, Marietta Landfield!
Marietta: I just want to thank everyone who has come here today to celebrate this event with me. My family, my friends, my colleagues, and my future colleagues all being here is so important, but it warms my heart most of all to see so many New Orleanians here for this event. You are the people I’m here to serve, first and foremost. You’re why I do this, and I’m so thankful to all of you that showed up here in person and those watching back at home. It is the great honor of my life to serve you all as an elected official. Be it as a US Senator, or a state representative, or a US Representative, or as your mayor. This is an incredible feeling. As with every previous office I have held, I’m going to use my best judgment to do what is in the best interest for all of you. I will continue the bold, progressive agenda of my predecessor, while also enacting some policies of my own that I believe to be beneficial to this great city. I believe that a better New Orleans leads to a better Louisiana, a better America, and a better world. Beyond being the daughter of my wonderful parents and the mother of my wonderful son, there is nothing I am prouder of than being a New Orleanian. We’re a city open to all, one that celebrates cultures from around the world and lets everyone be who they are. It’s what makes us great. I thank you all for putting your trust in me to run this city for the next four years. The fight for a better future for this city is one we are all in together, and I am proud to lead it. I come from a long line of politicians from this great city. My mother is a former city councilor. My father, a former mayor, governor and cabinet member. My uncle was a mayor and a US Representative. My aunt also served in the US House. My grandfather was a mayor, a governor, and a senator. And of course, my brother was this city’s mayor for the past eight years. I will do everything in my power to match up to the legacies they’ve all left behind. I look forward to working alongside the city council to enact legislation to make this city even greater, and working alongside our representatives in Congress to make sure that New Orleans isn’t forgotten nationally. I’m glad to see that Senators Benoit and Cheravoix are both here with us today, and that Representatives Jordiin, Pappadone, Grenadier, Herford, Morgan and Welch are here with us as well. I can assure you all that you’re going to be hearing a lot from me during our time in office together. Together, we will all make sure this city even greater. Once again, thank you all for spending the afternoon with us all today. God bless New Orleans!

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