The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 22: The Final Game

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist

Kurt: This is actually the final game of the season, right?
Jason: Yes.
Bryan: Even if we win?
Jason: Again, yes.
Robert: Think we’re gonna play? 
Lorenzo: No.
Eli: That’s weird, it’s usually Lorenzo who asks if we’re gonna play.
Lorenzo: It’s winner-take-all. Even I know we’re not going to play. Plus, one playoff game is enough for me.
Jason: I’m really going to miss this bench.
Lorenzo: The Lorenzo Bench?
Eli: We agreed that we’re not calling it that.
Lorenzo: I am though.
Kurt: If anything my name should be on it, I’m the one who got us the bench, I think. Maybe not.
Jason: Can we all agree though that this bullpen has meaning to us other than just being a place to sit while we watched other people play the game? 
Bryan: These seats are so much better than the ones in the stadium, and we get paid to sit here!
Lorenzo: I will always remember that time when the cotton candy guy yelled my name to run across the field and buy some.
Eli: That never happened, you took it upon yourself to run across the field.
Lorenzo: That’s not the way I’m gonna tell the story. 
Eli: It’s how it happened though.
Lorenzo: Anyways I think we can all agree on who had the biggest impact on this team.
Jason: Who?
Lorenzo: Oh. I thought you were all going to say one name, and then I would say that I agreed. 
Jason: Huh?
Lorenzo: Yeah it does sound stupid when I say it out loud. 
Kurt: So Bryan, you have any plans for the offseason?
Bryan: Nothing much, just taking care of a crying baby and a crying wife. Why do you ask?
Kurt: Just trying to change the topic.
Eli: Has anyone heard anything about next season?
Jason: Not me. Have you? Aren’t you going to be general manager for some team next season?
Eli: Yeah, but I don’t know that much. I was just wondering who would be in the bullpen next season, since right now the only one staying is Robert.
Robert: I’ll be the closer, so maybe I’ll go into the game more often. Probably not though. I do get a pay raise! 
Lorenzo: So who would be in the bullpen, just you and a bunch of new people?
Robert: Never thought of it like that, but yeah, I suppose. 
Lorenzo: Will you all visit me at Lorenzo’s Kitchen?
Robert: I don’t see why not.
Eli: Should we watch the game?
Jason: I don’t see why not.
Bryan: Because it’s boring.
Jason: Not when your team is winning.
Bryan: But they’re not winning.
Jason: The team you’re supposedly playing on, not your fantasy team.
Bryan: Oh. I like my fantasy team better.
Kurt: Of course you do. 
Eli: This is it guys, one more out and our team wins!
Bryan: That was quick.
Eli: Jason told us the wrong time, remember?
Jason: I told you the time I expected everyone to be here, I never said that’s when the game started.
Eli: Fair enough.
Lorenzo: I was here the whole time.
Robert: Is that why the food is gone and one part of the bench is more heated than the rest?
Lorenzo: Maybe. 
Kurt: Out!
Lorenzo: What?
Kurt: They made the out! Our team won!
Eli: Actually that was the second out. One more to go, my bad. Here comes the next pitch...
Jason: Wow. That went wrong. Our team is almost losing now. They’re taking out the pitcher! We don’t have anyone warming up!
Kurt: Relax, they’ll just put in another starter. Watch, he’ll get this next guy out and the game will be over.
Robert: You sure about that? I’m pretty sure nobody caught that ball. 
Kurt: Our team just lost. I can’t believe it.
Jason: Now I wonder if they’ll get new starters or not.
Robert: What, like they’re going to become members of the bullpen? I doubt it.
Jason: You never know. This is the bullpen, after all.
Eli: And a very good one. Sure, we’re not all the most practiced players in the league, but we haven’t had any problems!
Jason: That is true. So, guess this is goodbye to the bullpen as we know it. Robert, I hope I’m leaving it in good hands.
Robert: You’re not. But I’ll try my best.
Jason: Then it’s settled. 
Robert: I just wonder who will be joining me.
Jason: You’ll know when it’s decided. For now, I think it’s time we get out of here and meet up with one another every now and then. Sound like a plan?
Robert: Yeah.
Lorenzo: Yep.
Eli: Yes.
Bryan: Okay.
Kurt: Sounds good.

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