CBS Renew/Cancel Week 4: The Unicorn Likely to be Cancelled

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It's been a few weeks since our last update, but that does not mean there hasn't been movement in the charts. In todays update, three shows are on the move, and it is not good news for two of them   .
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed

All Rise
Second Act
Bob <3 Abishola
Blue Bloods

God Friended Me
Magnum PI

The Unicorn

Hawaii Five-0




The Neighborhood
The Thursday comedy newbies, The Unicorn and Carol's Second Act, find themselves heading in the wrong direction. The Unicorn spent the first two months as a Toss-Up, and is now Likely to be Cancelled. The ratings have steadied out over the last few weeks at around a .73 A18-49. Despite that, it clearly looks like the weakest comedy on the CBS lineup - even though its ahead of Carol and Bob <3's Abishola in L+7 ratings. The Unicorn benefits from having the best comedy lead in and has not done much with it. Something has to go (right?) and for now it looks like The Unicorn.

Carol's Second Act also ticks down a spot from Likely to be Renewed to Toss-Up. Carol rates slightly ahead of aforementioned 'Bobishola' in L+7 (1.05 vs. 1.01, as of November 14th), but began to look slightly weaker than Bobishola in the last few weeks. Carol found itself with some behind the scenes drama, as Executive Producer (and husband of leading lady Patricia Heaton) David Hunt was accused of misconduct on set. That has not been enough to get CBS series cancelled in the past (ahem, Bull, which was much worse) and it should not be a factor here either. At this point, Carol's Second Act feels closer to renewal than cancellation.

It's not all bad news at CBS as Hawaii Five-0 moves from Likely to be Renewed to Certain to be Renewed. Despite airing on Friday nights, the tenth year series is the fourth highest rated drama (in L+SD) on CBS - behind only NCIS, FBI, and football-inflated God Friended Me. It does look less stellar in L+7, but that does not take away from the impressive performance so far this season. Hawaii Five-0 also has the distinction of having the best year-to-year result for any CBS series, down only 12%. Unless someone on the cast calls it quits, the show should stick around for a bit longer. It would be awesome to see Hawaii Five-0 match the twelve season run of the original series.

While they did not move in this update, keep a close eye on All RiseGod Friended Me, and SWAT in the coming weeks. All Rise looks pretty dead after some 'meh' performances in October, with limited interest in both L+SD and L+7. On Sundays, God Friended Me feels well liked at CBS, but its performance this season has been mediocre. Based on ratings, and ownership, God Friended Me should be cancelled. Finally, SWAT appears safe on Wednesday, even though its ratings are less than stellar in L+SD. SWAT continues to make up considerable ground in L+7 to its drama counterpoints. It could move one way or another, depending on its performance in the winter.
Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Criminal Minds
Madam Secretary

Young Sheldon

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