Raymond Island Season 3 Finale - Through the Fire

Raymond Island Season 3, Episode 15
Through the Fire

Hank walks into Jeanne’s office.

Hank: How ya feeling about today, J?

Jeanne: Since when do you call me “J”?

Hank: Just trying it out to see if it works. No?

Jeanne: No.

Hank: Noted.

Jeanne: And, to answer your question, I am feeling very pessimistic.

Hank: Why is that?

Jeanne: Think critically here.

Hank: You’re in a foul mood.

Jeanne: I’m about to lose the election, of course I’m in a foul mood.

Hank: It’s not over until it’s over.

Jeanne: Thanks, Yogi.

Hank: Don’t mock me, I’m pretty much your only supporter.

Jeanne: See, that doesn’t help me.

Hank: But it’s fun to say.

Jeanne: Ah, Hank. What’d I get myself into? Is this really it for me?

Hank: In your defense, it was impossible to predict that people in this state actually liked Gretchen. I mean, how?

Jeanne: Do they like her or just hate me?

Hank: Good question.

Jeanne: Be honest. Did I run a bad campaign or am I just unlikable?

Hank: I like you.

Jeanne: That’s not the same as being likable.

Hank: I’m just trying to be truthful, Jeanne.

Jeanne: There is a chance that I’m not likable, but I think my campaign was pretty rough, too For example, the primary is today and I’m here instead of campaigning. No one else is here, they’re all out campaigning. It’s just you and me and the people that have already announced they’re retiring. Which is basically what I’m doing at this point.

Hank: Miracles happen!

Jeanne: Neither of us believe that.

Hank: It has been so nice working with you.

Jeanne: Neither of us believe that, either.

Hank: Ah, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Jeanne: I hope I at least get thirty percent in the primary.

Hank: We’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, at Gretchen’s polling location…

Gretchen: Why are there so many people here, Carol? Is that good news or bad news for us?

Carol: It’s your own home turf, I’d say good? It’s not like we’re seeing record turnout in Narragansett. That would be a good sign for Jeanne.

Gretchen: Yeah, it would be a good sign for Jeanne if she turned out all eight people that live in Narragansett.

Eddie: Gretch, you know I love you.

Mary: Does she?

Eddie: But I have to ask, why was it so important that I come with for you to vote? I don’t live in this voting precinct.

Gretchen: The press is here, and it’s always good to get a photo op with the entire family.

Christina: Toby’s not here.

Gretchen: Toby is in school, there are more important things than photo ops.

Eddie: I took the day off work for this.

Gretchen: What do you want, a gold star?

Lucinda: You need to be nicer to your brother.

Mary: That’s comical, coming from you.

Lucinda: What are you implying?

Mary: You verbally abuse her.

Lucinda: I am a delight.

Gretchen: Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it to be in elected office. Then I look t my family and I realize how much I need the time away.

Lucinda: You could just get a normal job like normal people do.

Christina: I’ll get one when I’m good and ready! Wait, you weren’t talking to me, were you?

Lucinda: You think the world revolves around you. Just like your mother.

Gretchen: I do not think the world revolves around me.

Mary: Well, you did have us all come here for a dumb photo op…

Gretchen: I liked it better when you were calling mom a bitch

Mary: I did not!

Gretchen: You basically did, be honest.

Mary: But I was careful not to actually say it!

Carol: Gretchen, I’m glad you’re having a family reunion in the church parking lot, but we really need to get done with this so we can get back to campaigning. It’s important to pick up any of those last-minute undecided voters.

Gretchen: If they haven’t decided yet whether they’re for me or for Jeanne, then they ain’t Rhode Islanders.

Susana: Don’t say that in public. Please.

Carol: Gretchen will be the first candidate in Rhode Island history to be elected on a platform of deporting political dissidents to Massachusetts.

Gretchen: Nah, they used to run on that all the time. Sending your political enemies to Massachusetts was a common way to express you were a tough guy. Who would want to go there?

Christina: I like it there!

Lucinda: You really screwed this one up..

Gretchen: Hard to argue with that.

Christina: That was low.

Anthony: You earned that one, honey. What goes around comes around.

Eddie: I’m starting to realize why you wanted me here. Needed someone normal to dazzle the press.

Mary: Yeah, me.

Gretchen: You guys exhaust me.

Eddie: You’re welcome.

Susana: Is everyone ready to go vote? Not to rush, but we have -

Gretchen: Yes, I’m very ready. Not so much for having to see the press, or for the campaign events later, or the results, but the faster we get to all of them, the faster I can get to bed.

Lucinda: Already thinking about bed? At eleven AM? How bad are the polls?

Carol: The polls are great!

Susana: Other than that fake one.

Carol: We don’t talk about that one.

Susana: Well, it’s not like there’s any reason to. It wasn’t real.

Carol: People talk about Delaware and that isn’t real.

Gretchen: We’re from Rhode Island, I wouldn’t go around mocking any other states for being too small to exist.

Carol: That’s not why I say it’s not real. It’s because look at a map. That’s clearly part of Maryland. No one would draw a state like that when it clearly fits in just fine with Maryland. All a hoax perpetrated by the government.

Gretchen: Oh, cool. A conspiracy theorist is running my campaign.

Carol: And I’m your chief of staff!

Gretchen: When you put it that way, it sounds pretty unethical.

Carol: It’s 2022, who cares about ethics?

Susana: Are we going to vote before the polls close or nah?

Lucinda: Yeah, I have things to do today. I wanted to go to the store, get some wine. Just in case.

Gretchen: In case what?

Lucinda: Nothing…

Anthony: The thing is, I can’t tell if you winning or you losing would make her want to drink more.

Gretchen: We can figure it out after we vote, maybe.

Carol: Off we go! Remember, everyone smile for the camera, we have to make Gretchen look friendly and approachable and relatable to appeal to the voters.

Christina: Being happy is relatable? In 2022?

Susana: Yeah, you didn’t think that one through, mom.

Carol: Just smile, damn it!

Later that day, backstage at Gretchen’s election watch party…

Anthony: How are we feeling, honey?

Gretchen: Nervous. How can I not be nervous?

Carol: In all the years I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you this nervous before about an election result. Not even when you were an underdog!

Gretchen: That’s the thing, I was an underdog in every other primary other than the ones where I didn’t have an opponent and I wanted the polling to be wrong. This time, I’m supposed to have a narrow win and I’m afraid that the polling is wrong. Do you know how embarrassing it is for an incumbent governor to lose re-nomination?

Susana: I imagine it’s not looked upon fondly?

Gretchen: You become a laughing stock. Last governor only won his second primary by eight points and was laughed at, too. I have reasons to be nervous. I was almost vice president, I can’t lose after one term! I don’t want to be the Icarus of Rhode Island!

Christina: I’ve seen your agenda, no one’s ever going to accuse you of flying too close to the sun.

Anthony: Hey! Not necessary.

Eddie: Eh, she needs some ribbing every once in a while. Keeps her off her high horse.

Lucinda: What time do election results start to come in, again? I need a nap.

Eddie: Wow, you really are getting old.

Mary: Do you have to be so rude?

Lucinda: He’s my son, of course he’s going to be rude. Come on, Mary.

Anthony: Can’t believe she’d admit it.

Susana: Results should pour in starting at 8:30. Plenty of time to nap.

Anthony: That should make the evening much more pleasant for the rest of us, too.

Lucinda: Just for that, I’m going to stay up and be grumpy all night!

Toby: You walked into that one, dad.

Christina: Whose phone is ringing? And why is your ringtone Imagine?

Gretchen: It’s my phone, I thought it was inspirational for today. No?

Christina: No.

Susana: You gonna answer that?

Gretchen: I suppose.

Christina: While she does that, I’m hungry. Anyone else want a snack?

Anthony: We just ate.

Christina: Look at the cookies on the table. Delicious.

Gretchen: I see I’m going to have to step out, as you’re all incapable of quieting down.

Gretchen answers the phone.

Gretchen: Hello?

Gina: Gretchen! I wanted to call you before the results come in, give you a good ole’ fashioned midwestern pep talk.

Gretchen: Do they differ from pep talks we have here?

Gina: Yeah, mine comes with a funny accent and maybe an “ope” or two.

Gretchen: I’m glad you called, I’m feeling so nervous and I have two hours to go.

Gina: You’re going to be fine. Who likes Samantha?

Gretchen: I’m running against Jeanne Rivero now.

Gina: Oh, I don’t know her.

Gretchen: She’s terrible!

Gina: Of course she is! What good person would run against you?

Gretchen: That sounded sarcastic.

Gina: Wasn’t meant to be.

Gretchen: Maybe it was just the accent.

Gina: Ope.

Gretchen: I’m so tired of the press.

Gina: You know what the Republicans say, enemy of the people.

Gretchen:I don’t know if I’d go that far, but they’re really annoying. They won’t leave me alone. So many of them out there at my watch party. Ready to see me melt down if I lose.

Gina: Well, they’re not going to get it. You won’t lose!

Gretchen: Probably.

Gina: Definitely! Some no-name loser running desperate for attention is not taking down America’s Governor.

Gretchen: I govern less than a third of a percent of all Americans.

Gina: But all of America loves you!

Gretchen: I lost the vice presidency.

Gina: Because no one wanted a President from Minnesota! Screw those people!

Gretchen: You give a hell of a pep talk.

Gina: I’m aware. I should let you go, though. Just wanted to do a quick mental health check and everything seems to be normal.

Gretchen: No one’s ever called me that before.

Gina: First time for everything, I suppose.

Two hours later…

Susana: It’s time, guys. Results should be in anytime now.

Christina: I’m refreshing the results page as we speak!

Susana: I think it automatically refreshes.

Christina: Not fast enough!

Gretchen: It’s weird to just stare at a gray map.

Mary: You could watch the reporters talk about the race.

Gretchen: No thanks.

Mary: You really hate the press, huh?

Gretchen: Only when they’re talking about moi.

Lucinda: Don’t speak in French. You’re Italian, act like it.

Mary: We’re Irish-Italian.

Lucinda: Don’t remind me.

Gretchen: Oh, look, Washington County just turned purple. What does that mean?

Carol: You know, we just have to stay confident.

Gretchen: What’s it mean?

Christina: Rivero 51.4%, Raymond 48.6%.

Eddie: Is that…?

Carol: Well, it’s over.

Mary: God, did she lose?

Lucinda: I always knew it would end like this.

Susana: Jeanne’s up less than three percent in her own home county, it’s very encouraging news.

Carol: This is done, Gretchen won. Jeanne will be lucky to crack forty percent.

Susana: We don’t know where in Washington County those numbers are from, they may not be from her base. Let’s not count our chickens before they catch.

Carol: Are you allergic to celebration?

Susana: Just cautious!

Gretchen: Newport County is green! Is that for me?

Lucinda: Well, if Rivero is purple, and there are only two candidates…

Gretchen: I’m only trying to make sure!

Christina: Raymond 54.9%, Rivero 45.1%. Oh, now it’s 53.6 to 46.4!

Gretchen: Go back up!

Christina: 50.2 to 49.8.

Gretchen: What is happening?

Susana: Narragansett just dropped, you lost it about as badly as one would expect.

Gretchen: So I’m still -

Susana: Looking good, yes.

Gretchen: Whew.

Anthony: Why is Gretchen at 72.9 percent now?

Susana: Providence is coming in.

Eddie: I am very confused, mostly because this is not something I ever pay attention to.

Mary: Who does?

Ten minutes later…

Carol: Do you believe me now, Susana?

Susana: I never said she was going to lose, I said we couldn’t say it was over just yet.

Carol 68%, Susana.

Susana: I see that.

Yvonne Marcus (news anchor): Folks, our decision desk is ready to make a key projection in the Democratic governor primary. Governor Gretchen Raymond has defeated Senate Majority Leader Jeanne Rivero and will be the Democratic nominee, facing off against Cranston Mayor Tom Thorne this fall. What seemed like a certainly-close race at the start began to grow less close over time, and it looks like tonight will be a blowout win for the Governor.

Gretchen: Well, we did it. Underdog strikes again.

Lucinda: Sixty-eight percent is still bad for an incumbent, Gretchen

Gretchen: Thank you for the encouraging words, mother. Love ya.

Susana: Christina, can you pull up the results of the LG race? They’re not showing that on TV for some reason.

Christina: Samantha is up by three.

Susana: Thank you.

Carol: Waddaya think, Gretch?

Gretchen: I think it would be funny if she loses, but I won’t bet on it.

Lucinda: You’re the governor, you shouldn’t be betting on election results, anyway.

Christina: Don’t be a buzzkill.

Later that night, Gretchen is sitting in bed watching a video on her laptop.

Samantha: Rhode Island, I thank you for this resounding victory. Tonight, you sent a message to Providence. You said that this administration is one you support. One you want to see stick around. You’re proud of the progress we’ve made, the programs we’ve established. Your confidence in me is the greatest honor of my life. Governor Raymond and I will keep the fight up, and we will win together in November to keep getting results for you. I love you, Rhode Island.

Anthony: Honey, are you still watching that?

Gretchen: It’s just so obscene. Why is she clinging to me like this?

Anthony: Because she won re-nomination by 1.3% and you won my over twenty times that margin.

Gretchen: I am damn good.

Anthony: You are! And I am so proud of you.

Gretchen: You’d say that even if I lost.

Anthony: And it would be just as true. You’re helping people, you’re making a difference. You’re what we need, thank God Rhode Island is getting four more years of you.

Gretchen: Well, I still have to win in November.

Anthony: Even your worst enemies are desperate to cling to you. You’re winning in November.

Gretchen: Let’s hope. Because hope is the most powerful thing you can have.

Anthony: That was so cheesy.

Gretchen: I thought so too, but it must be really bad if even you’re saying it.

Anthony: Goodnight, Gretchen. Dream of vanquishing Jeanne.

Gretchen: Goodnight, Anthony. Dream of… uh… whatever it is that you’d like to dream about.

Anthony: You in a bikini?

Gretchen: No one wants to dream about that!

Anthony: Good night.

Gretchen: I know! Dream about Connecticut sinking into the ocean!

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