The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 4: Road Trip

Kurt: long-term reliever
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist
All: benchwarmer

Kurt: Looks like we're here everyone: Saint Louis.
Bryan: I'm ready to give it my all.
Lorenzo: Think we'll pitch in this one, coach?
Jason: Not answering to coach.
Lorenzo: You just did.
Jason: No.
Lorenzo: No what?
Jason: No, I don't think you'll pitch in this one.
Eli: I know I won't pitch.
Jason: Why not?
Eli: Every single player on the other team is right-handed. And you know what happens when I have to pitch to right-handed batters.
Robert: That happened once.
Eli: I'm not talking about the strikeouts, I'm talking about all the guys I've hit. My one pitch is to get those left-handed batters to swing at outside pitches. 
Jason: Yeah, Eli I think you somehow once had more hits in a game than the rest of the guys on the team combined. If you count the number of batters you hit, of course.
Lorenzo: Hey guys, is this the first time we've made it to the game before anyone else?
Jason: Yeah, you are right about this one...I don't even think the workers are here yet, never mind the players or the fans.
Bryan: Guess now is as good a time as ever to start warming up. Can never be too early.
Jason: Actually you can, but go ahead, throw a couple pitches. Just don't hit any of us. Or do.
Kurt: Any guesses on when people are going to get here?
Lorenzo: What time's the game again?
Jason: Don't even tell me we got here at the wrong time. If we did then we better be late and not early.
Kurt: No, the game is definitely supposed to start in a few minutes.
Lorenzo: They must all be stuck in traffic then. Or were we supposed to put the clocks back an hour last night?
Jason: I doubt everyone's in traffic. Maybe it's a low attendance game and all the players are still getting ready in their clubhouses, or wherever real players go before the game.
Eli: I'd doubt it's a low attendance game, these are two of the best teams in the nation playing tonight.
Robert: may all want to listen to what I'm about to say.
Jason: Just say it.
Robert: I looked on my phone. The game just started.
Jason: That's impossible, there's no one here! Wait. Oh.
Robert: Yeah. It's a home game. And the team is not playing any team from Saint Louis.
Jason: So we traveled to Saint Louis for nothing?
Lorenzo: And on the night I was supposed to pitch too!
Jason: Lorenzo you were not going to pitch tonight.
Robert: Yeah Jason, we traveled here for nothing. 
Eli: Jason, shouldn't you have been the one to stop this from happening?
Jason: I don't know, I figured you all knew what you were doing. Guess not.

Bryan: Now what, should we head home?
Robert: Nah, there's a game here in an hour. Let's find some seats.
Jason: And do exactly what we do at our home games? Sit down and basically do nothing?
Robert: Yeah.
Jason: Let's do it.
Bryan: OK then. Let the sitting begin.

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