2021-22 Season To Date Report (9/1-12/7): Stinkers On The Lineup Like The Blacklist and Ordinary Joe Drop NBC to 2nd Place

Shows losing ratings points has not been a shock for a long time.  But watching it happen does not mean it is not jarring or cringeworthy.  In early 2014, watching NBC's Do No Harm debut to a 0.9 was jolting and disgusting.  Flash forward to Fall 2018, and that was "passable."  Indeed, shocks have hit particularly hard the last 4 seasons.  The 2018-19 season was alarming watching the middle-grounded series (as well as most ABC sitcoms) dipping below the 1.0 mark.  2019-20 experienced the saddening site of seeing the entire CBS Thursday night lineup under 0.8, and the heavyweights hovering close to 1.0.  2020-21 became a sad sight as all scripted shows dropped below 1.0 at one point, even after sturdy debuts, and only one scripted series cracked the Top 10 players.  

And 2021?  Reality franchises which were prior heavy-hitters have made massive drops, particularly on ABC and NBC.  ABC in fact has seen its strongest players in reality and scripted programming drop 30-40% from 2020.  More jarring is fractional ratings have bled into the Top 10, with 2 reality TV players barely hanging on by their fingernails.  And NBC, a network which ruled in 1st place for 10 of the 11 seasons from 2010-21, has slipped into 2nd place.  The later half of the 2010's had NBC delivering a competitive lineup featuring megahits This Is Us and The Voice, and later their Chicago-Verse, carrying the weight of the wins.  The Voice and This Is Us endured noticeable damage in the last year, leading the entire network to follow suit.  

NBC's fortunes may seem greater than ABC who's season is circling the drain with even Grey's Anatomy sinking after seasons of success.  But scheduling weight has become heavier with duds like Blacklist, New Amsterdam and Ordinary Joe weighing down promising timeslots.  NBC will likely enjoy some higher marks when Superbowl LXVI comes in February, but as-is, FOX stands poised to take the lead in 1st Place


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