2021-22 Sitcom Scorecard (9/21-12/7): Recent Jeff Garlin Comment Downgrades The Goldbergs

Outside of its 1st season it was disastrously isolated on Tuesday nights, The Goldbergs has been a strong utility player for ABC.  Outside of drops in recent seasons to mediocrity, the series often performed well above average and was often the network's 2nd highest sitcom.  Flash forward as viewers are stepping out of 2021, and an alarming change is afoot as it has been downgraded to Leans Cancellation.  How could a series which places 5th of the 14 current sitcom (and rates passably) sink to this status?

Earlier this week per Deadline, Jeff Garlin was addressing behind the scenes turmoil he is embroiled in when he stated it is unlikely the series will continue past May.  The current climate for broadcast television is ratings do not equal an instant renewal.  Peer back into the Ratings History Library in the site's banner and see continual erosion of Nielsen Ratings, particularly in the last 15 years.  The Goldbergs weathered this same battle, but remained above average in delivery until Season 8.  From there on, the show was middling.  After former heavyweight Modern Family bowed out in 2020, ABC's comedy block has struggled.

Even if Goldbergs rated a tenth higher, it is outsourced from Sony which comes at a premium.  The premise has been stale for some time, and George Segal died tragically this spring followed by his character Albert "Pops" Solomon also perishing.  All these combined factors are pointing toward The Goldbergs ending.  Nothing is stated in concrete, but a 10th season is looking unlikely. Screen-Shot-2021-12-10-at-1-35-52-PM ABC in general is struggling on the sitcom front.  Outside of Goldbergs, The Conners is holding strong but also outsourced.  The Wonder Years has flamed out after a strong debut, Home Economics and Blackish is in it's final lap.  However, Abbott Elementary made a sturdy debut this week in a preview episode, pointing to a potential indicator of life past the glorious mid-2010's sitcoms which rated sublimely.

Speaking of previews, get ready for the chart to be painted blue as NBC is unleashing previews of 5 of its upcoming sitcoms.  The Mayor, Young Rock and Kenan will all be on display in preview episodes next week.  And American Auto and Grand Crew will make their series debuts surrounded by a sturdy Voice.  NBC was the first to unleash this December preview premiere strategy, having utilized it as early as December 2016 when Superstore came into fruition.  The results were mixed, but also updated the tired scheduling move of planting series on Thursdays to struggle.  Given Law & Order now monopolizes Thursdays, shaking things up is welcome as it is no longer the 80's or 90's with Must-See-TV reigning.  Other networks have occasionally used this preview episode strategy to success like CBS' Young Sheldon, and this week ABC's Abbott Elementary.

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