Bake Your Heart Out Season 3 Christmas Special - A Marshmallow World

Bake Your Heart Out Season 3 Christmas Special
A Marshmallow World

The group is at Sam’s for their annual holiday party.

Diane: I’ve never seen Sam look so happy at Christmas time! Nicolle, you’re a miracle worker.

Nicolle: I am good.

Sam: We have a lot to celebrate this Christmas. Diane’s cancer is shrinking, Nicolle is able to spend the holiday in California, Frances did the baking and, most importantly, Paul isn’t here.

Frances: I’m glad you appreciate my baking. I don’t get to do it all that much anymore, so it’s nice to get some recognition for it when I do.

Garry: Diane, you didn’t tell me about your cancer shrinking! That’s amazing!

Diane: I didn’t?

Garry: I’d remember if you did.

Sam: You’re Garry. I sorta doubt you’d remember anything at all.

Nicolle: Sam, it’s Christmas. Lay off Garry.

Sam: Fine…

Garry: Thank you, Nicolle. You’re a doll.

Nicolle: Many people are saying this.

Leslie: Frances, these cookies are divine! Why don’t you make these more often.

Frances: You never asked.

There is a knock at the door.

Sam: Ooh, there’s my special surprise!

Charlotte: I’ve never seen you so girlishly giddy before!

Sam: I’m just so excited for you to see this big surprise!

Diane: I bet it’s Paul!

Sam: That better be a joke.

Nicolle: Is no one going to open the door? Guess I’ll get it…

Nicolle opens the door.

Melanie: Special delivery from the North Pole!

Diane: Melanie! How did you get here?

Leslie: Our holiday parties are great, but I don’t know if I’d fly across the country for them…

Melanie: Sam paid for me to fly out here to see you guys. I wanted to celebrate Diane’s good news. The holiday party is just an added perk.

Sam: Did you take an Uber here?

Melanie: Yeah.

Sam: I’ll pay for that, too. The prices to get an Uber from LAX are insane!

Melanie: Sam, you’ve been far too kind.

Diane: I can’t believe you did this for me! I’m not even cured, it’s just a positive development.

Melanie: You look so good, Diane. I’m so happy for you.

Diane: Don’t be too happy. This is a wig, it’s not even my real hair. There’s so much makeup caked on this fac-

Charlotte: Positive thinking! Diane, you’re getting better and we’re celebrating that!

Leslie: We’re also celebrating Jesus!

Garry: Since when do you talk about religion?

Leslie: I’ve always been religious, you just don’t listen.

Sam: He really doesn’t. It’s why I ha-

Nicolle: Samantha!

Sam: Sorry, sorry.

Diane: I think we should have dinner now. I know we spoiled our appetites by eating Frances’s cookies, but the oven is going off.

Melanie: Ooh, what are we having? Those little bags of pretzels on the airplane don’t exactly hold you over for a seven-hour flight.

Nicolle: Roast beef!

Sam: I suggested roast beast, like from The Grinch. Nicolle shot that down.

Nicolle: It’s not real, Sam!

Sam: It is if you believe.

Garry: Wow, she’s so much more fun and nice when she’s happy.

Frances: She just said she hated you, like, two minutes ago.

Garry: She didn’t finish saying it, and that’s still a big improvement over what she normally says.

Frances: That is so sad.

Ten minutes later…

Sam: Okay, dinner is served!

Melanie: I see you let Diane pick out the music tonight.

Sam: Why do you say that?

Charlotte: I think we all know, Sam.

Sam: I don’t. I don’t know who picked out the music.

Melanie: We’re currently listening to Olivia Rodrigo singing a Joni Mitchell Christmas song.

Leslie: The saddest Christmas song in existence, I might add. Why are you singing about making your baby cry? It’s Christmas!

Nicolle: Diane mentioned that she had a Christmas playlist that she really loved, I told her to play it on our Alexa. I’ve enjoyed the music, so I thought Diane did a great job.

Diane: Thank you, Nicolle. I’m glad someone here appreciates quality music.

Melanie: I like it, too. It’s just very Diane. Nothing wrong with that!

Sam: How is everyone enjoying the roast beef?

Garry: I -

Sam: Not you.

Nicolle: Sam!

Sam: Kidding!

Garry: So I’m allowed to share my thoughts on the food?

Sam (through gritted teeth): Uh-huh.

Garry: I think it’s great.

Nicolle: See, was that so hard?

Sam: No comment.

Charlotte: I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks! It’s flying by this year. Speaking of flying…

Frances: Nice segue.

Charlotte: What’s everyone doing this Christmas? As always, I’m flying back home to London for a nice couple of weeks with my mum and dad.

Diane: You’re not going to be here?

Charlotte: I never am!

Diane: You’re not?

Sam: Diane, are you slipping?

Diane: I just didn’t call her leaving the States last Christmas.

Charlotte: I do every year. Don’t worry, it’s nothing against you guys. I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas here with you, but my mum would be so disappointed.

Frances: I’m also flying home for Christmas. Jimmy and Louise asked me to come to Michigan, and I couldn’t refuse. It’s been a while since I’ve spent it with them.

Diane: Is anyone spending Christmas in California?

Garry: Carly and I are. At her mom’s, with all her siblings.

Carly: Mom said I had to come or I was out of the will after Garry’s little Rhode Island stunt.

Leslie: What Rhode Island stunt?

Garry: I didn’t tell her when we was going to Rhode Island so she wouldn’t be able to come and be overbearing for three months straight.

Sam: I respect that. Good job, Garry.

Nicolle: Way to be in the Christmas spirit!

Diane: Is anyone else spending Christmas here? I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t have plans yet.

Garry: Sam’s probably going to be busy stealing Christmas decorations from all the Whos.

Sam: See! He struck first!

Nicolle: This time…

Leslie: I don’t have plans, either. I’ll probably just stay home and watch Love Actually and cry when Alan Rickman cheats on Emma Thompson.

Sam: I’m seeing a love connection here! Maybe you two can spend your holiday together!

Diane: You’re ditching me?

Sam: Nicolle and I haven’t been able to spend Christmas together in years, and I just want to have a quiet Christmas with her. Alone.

Diane: Oh, I see.

Frances: Nicolle, maybe you should put on some Olivia Rodrigo to calm her down. Traitor, Good 4 U, those are her favorites.

Sam: I don’t think that would calm her.

Frances: It can’t be worse than Blue Christmas!

Diane: I’m fine, guys! I’m fine! If Leslie wants, we’e going to have a wonderful Christmas together.

Charlotte (singing): Simply having a wond-

Diane: Honey, I love you. Any song but that.

Charlotte: You don’t love Sir Paul McCartney?

Diane: I love Sir Paul. I don’t love that song and I know you don’t, either.

Charlotte: Oh, it drives me batty. I must hear it once though so I can complain about it. A Christmas tradition.

Nicolle: Y’all enjoying your roast beast? I mean, beef!

Sam: Ha! Got ya!

Leslie: It’s great, girls. And, Diane, I don’t mean to invite myself to your house, but I’d love to come over for Christmas if you’d have me.

Diane: My house is all decorated with no one to see it, so sure, come on over! Also, I’d love your company. But the decorations are why I want you to come over to my place.

Leslie: I love Christmas decorations, and I barely even got mine out.

Sam: I am a miracle worker.

Nicolle: Speaking of miracles, we flew Melanie all the way out here, just to ignore her. Let’s ask her about her plans for Christmas!

Sam: You’re right, I’m so rude.

Melanie: Well, I have to fly back home to Rhode Island, which I’m dreading. I did my Christmas shopping in advance, knowing that I was coming out here for a week -

Diane: How long have you known you were coming out here?

Melanie: Uh… couple… days?

Diane: Melanie…

Melanie: A month.

Diane: I didn’t get my good cancer news a month ago. Sam, was this surprise planned in the event the I got bad news and this could be my last Christmas?

Sam: No comment.

Frances: Speaking of travel, I dread going to Michigan. So cold, and such a crappy flight. Plus, my hundred-year-old great aunt who is somehow still alive and looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor is so judgmental.

Diane: You don’t have to go.

Frances: No, I want to.

Diane: Um… do you?

Frances: Don’t be silly, of course I do!

Charlotte: I don't think this is worth continued elaboration.

Nicolle: So who’s ready for Christmas karaoke?

Garry: I’m in, as long as I’m not singing Heart’s All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You.

Nicolle: Huh? It’s Christmas, why would you sing that?

Carly: Yeah, Garry. Why?

Frances: Ignore him.

Sam: I’m starting! Put on Darlene Love’s version of A Marshmallow World!

Nicolle: You do love that song.

Diane: Even if this party was put together under misleading circumstances, I’m glad we all got together for Christmas. You guys are my family.

Garry: Speaking of your family, what about your kids?

Diane: They’re going to Fiji. Ugh. Christmas in the tropics is so gross.

Sam: Yeah, Christmas in Malibu is so much better.

Diane: I live in Santa Monica! Santa is in the name!

Garry: I live in Malibu.

Sam: That’s right, that’s why I never go to Malibu.

Nicolle: This is my last warning!

Garry: Ooh, Sam got in trouble!

Weeks later, on Christmas day…

Diane: Leslie, you’re so early!

Leslie: Am I too early?

Diane: Only if you mind that the food isn’t ready yet.

Leslie: I don’t mind at all, especially since I didn’t have time to bake my mac and cheese before I left.

Diane: Considering you're an hour early, you probably had the time. Don’t worry, though! I have a double oven!

Leslie: My god, Diane. This house is decorated from top to bottom in Christmas decorations. All I put out is a little tree and my nativity scene.

Diane: I sorta put into my head the idea that this could be my last Christmas, so I wanted it to be as festive as possible. I started decorating on November 1st!

Leslie: You are far more resilient and dedicated than I.

Diane: I’m more dedicated to decorating than most people, to be fair. My kids have called me a “Christmas freak.”

Leslie: It’s much better to be dedicated to something like Christmas, which brings joy, than just about anything else you can become addicted to.

Diane: Like how Sam is addicted to harassing Garry.

Leslie: Or like how Frances is addicted to -

Leslie gets a phone call.

Leslie: Speaking of the devil…

Diane: What are the odds?

Leslie: I’m just kidding, its Paul.

Diane: Is he going to try to get us to head to work to film a live Christmas special?

Leslie: Guess we’ll have to find out!

Leslie answers.

Paul: Leslie! Merry Christmas!

Leslie: Since when do you call me on Christmas?

Paul: We’re friends! I just wanted to wish you a cheerful yuletide!

Leslie: That doesn’t feel like proper English, but I’ll let it slide.

Paul: Have a cool yule!

Leslie: Better, Louis Armstrong!

Paul: How are you on this fine Christmas afternoon?

Leslie: I’m fine. Just got to Diane’s to celebrate the day. And you?

Paul: Same old, same old.

Leslie: Oh, now I’m getting a call from Frances. I should probably get going and pick that up.

Paul: Well, have a nice holiday. See you in a few weeks!

Leslie: Don’t remind me!

Leslie answers Frances’s call.

Frances: Leslie, bad news.

Leslie: What’s wrong? Did Santa’s sleigh crash in Saginaw?

Frances: It may as well have. A freak blizzard in Michigan canceled all the flights last night! I would’ve called sooner, but I had to figure out if I could manage a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-like cross-country journey. I can’t.

Leslie: Is that actually bad news for you? You absolutely did not want to go.

Frances: I know, but now I’ll have to go for New Year’s. I wanted to get it over with now!

Leslie: Truly heartwarming stuff.

Frances: Would Diane mind an extra guest?

Leslie: I’ll ask her.

Diane: Frances can come!

Leslie: How’d you know?

Diane: You put it on speakerphone.

Frances: Leslie…

Diane: See ya soon, Frannie!

Frances: Not if you keep calling me that!

Diane: Ah, bah humbug!

Leslie hangs up.

Leslie: So, three for Christmas. That’s better!

Diane: Certainly is. We’re now just three away from a truly festive night!

Thirty minutes later, there is a knock at the door.

Leslie: Looks like Frances is here! I hope she made cookies.

Diane: How fast did she drive? A hundred-and-thirty miles an hour?

Leslie: You never know with Frances.

Leslie opens the door.

Garry: I hope you don’t mind us stopping in.

Carly: Christmas at mom’s was a di-

Diane: Perfect!

Carly: No, it was an absolute nightmare.

Diane: We’re all together!

Garry: Charlotte and Frances aren’t here!

Leslie: But Frances is on her way!

Garry: Isn’t she in Michigan?

Leslie: I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch the weather.

Diane: I should call Sam, I don’t want her to feel left out.

Garry: Must you? She's going to make fun of my sweater and my tie.

Carly: She can’t say anything worse than my mom said.

Leslie I don’t want to be cruel, but I’d also love to know what was said.

Garry: She said I look like -

Diane gets a call from Sam.

Diane: Ooh, that’s Sam! I better answer.

Garry: Ole’ Garry, always destined to be igno-

Diane answers.

Sam: Diane, I hope you don’t mind, but Nicolle and I are on the way over. I thought about what you said, and I realized that it’s not Christmas without us being together.

Diane: I don’t mind at all! That’s so sweet!

Nicolle: She’s lying, I’m the one that said we needed to come over.

Diane: That’s a bit less sweet, but I appreciate Sam caring enough to lie. See you soon.

Garry: Oh god!

Sam: Is that… Garry?

Diane: Sure is! The gang’s gonna be together on Christmas!

Leslie: Other than Charlotte.

Carly: And Melanie.

Diane: Yes, other than the two people who had better options, we’re all together!

Leslie: Truly a Christmas miracle!

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