Marietta Season 2 Episode 3 - Movin’ Out (Marietta’s Song)

 Marietta Season 2, Episode 3
Movin' Out (Marietta's Song)

Marietta, Tammy and Patty Lynn are at Marietta’s house preparing for her to move into the Mayor’s Mansion the next day.
Marietta: Hey Tammy, can you pass me a box?
Tammy: Why don’t you ask Kate? She’s right next to you.
Marietta: Kate! What are you doing here?
Kate: Tammy told me during our conversation yesterday that you needed some help packing. The Senate’s on recess and it’s not like North Carolina needs me there this weekend so I thought I’d fly down for a weekend trip.
Marietta: I can’t believe you’re here! I haven’t seen you since the mayoral primary.
Kate: I know! I wanted to come down after you won to have a celebratory girls night, but it just didn’t work out. Greg’s been busy pushing bill after terrible bill through the Senate and we’ve all been busy fighting him.
Marietta: Keep fighting the good fight!
Kate: I plan on it. Only a year until we can take back the Senate. We need to do it for my own personal sanity.
Marietta: I’m afraid Louisiana won’t help you get back the Senate, but I’ll do what I can anyway.
Kate: Thank you, Marietta. Now we better start packing. Your inauguration is in what? A week?
Marietta: Six days.
Kate: Oh boy, we really better get to work.
Marietta: Where’s Ellie, by the way? You two are always together.
Kate: She went back to Massachusetts. Probably sitting on the beach in Cape Cod right about now.
Marietta: In November?
Kate: I asked her the same thing. She says she paid a lot of money for a house on Cape Cod, she’s getting her use out of it.
Marietta: I guess she’s not afraid of pneumonia.
Kate: She’s Ellie. She isn’t afraid of very much.
Patty Lynn: Have you asked her if she’s going to run for President in 2020? The women in my book club love her and they’ve been asking me.
Kate: She’s not running for President. That I can assure you of.
Patty Lynn: My poor book club ladies.
Marietta: She’s lying Kate. She’s the one that wants Ellie to run for President.
Kate: I know.
Patty Lynn: I don’t want Ellie to run! Governor Birkman is running and I want her to win.
Marietta: Suuuuure.
Tammy: We really need to focus on packing, guys. We’re only renting the moving truck for tomorrow, no longer.
Marietta: I never should have fired my maid Flora. Why did you make me do that, Tammy?
Tammy: Nothing is less relatable than a privileged white lady from a family that’s held political office for decades who also has a maid to take care of the mansion she barely lives in.
Marietta: I am relatable.
Tammy: Kate is relatable. She was a Sunday school teacher, the daughter of two working-class parents, her husband is an elementary school principal, and she lives in a log cabin that she’s lived in since she was twenty. Best of all, she doesn’t employ someone to clean that house.
Marietta: Whatever. I’m still in touch with my constituents no matter what you think.
Tammy: Keg Stand Mary….
Marietta: Name a more Louisiana thing than a keg stand.
Tammy: Can’t.
Marietta: Exactly! Relatable.
Patty Lynn: Marietta, I finished packing up your bedroom. What else do we need to pack?
Marietta: It’s not like I’m completely moving out, I’m just taking what I need at the Mayor’s Mansion. So I think all we need to do is pack up everything in the kitchen and some of my stuff in the living room and some stuff from my bathroom. Maybe some other stuff, too. Shouldn’t be more than three hours or so yet.
Patty Lynn: Oh boy. That’s more than I thought.
Marietta: That’s why there’s four of us here!
Tammy: There would’ve been four if Amy would’ve bothered to show up.
Marietta: Where is Amy, by the way?
Tammy: I think she went to Marvin Gardens or something.
Marietta: That’s a Monopoly property.
Tammy: Well she went to some garden. I didn’t ask questions, I didn't really want her around anyway.
Kate: Why would she help you out, anyway?
Marietta: She’s my press secretary now.
Kate: What? That woman is your press secretary?
Marietta: Yes. She kinda forced me into it but I’m fine with that. She can’t do any damage there. She could block everything I want to do as a member of the City Council.
Kate: Marietta, you are a sneaky one.
Marietta: I try to be.
Patty Lynn: Are you guys going to help me pack at all or are you just going to sit there and chat?
Marietta: Oh, yeah. Sorry Kate. Mom’s gonna kill us if we don’t stop talking and get to packing.
Kate: Then we better start packing. We both just became grandmothers, we can’t get murdered now. If it was a year ago then I’d be fine with it but not now.
Meanwhile, at the Mayor’s Mansion, Martin is helping Milton pack up.
Martin: You really don’t have very much in this place, this won’t take long to pack up.
Milton: I never wanted to get too comfortable, I always knew I only had a limited time here.
Martin: I’ve seen your mother bring more stuff with her when she was staying overnight somewhere.
Milton: Mom and I are different in that way. She takes the entire house on vacation, I bring two boxes worth of belongings with me to the place I’ll live for eight years.
Martin: You take after me. When I was in Mitch Yarborough’s cabinet, I barely took anything up to DC with me. Your mother didn’t even come with.
Milton: Those must have been the greatest years of your life.
Martin: It was a very fulfilling time. Not because I was away from your mother but because I enjoyed the work I was doing.
Milton: Mom isn’t here right now. You don’t need to lie.
Martin: No lying here. I miss being in the cabinet. But now I’m old and I also enjoy being retired.
Milton: Are you sure about that?
Martin: Yes. The work that Marietta’s had me do for her campaigns has been enough excitement for me for now.
Milton: I don’t know what the heck I’m gonna do now that I’m not mayor. I’ve been in some office or running for office consistently since I was 22 years old!
Martin: I was in a similar situation to you and I know you’re going to be okay. A new opportunity could be right around the corner. You never know.
Milton: I doubt it. Louisiana is getting redder and I don’t exactly have much of a political future in New Orleans. I’m termed out as mayor.
Martin: So run for Amy Applewhite’s seat on the city council! You live in her district.
Milton: Isn’t that a bit of a downgrade from mayor?
Martin: Some people might see it that way. You can see it as a new opportunity. You’ll have more free time for sure, you can go see Sarah more often.
Milton: You make a good point. I guess I’ll have to think about it.
Martin: While you think about it, would you like to move these boxes down to your car? Tomorrow’s moving day and you know how your sister is.
Milton: Always late and never awake before nine?
Martin: She’s persistent. If she’s here early -
Milton: She won’t be.
Martin: If she is, she’s going to want to move in early. Especially with Tammy and your mother along with her. So you should be ready to go right away.
Milton: Alright.
Martin: What’s wrong Milton? You look upset all of the sudden.
Milton: It’s just all hitting me as I see my three boxes containing all my possessions lined up by the door. I’m done here. This is it for me. I’m never going to be mayor again.
Martin: You’re very emotional today. Bring it in.
Milton: What?
Martin: You need a hug.
Milton: No I don’t.
Martin: Yes you do.
Milton: Alright, I do.
Martin: I know.
Back at Marietta’s…
Kate: Marietta! What is this?
Marietta: Oh my god, I can’t believe you found that. That’s the picture of all of us women senators on the day you took office in 1999. I framed it and kept it in my office until I left. There weren’t enough of us to do it in 1996 when I was elected. Just me and Tammy and Janet Rodgers from Kansas. 1999 was the first time the number of women in the Senate hit the double digits. It was a big deal. Still is.
Kate: We were a great team. Even when we didn’t all agree, we got the job done.
Tammy: Unlike right now, where we should be finishing up with packing and we’re talking once again.
Kate: Tammy, you should always take any chance you get to catch up with friends and reminisce about old times. You never know what will happen.
Tammy: That’s dark.
Kate: It’s realistic. Savor every moment. Just because we’re working doesn’t mean we have to sit in silence.
Tammy: We weren’t sitting in silence. We have the radio to listen to. The Safety Dance is on right now. That’s my jam!
Kate: You can dance if you want to.
Tammy: Not quite the lyrics, but okay.
Kate: What I’m saying is that you should let loose and dance. You need it, you’re being a little uptight today.
Marietta: She always is, Kate. She thinks she’s my other or something. And we all know she isn’t.
Patty Lynn: That’s right! She’s too old to be your mother.
Marietta: What? You are five years older than Tammy.
Patty Lynn: Shhhh! She didn’t know that!
Marietta: Yes she did. She was at your last birthday party.
Patty Lynn: Aww, darn you for being such a loving husband, Martin!
Marietta: I think we’re done packing up everything I need. Let’s go relax and gossip!
The next morning, Marietta hears a knock at her door and she answers.
Tammy: We’re here!
Marietta: Oh my god. It’s seven in the morning and I’m not even dressed and you’re already here with the moving truck.
Tammy: No, we’re here. Me and Kate and your parents. We’re ready to help you out. Just let us in and we can start loading up the truck while you change out of your pajamas.
Marietta: Alright. Sounds like a plan. But don’t take offense if I’m a little cranky, I just woke up.
Tammy: What else is new?
Marietta stares at Tammy for a few seconds before walking back to her bedroom.
Tammy: Alright, let’s get this stuff in the truck, we have a long day of moving ahead of us.
Martin: I can’t believe how much stuff she has going with her. She isn’t moving to Alaska, she’s moving down the street. And she gets to keep this house!
Patty Lynn: That’s my girl!
Kate: It really isn’t that much stuff when you think about it. She’s going to make the Mayor’s Mansion her residence and I’m sure she doesn’t want to drive back and forth if she forgets something so better to be safe and bring everything you may possibly need.
Tammy: She wouldn’t even need to do that. I’m moving in to Marietta’s house tomorrow. She wanted someone to watch the house and I’m sick of living out of a suitcase in a little hotel room so she’s letting me stay here. It won’t last all eight years but I’ll be here for awhile at least. I have to convince Mitch to move down here and then I’ll find a house of my own. Until then, all she needs to do is call me and I can bring anything to her.
Kate: Oh, that’s nice. When I bought my house in DC after I won my Senate race, I had to wait until the weekend when I went home to get anything I may have forgotten. I’m glad Marietta has you to avoid that.
Martin: Again, she’s not five states away. She’s five blocks away.
Marietta: So, what have you guys been up to while I was changing?
Patty Lynn: We loaded everything into the truck. We’re ready to go!
Marietta: Really?
Patty Lynn: Of course not! You take after me, you have so much stuff.
Two hours later, the group arrives at the Mayor’s Mansion, ready to move Marietta into the home.
Milton: Finally! I thought you guys would never get here!
Martin: Really?
Milton: No! you guys are so early. I mean, this is Marietta we’re talking about.
Kate: She always was late to our Senate votes. And committee hearings. And caucus meetings. And weekly female senator meetings. And everything.
Marietta: We get it Kate.
Milton: Welcome back to New Orleans, Kate! Why did no one tell me you were here?
Kate: It was a surprise to them too. I’m just here until tonight. I’m catching the red-eye to Dulles tonight.
Milton: Oh. Well did you enjoy your stay? I still take it upon myself to make sure every tourist has a great time here in the city.
Marietta: We get it Milton. You’re still the mayor until Sunday. Then it’s my turn to run this city.
Milton: You don’t need to rub it in.
Tammy: Can we please get to work taking these boxes in and unpacking them? We only have a few hours until Kate has to go and then it’ll get even harder.
Patty Lynn: Sounds like a great idea.
Just then, Amy pulls into the driveway.
Amy: Hey! Need some help everyone?
Tammy: Yes, duh.

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