Tuesday TV Ratings 12/28/21: FBI Franchise Encores Lead CBS to Victory on Abysmal Night, ABC Takes Second with Low-Rated Blackish Marathon (UPDATED)


Ratings Analysis: On a night with just about nothing original in sight, CBS's rerun of 'FBI' (0.38) performed well enough to outpace the offerings on the opposing networks. Passable encores of 'FBI: International' (0.31) and 'FBI: Most Wanted' (0.32) filled out the 9-11pm stretch. In preparation for its upcoming final season, ABC hosted a 'Black-ish' marathon (0.34/0.23/0.25/0.22/0.19/0.23) that featured an episode from nearly every season. The sitcom repeats were modest at best and had the same average as Fox's encore of 'The Masked Singer' (0.24). NBC's rerun of 'American Auto' (0.26) was only a hundredth lower than its previous original, but repeats of 'Grand Crew' (0.18), 'This Is Us' (0.18), and especially 'New Amsterdam' (0.13) reached embarrassing levels. The CW failed to make a dent with 'Popstar's Best of 2021' (0.07) and a pair of 'Masters of Illusion' encores (0.08/0.07).

Finals Update: Repeats of 'FBI' (+0.1), 'American Auto' (+0.1), and the 9 PM 'Black-ish' (+0.1) adjusted up.



18-49 Rating/Share

Viewers (mil)


8 PMFBI (R)0.38/35.09CBS

Blackish (R)0.34/32.20ABC

American Auto (R)0.26/21.74NBC

The Masked Singer Christmas Singalong (R)0.24/21.08Fox

Popstar's Best of 20210.07/10.31The CW
8:30 PMBlackish (R)0.23/21.51ABC

Grand Crew (R)0.18/11.01NBC
9 PMFBI: International (R)0.31/33.61CBS

Blackish (R)0.25/21.46ABC

This Is Us (R)0.18/11.39NBC

Masters of Illusion (R)0.08/10.34The CW
9:30 PMBlackish (R)0.22/21.20ABC

Masters of Illusion (R)0.07/10.41The CW
10 PMFBI: Most Wanted (R)0.32/33.25CBS

Blackish (R)0.19/21.07ABC

New Amsterdam (R)0.13/11.13NBC
10:30 PMBlackish (R)0.23/21.07ABC
(R) = repeat

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