Thursday TV Ratings 7/28/22: The Con Returns Low, Generation Gap Takes a Hit, Big Brother Nears Season High (UPDATED)

Ratings Analysis: ABC's 'Press Your Luck' (0.46, +0.03) grew by three-hundredths after taking a week off for the January 6 hearings, but 'Generation Gap' (0.35, -0.06) slid down to its weakest rating to date. After building on 'Luck' during its first week and staying close behind it for episode two, this is a very disappointing third showing for 'Gap', signaling that it may not be as strong as it initially appeared. At 10, 'The Con' (0.23) returned in meager fashion, going two-hundredths below its finale from March 2021 (0.25). On CBS, 'Big Brother' (0.78, +0.07) gained a whopping seven-hundredths and was surrounded by reruns of 'Young Sheldon' (0.31), 'Ghosts' (0.30), and 'CSI: Vegas' (0.20). Fox had a middling encore of 'MasterChef' (0.24) and an anemic pair of 'Welcome to Flatch' repeats (0.12/0.10). NBC went with reruns of 'Law & Order' (0.21), 'SVU' (0.28), and 'Organized Crime' (0.20). As usual, 'SVU' was a good bit higher than the other two. The CW aired reruns of 'Walker' (0.04) and 'The Flash' (0.04).

Finals Update: 'Press Your Luck' (+0.1) and 'Big Brother' (+0.1) adjusted up.



18-49 Rating/Share

Viewers (mil)


8 PMPress Your Luck0.46/53.48ABC

Young Sheldon (R)0.31/43.17CBS

MasterChef (R)0.24/31.15Fox

Law & Order (R)0.21/22.37NBC

Walker (R)0.04/10.35The CW
8:30 PMGhosts (R)0.30/32.72CBS
9 PMBig Brother0.78/83.55CBS

Generation Gap0.35/43.09ABC

Law & Order: SVU (R)0.28/32.59NBC

Welcome to Flatch (R)0.12/10.58Fox

The Flash (R)0.04/00.28The CW
9:30 PMWelcome to Flatch (R)0.10/10.53Fox
10 PMThe Con (P)0.23/32.08ABC

Law & Order: Organized Crime (R)0.20/21.80NBC

CSI: Vegas (R)0.20/21.60CBS
(P) = premiere
(R) = repeat

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