Frances in the Kitchen Season 3 Episode 7 - Bridge in the Kitchen

Frances in the Kitchen Season 3 Episode 7
Bridge in the Kitchen

Frances is in Beverly’s office.

Beverly: So, you’re gone all next week?

Frances: Yes, Beverly. That’s how vacations tend to work.

Beverly: No filming at all?

Frances: This was all laid out months ago. This is a previously-scheduled week-long filming hiatus. I promise, it won’t kill you.

Jane: You should have planned a trip for this week like we did.

Frances: You’re going on a trip? Oh, sweetie, I thought you knew you weren’t coming to Oregon with me.

Jane: Oregon? No, I’m going to Cabo!

Marcia: I can’t lie, I’m a little jealous now.

Frances: You’re the one who pushed for Oregon.

Marcia: It’s not that I’m not excited for Oregon, it’s just, well, it’s Cabo.

Beverly: Who are you going to Cabo with, Jane? I can’t imagine the government would allow you to venture out of the country on your own.

Jane: A few of my cousins.

Marcia: Cousins? You never talk about your cousins! Surely one of them is dispensable enough to cut from the trip in place of me.

Frances: Marcia, give it up.

Marcia: It was worth a try!

Frances: Well, this conversation’s been fun, but I ought to go home and pack.

Marcia: You haven’t packed yet? What the hell are you doing here talking to us?

Frances: I was trying to be courteous.

Marcia: If you aren’t ready to leave first thing tomorrow morning…

Frances: You’ll leave without me? Be my guest. With your navigational skills, you’ll end up in Nevada.

Beverly: Have fun, Frances.

Jane: Yeah, make sure you text us pictures!

Frances: Text pictures? I’m not a teenager!

Jane: Just bring your camera in. I want to see what Oregon’s like.

Marcia: Google’s free.

Jane: It’s not the same!

Frances: I’ll bring my camera. You girls have a lovely week, I will see you tomorrow morning, Marcia.

Marcia: Can’t wait.

In the parking lot…

DeAnna: Someone’s in a hurry!

Frances: I sure am, so don’t bug me.

DeAnna: Whoa, don’t try to run over me again.

Frances: That was like a week ago, how are you still on that?

DeAnna: I heard the incredible news. I don’t have to see you for a week!

Frances: Trust me, I’m equally thrilled about not having to see your mug for a week.

DeAnna: Why all the hate?

Frances: Are you joking?

DeAnna: You tried to kill me!

Frances: I have to get home to pack for my trip. This has been great!

DeAnna: Not so fast.

Frances: Yay, the torture continues.

DeAnna: Remember, Frances. I own you. I know what you did, I know the real you. Don’t slip up, don’t do anything to piss me off. I will bring you down.

Frances: Wow, you sure are scary.

DeAnna: I will go to the cops if you don’t start treating me better. Just you watch.

Frances: May I go home now?

DeAnna: I feel you are not processing this threat fully.

Frances: I got it, DeAnna. You’re blackmailing me. Have a nice day.

DeAnna: That would be illegal. I'm simply giving advice.

Later that night…

Greg: Burning the midnight oil, Frances?

Frances: Where have you been?

Greg: It’s midnight and we have to leave at six in the morning tomorrow. I was asleep on the couch.

Frances: Are you accusing me or something? This is a witch hunt.

Greg: I didn-

Frances: I’m sorry for snapping, I am so tired.

Greg: You have to be almost done packing, no?

Frances: You’re on the couch tonight, buddy.

Greg: I didn’t mean to insult you, I’m sorry.

Frances: That’s not why you’re on the couch. Look at our bed, Greg!

Greg: Oh…

Frances: Yeah, oh. It’ll be another hour or so until this is done.

Greg: Do you want me to help?

Frances: No, I do not. You get your sleep.

Greg: You’re the one driving.

Frances: I don’t trust anyone else to do my packing for me.

Greg: I’m a little hurt by that, but I got the message. Good luck, honey. See you tomorrow.

Frances: You mean see me in a few hours. It’s already tomorrow.

The next morning…

Louise: Is she alive?

Lauren: She’s face-down on the bed. Uncle Greg, is that normal?

Greg: What do you think?

Jimmy: Someone should shake her to make sure she’s all right.

Louise: We have to leave in an hour, so I’d say so, Jimmy.

Greg: She was up very late last night, I’m sure she’s just getting some sleep.

Lauren: But why face-down?

Jimmy: Maybe she collapsed from exhaustion?

Louise: I’ve been known to fall asleep like that after a few too many.

Lauren: Well, her suitcase is still open and there’s still clothing on her bed, so she clearly wasn’t done packing yet.

Frances: What time is it?

Jimmy: She lives!

Frances: Were any of you doubting that?

Louise: Only a little. We knew you were probably alive.

Greg: We’ll leave you alone to get ready.

Frances: I slept three hours.

Greg: Are you okay to drive?

Jimmy: Hell, are you okay to finish packing? You look like you’re about to fall asleep.

Frances: My eyes feel like they’ve got a one-ton weight on each of them, but I am okay to drive. Also okay to pack, don’t you worry.

Louise: Marcia will be here in one hour, so make sure you’re ready.

Frances: I will be ready!

Seven hours later…

Greg: Darling…

Frances: Don’t call me that.

Jimmy: Does Franny need another frappuccino? She’s getting grumpy!

Frances: Franny is fine! Franny is beyond fine, I’m so thrilled.

Marcia: You don’t seem thr-

Louise: Why in the hell are we in San Francisco?

Greg: That’s what I was trying to say before getting cut off.

Louise: Well, you stalled and you lost the floor.

Frances: I must have taken a wrong turn around San Jose.

Louise: Is it because you’re too tired to see straight. We’re all going to die.

Lauren: Are you allergic to San Francisco? We’re not going to die.

Louise: I don’t mean because we’re in San Francisco. I think we’re going to die because we have Sleeping Beauty driving the car.

Frances: You think I’m beautiful? Aww.

Lauren: I think it’s nice we’re going through San Francisco. I’ve never been here before. It’s nice.

Marcia: You’ve never gone over the Golden Gate Bridge before? Louise, how are you raising this child?

Louise: She’s in her twenties, she could’ve gotten here herself. Plus, we didn’t even move here until two years ago.

Frances: Everyone, take in the view, we are not coming this way on the ride home. Golden Gate Bridge is ahead, everyone enjoy it!

Marcia: I wish Howard were here to enjoy it.

Jimmy: Yeah, where is he, by the way? I missed the explanation for that.

Marcia: He fell ill and couldn’t travel. He’s going to try to meet us up there tomorrow.

Frances: You better not be sick, too. My immune system is lowered now and I can not get sick on vacation.

Marcia: You are so dramatic!

Frances: Do you want to try my patience right now?

Greg: Everyone calm down, look at the view!

Frances: We are on the bridge now, bask in it, Lauren! You’re getting the full San Fran experience!

Lauren: I don’t know if this is the full experience, seeing how we didn’t stop once in the actual city.

Jimmy: We could have at least stopped to get a picture of the bridge before we crossed it.

Frances: I’ll pull over when we get to Marin County, okay? That work?

Jimmy: It does, thank you.

Marcia: Oh

Greg: My

Louise: FRANCES!!!

Frances: I see it, okay? No need to come at me like that.

Louise: It’s a parking lot. We’re on a parking lot!

Lauren: Is this a bad time to tell you that I’m afraid of bridges?

Frances: How afraid?

Lauren: I hope I have a will.

Louise: You don’t.

Jimmy: What is going on? I can’t see a damn thing with all this luggage towering around me.

Frances: There was a car crash.

Louise: It’s a five-car pile-up. We’re at a standstill, and we will be until they clean this up

Jimmy: I think the important thing is to think about the dri-

Louise: We’re never going to make it to Oregon! This is all your fault, Frances!

Frances: I didn’t make them crash!

Louise: We wouldn't be on this bridge if you hadn’t missed the turn because you were sleepy!

Frances: I am not sleepy!

Louise: “I feel like my eyes are being pulled by two tons”?

Frances: That’s not how I worded that to begin with, but it was a joke. I’m much more alert now.

Louise: Because you’ve gotten four drinks from Starbucks. Sugar highs wear off.

Frances: They’ll get this cleared in no time! Just you watch! Vacation is not ruined!

Two hours later…

Marcia: At this rate, Howard’s gonna beat us there.

Frances: It’s only been a few hours.

Lauren: Oh my god, da, did you find my sleep mask yet? I need to take a nap so I don’t have to look at this bring anymore.

Jimmy: I’m trying, honey!

Greg (singing): I know nothing stays the same, but if you're willing to play the game, it’s coming around again

Louise: And find the CDs, I’m tired of being subjected to The Greatest Hits of Carly Simon.

Marcia: I’ve very much enjoyed being serenaded by Carl Simon up in the front seat, I don’t know what you’re referring to.

Jimmy: I’ll look for those, too.

Greg: No use, I’ve got them right here!

Jimmy: Found your mask, honey!

Lauren: Thank you, dad! Let the relaxation begin.

Frances: Not in this car!

Marcia: And you’ve still played this CD three times?

Frances: He likes it, crucify him.

Louise: Trust me, I would if I could.

Greg: This aggression will not stand, man.

Louise: Do not sully the good name of Jeff Bridges by dragging him into this.

Lauren: Who doesn’t like Carly Simon?

Louise: You’re just saying that because it’s good sleeping music.

Lauren: While that is true, You’re So Vain is the greatest song of all-time.

Greg: It’s no Believe by Cher, but it’s close.

Marcia: I feel so much dumber for having heard any of this.

Jimmy: I don’t know if there’s much that can be done about this, but I have to use the restroom.

Frances: Anyone have an empty bottle?

Jimmy: Ew!

Frances: Well, what do you want to do? Piss off the side of the bridge? Or maybe out the sunroof? Would that be fun for you?

Jimmy: Someone’s crabby.

Frances: I’m in hell! This is hell! I want to die!

Greg: If Louise gets her way, something tells me that wish will be granted.

Louise: I don’t want to kill her. I just want her to get the hell out of the driver’s seat, because she’s failing miserably up there.

Lauren: Can you guys pipe down? I’m trying to sleep.

Louise: Here ya go, honey.

Lauren: Tissues?

Louise: Stuff your ears, ‘cause we are not about to shut up.

One hour later…

Frances: Louise, get back in the car!

Louise: Get out!

Jimmy: Please don’t shank her, this is a public space. I don’t want to end up on the news.

Louise: This is for your benefit!

Frances: You standing on a road is to my benefit? How?

Greg: Think about this for a second.

Marcia: I hope Jane is having a nice trip in Cabo.

Frances: What made you think of that?

Marcia: I’m trying to think of literally anything other the situation I am currently in.

Louise: Frances, let me drive!

Frances: Get in the car and we can discuss it. You aren’t safe out there.

Louise: I’m fine! Get out!

Greg: Don’t make me sit next to her, Frances.

Frances: I am getting sleepy.

Louise: A-ha! She admits it!

Frances: Maybe just for an hour or so.

Marcia gets a phone call.

Marcia: It’s Bev! Gotta take it!

Frances: Do you? We’re sort of in the middle of some-

Marcia: Hi Bev!

Beverly: How’s the trip going? You gotta be in Oregon by now, right?

Frances: Shut up, Bev.

Beverly: Are you guys not making good time or something?

Marcia: You could say that. You could really say that.

Greg: We are stuck on the Golden Gate Bridge because of a car crash!

Beverly: How did you get to San Francisco? You’re going to Oregon, no?

Louise: Frances did it!

Frances: It was a simple mistake!

Marcia: I’m tired of talking about this, Bev. How’s your day going?

Beverly: Normal Saturday for me. Earl and I went to the farmer’s market, then we went our for brunch, then -

Earl: Are you on with one of the girls?

Beverly: Marcia.

Earl: Hi, Marcia!

Marcia: Hi, Earl! Hope your day’s better than mine!

Earl: Aren’t you on vacation?

Marcia: Long story.

Beverly: I will be back out to finish apple picking in a moment, let me finish up.

Earl: I’m being eschewed away. Talk later, Marcia!

Greg: They have such normal days together.

Frances: Are you saying this isn’t normal?

Beverly: We’re going to watch some movies together later. Normal, fun Saturday.

Marcia: I feel like that’s how people in Kansas live.

Louise: Their lives aren’t that interesting in Kansas. Movies are against their religion.

Jimmy: That’s Utah.

Louise: Same state.

Greg: Aren’t the Amish from Pennsylvania?

Beverly: So, what big plans do you have for this vacation?

Frances: Marcia, take her off speakerphone, please. Louise, get your ass in the car.

Louise: You are not fit to drive!

Beverly: The wreck is clearing up, the cars are moving. Get in!

Marcia: Why must I take Bev off speakerphone? I like keeping her up-to-date.

Beverly: Just listen to her before she yells.

Frances: I have to focus on the road. This trip is back on! Smooth sailing ahead!

Louise: We’ll see about that. 

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