The Princess Royal Season 3 Finale - Long Liv the Queen!

The Princess Royal Season 3, Episode 10
Long Liv the Queen!

Olivia walks into the living room at St. James’ Palace.

Olivia: This feels so strange.

Fred: What does, being in the living room?

Olivia: Knowing we’re the only ones in London. Us! Alone in London?

Fred: They’re all at Windsor, right?

Olivia: Indeed. One blissful week of them being away while they host the President of the United States. I have a busy schedule, but that’s all right, because they can’t dictate it in any way!

Fred: Why did the whole family go without us?,

Olivia: They asked me, I have too much on my schedule. Everyone else was willing to clear their schedule for the visit, I was not. I’m not terribly impressed by world leaders, because if Trayman can be one…

Fred: So, that busy schedule… anything on it this evening?

Olivia: What are you hinting at?

Fred: The family’s not around, I was thinking we could go out for a nice date night.

Olivia: That would be nice! Where are you thinking?

Fred: There’s a new French place in the city.

Olivia: How do you know about that? 

Fred: I keep up with the times.

Olivia: I love French.

Fred: We went to Paris on our honeymoon, I know you love French food.

Olivia: Don’t mention the eating on the honeymoon. Gained ten pounds and never lost it!

Fred: You look as beautiful as ever!

Olivia: Don’t lie to me!

Fred: I mean it!

Olivia: You just want me to sleep with you tonight, it’s all men think about.

Fred: Believe it or not, that’s not the only reason that I want to have a nice night with my wife.

Olivia: But it’s a major reason, no?

Fred: It would be nice, sure.

Olivia: I got you!

Fred: Yes, I want to sleep with my wife, how awful!

Olivia: I’ll go get ready for this dinner, I love a man who takes initiative.

Fred: Wait! They took Mandy to Windsor, right?

Olivia: Mood killer!

Fred: I just want to make sure they didn’t drop her off here with us before they went off on their way.

Olivia: They took her with. I saw her tucked into her seat between Claire and Arthur, it was sort of cute.

Fred: Okay, good. We don’t need to worry about having custody of her for the week, god forbid she wandered off…

Olivia: Okay, I’m going in the shower. No more Mandy talk on our date!

Fred: That’ll be difficult, but I’ll make do.

Two hours later…

Fred: What are you going to order? I’m afraid to order, I’m going to mispronounce it and get mocked.

Olivia: They’re not going to mock you, you’re married to royalty.

Fred: They’re very serious, and very French.

Olivia: What do you think they do in France?

Fred: Chop off the heads of royalty!

Olivia: That’s a fair point. I don’t see a guillotine here, though.

Fred: Are you getting an appetizer?

Olivia: You mean hors d’oeuvre?

Fred: Sure.

Olivia: I’m not, I don’t think. I’d rather get dessert.

Fred: I didn’t even see the desserts!

Olivia: This is so much fun! We never do this! Why don’t we?

Fred: Well, we usually live a good hour away from any sort of quality restaurant.

Olivia: It doesn’t have to be fancy, we should still make a pact to go out more.

Fred: I would be down for that.

Olivia’s phone rings.

Olivia: It’s Christine.

Fred: You should probably answer, we know how they feel about you ignoring them.

Olivia: We’re on a date!

Fred: I’ll allow you t-

Fred’s phone rings.

Olivia: Who is that?

Fred: Claire.

Olivia: Something’s up. I’ll take Christine’s call, you take Claire’s.

Fred: Okay.

Olivia: I’m going to step outside, though, I can’t hear in this restaurant.

Olivia answers the phone as she steps outside.

Olivia: What is going on?

Christine: It’s your mum.

Olivia: What’s wrong?

Christine: We’ve taken her to hospital, we think she’s having a stroke.

Olivia: What?

Christine: Claude and Arthur are with her, the rest of us are following close behind. Selina is staying back with Mandy.

Olivia: We’ll get there as soon as we can.

Christine: Don’t worry about calling your kids, we’re handling that. Just get here. It’s all going to be okay.

Olivia: Thank you. I love you.

Christine: I love you, too.

Olivia hangs up and runs into the restaurant.

Fred: We’re gonna go, right now.

Olivia: You know?

Fred: Claire told me, let’s go.

Olivia: The bill? What about the bill?

Fred: We ordered two waters, we don’t have to worry about paying for that.

Olivia: I’ve never dined and dashed before!

Fred: You still haven’t, we didn’t eat anything.

Olivia: We should go home, grab a change of clothes, and get something to eat from the fridge. We need a bit of fuel, this will be a long night.

Fred: Okay, we’ll do that.

Olivia: I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown. This doesn’t feel real.

Fred: It feels like deja vu.

Olivia: Tell me about it. I’m just replaying in my head everything that happened when papa died.

Fred: Your mum is going to be just fine. The woman is made of steel.

Olivia: Even steel melts sometimes under pressure.

Fred: Technically, it melts under fire.

Olivia: I’m not in the emotional place for you to get technical with me.

Fred: Let’s just go, I see the waiter, we have to rush out fast.

At St. James’ Palace…

Olivia: We left the TV on?

Fred: We were in a hurry, I’ll turn it off.

Olivia: Is that Trayman?

Fred: I’ll turn it off fast.

Olivia: No, I want to see what she’s saying. She’s probably got a good idea of how mum is doing, I’ll be able to tell from how she talks here.

Meredith: Good evening, all. Buckingham Palace has requested that I inform the nation that Her Majesty Queen Eleanor was taken to hospital earlier this evening with symptoms of a stroke. She is being treated at Windsor Hospital and is in stable condition. The Royal Family asks for privacy and prayers at this time as the Queen heals. God save the Queen.

Olivia sits down on the couch and turns off the TV.

Olivia: Oh, God. I can’t breathe.

Fred: She said she’s stable.

Olivia: She looked terrified.

Fred: She always looks like that, like a deer in headlights. It means nothing.

Olivia: Can you pack our clothing? I need to lie here for a few minutes and collect myself.

Fred: I can do that. Stay strong, love. All will be okay.

An hour later, at Windsor Hospital…

Olivia: Where is she, where’s my mum?

Nurse: What is your mother’s name, I can help you find her.

Olivia: Eleanor.

Nurse: Eleanor what?

Olivia: Queen Eleanor, of the United Kingdom.

Nurse: Your Royal Highness, I’m sorry for not recognizing you.

Olivia: I’m sort of incognito, it’s all right.

Nurse: Follow me, she’s been asking for you.

Olivia: She’s alert?

Fred: May I come along?

Nurse: Both of you are allowed. And, yes, she’s alert. She seems to be taking it well, and that’s all I can tell you because it’s all I know.

Olivia: That’s a relief.

In Eleanor’s hospital room…

Eleanor: Finally, Olivia! I’ve been waiting for you!

Ethan: What are we, chopped liver?

Claude: Olivia this, Anthony that, she cares more about the people not here than the ones who noticed she was having a stroke.

Eleanor: I didn’t want to die before my children were all here.

Ethan: You’re not dying!

Eleanor: I can’t move half my face!

Olivia: You can’t?

Eleanor: No, and I barely even feel anything in my right leg.

Claude: Hence how we knew she was having a stroke and not, as she insisted -

Arthur: “Meat sweats.”

Olivia: How does that make any sense, mother?

Eleanor: I get a bit clammy, a bit strange after I eat steak. It doesn’t agree with me, I just love the taste too much not to eat it.

Christine: We didn’t eat steak tonight.

Claire: We ate it last night. Apparently, she believes it takes over twenty-four hours to set in.

Eleanor: I just had a stroke, I think you should all be a bit nicer to me. And where is Anthony?

Claire: He was in Spain when we called, it’ll be a while.

Eleanor: Does he know I’m being transferred to London?

Olivia: You are?

Eleanor: You think I want to be in this room when I have a suite of my own back in London?

Olivia: Are you healthy enough to be transferred?

Claude: The doctors have approved the transfer for later tonight. Just a few tests to be run.

Olivia: Claude, Ethan, may I speak to the both of you in the hallway?

Claude: Am I allowed to go, mother?

Eleanor: I don’t appreciate being left alone in this moment, but 

Claire: You have us!

Eleanor: None of you are blood. If I die…

Arthur: You’re not going to die, and I am blood!

Eleanor: I forgot you were here. You’re such a quiet boy.

Arthur: Is she okay?

Christine: If she were, she wouldn’t be here and the President wouldn’t be flying back to DC.

Olivia: Mum, you canceled a presidential visit! Finally getting payback for the American Revolution!

Ethan: I believe you wanted to speak to us?

Olivia: Yes, let’s chat.

Fred: Should I stay here?

Olivia: Yeah, stay with the other wives.

Fred: Excuse me?

Olivia: Kidding!

Outside Eleanor’s hospital room…

Olivia: What happened? I need the full rundown, without her interrupting to downplay it.

Claude: We were cleaning up dinner, mum dropped her plate, her face drooped and she fell into her seat.

Olivia: She didn’t think anything was going on?

Claude: She’s always been in denial about mortality.

Ethan: She prides herself on remaining as healthy as possible.

Olivia: It’s great to feel healthy, it’s better to actually be healthy. Does she realize what could have happened if this were serious?

Claude: It was serious! The doctors say she’s likely to survive and she can recover, but it’s a long road. She’ll be walking with at least a cane, she’s got facial paralysis, she’ll need to be fed.

Olivia: I guess that settles it, I’ll be staying in London.

Claude: You sure Fred will go for that?

Olivia: I can’t put the burden on the two of you.

Claude: We have plenty of staff, but if you want to stay here for her, you’re more than welcome.

Olivia: How long will she be in hospital in London?

Claude: At least a week. She’s set up well there, though, it’s like an apartment.

Olivia: Oh, I’m aware. I gave birth there!

Claude: Speaking of you giving birth, your kids should be around somewhere. They both went to grab something to eat.

Olivia: They’re here? How did I not know that?

Claude: Your mind’s been elsewhere.

Olivia: That call was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced.

Ethan: You should’ve seen it play out in action.

Olivia: Exactly, I should’ve! Instead, I stayed home because I have planned engagements I refused to reschedule. I say I’m trying to reintegrate into this family and then I miss important moments because I buried myself in work.

Ethan: It wasn’t something you would’ve wanted to see. Just feel grateful she’s going to get better. Seeing it play out, I thought it was the end.

Claude: God, when you put it that way…

Olivia: She’s ninety years old! The thought of losing her still terrifies me, because I know it’s close.

Claude: Why are we talking about this?

Olivia: It runs through my head always.

Ethan: If it makes you feel any better, she’ll probably manage to outlive all of us.

Olivia: I don’t know if I want that… the stress of that would be too much for her to bear.

Gigi: Mum, what are you all talking about?

Ethan: Just speculating when your gran’s going to die, normal things.

Gigi: She’s never going to die.

Todd: I’m more likely to die than she is.

Gigi: Don’t threaten me with a good time.

Olivia: Gigi! Don’t joke about that, not right now!

Todd: Are you saying there is a time for her to joke about my death?

Olivia: It’s not ideal, but preferably let’s refrain from that talk when your gran is in hospital.

Todd: How is she, by the way?

Gigi: We weren’t allowed in?

Olivia: What, why not?

Ethan: The doctor was running a test.

Claude: She’s cranky, but she’ll get through this. She’s currently worried about getting to a nicer hospital room.

Gigi: She’s used to a life of luxury, that’s understandable.

Todd: May we see her now?

Olivia: I think we’re done here, let’s go get yelled at by her again.

One week later…

Christine: Look who’s home!

Eleanor: I feel ridiculous. I don’t need a wheelchair!

Claude: We just need to make sure you’re steady on your feet before we let you walk freely.

Eleanor: I’m not a baby giraffe, I’m an adult!

Nathan: An adult who just had a stroke.

Eleanor: I feel fine!

Anthony: You look great!

Olivia: Stop humoring her, Anthony. She had a stroke a week ago, she has to take it slow.

Anthony: I only pointed out that she looks so much better in just a week’s time! What a recovery!

Olivia: You’re going to make her think she’s a superhero or something. Mum, you gotta take it slow. Ease into this.

Eleanor: I’m so tired of easing into it, I had a week of easing into it at the hospital. I’m ready to be better now.

Claire: Aww, is someone cranky?

Eleanor: I could have you beheaded if I wanted.

Claire: Could she?

Ethan: I don’t think so?

Claire: Not the answer I was looking for, to be honest.

Claude: I’m the reigning monarch, I’d override her.

Claire: What a relief!

Eleanor: I’m through to door now, can I try to stand on my own?

Meredith: Your majesty! I heard you were returning home today, I just wanted to stop in and give my well-wishes!

Eleanor: I change my mind, please wheel me to my room for a nap. I feel so weak.

Meredith: How are you, Your Majesty?

Olivia: Worse than she was a minute ago.

Claude: Knock it off!

Olivia: It’s true!

Eleanor: It is.

Christine: Madam Prime Minister, we appreciate your care and compassion.

Eleanor: She doesn’t speak for all of us!

Nathan: Is she grumpier since the stroke or is that just me?

Eleanor: Bite me!

Arthur: It’s not just you.

Christine: We’re going to get her to bed, you feel free to stick around if you’d like. It’s in the best interest of the nation that you stay informed here.

Meredith: I agree, but I don’t want to intrude. I can come back another time if you prefer.

Claude: You’re not intruding.

Anthony: Isn’t she?

Meredith: This is awkward.

Olivia: At least she can tell that much.

Claude: If you could just wait in the sitting room while we get her settled, that would be great.

Gigi: Yeah, fifteen people taking her off to bed, that’s good. Sixteen, that’s a crowd.

Eleanor: She’s right, you don’t all have to coddle me.

Meredith: I feel like there’s about to be a nice family moment, I’ll step out now so you can have that.

Meredith walks into the sitting room and closes the door behind her.

Olivia: Thank god she’s gone.

Eleanor: I’d love it if all of you were!

Claire: Well, that’s not going to happen.

Eleanor: Of course not.

Arthur: Gran, we just want to make sure you’re comfortable. This is a major change for you.

Eleanor: I feel fine! Fine!

Arthur: You can’t walk.

Ethan: Yeah, uh, am I the only one wondering how we’re getting her up the stairs?

Olivia: Strap her in, pull the chair up in reverse.

Gigi: We’ll have Todd walk right behind her just to make sure she doesn’t fall out of the chair.

Todd: Why me?

Gigi: Most expendable.

Olivia: Ignore her, you’re not expendable.

Todd: That really touches my heart, mum.

Nathan: I’ll walk behind her. Don’t worry, gran, you’re not falling out of your chair on my watch!

Eleanor: I want to walk! I need to prove I still can do it!

Claire: The doctors said -

Eleanor: I don’t care! I’m ninety, I’m not living the rest of my life in a chair! It happened to my own mum, it was horrible.

Christine: How about we all walk the stairs arm in arm? That way, we’re there to uplift you if your legs go weak.

Eleanor: I like that idea.

Claire: Okay, but just know if you need the chair -

Arthur: She doesn’t seem interested in the chair.

Gigi: Can we stop calling it “the chair?” You’re making it sound like we’re executing gran.

Arthur: I don’t think anyone thought that?

Todd: It sounded odd to me as well.

Gigi: Thank you!

Eleanor: I’m ready for a nap, are we doing the inspirational walk or not?

Christine: All right, let’s get you to bed!

Olivia: Everyone, grab hands like we’re the Whos at the end of the Grinch!

The family walks up the stairs with Eleanor.

Eleanor: Thank you all for that, I needed it. You may not have noticed, but I was in a bit of a bad mood.

Olivia: You? Never!

Eleanor: I felt so down, so useless during that week in that luxury suite at the hospital. Those nurses waiting on my every whim, I hate it! I hated it even more whenever Trayman came to visit to tell me about how the nation was praying for me. I just want to be a person, not some defenseless, decaying, once-powerful queen at the end of her life.

Olivia: You’re not at the end, this is only the b-

Eleanor: Don’t even say that, no one believes life begins at ninety.

Olivia: I was joking, but you’re not at the end. You are so strong.

Eleanor: I’m so glad to have this strong support system. You’re all wonderful. Now, I’m exhausted and I need to sleep. I’ll see you all in a few hours, I know you’re not going to leave before then, just in case I die or something.

Arthur: We love you.

Claude: All of us.

Eleanor: I know. I love you all. You’ve made a very old, very sick woman feel very happy today, because you gave me hope. Sometimes hope’s all you need. Was that too corny?

Olivia: Yes, but we’ll forgive you. You just had a stroke and all.

Eleanor: And none of you have let me forget it! Now, who’s helping me change into my pyjamas?

Olivia: Not it!

Anthony: I already flew from Spain for you, I’m not doing that.

Eleanor: I’m kidding! I might struggle, but I’m not subjecting anyone to that.

Arthur: She’s a sensible woman.

Olivia: Let’s not inflate her ego too much now.

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