Hulu Renew/Cancel: Only Murders in the Building and Animaniacs Lead in Demand, Marvel Cartoons Yet to be Renewed or Canceled


Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for Hulu’s original series, Disney’s mostly adult-oriented TV streaming service. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on December 20, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment! B77229-A1-EF95-43-AB-A53-E-587-C960-FD3-AB 28-D31-C1-A-04-B0-4506-B522-F39435-CF2-E38

Two New Columns: Worldwide Index & IMDb Rating
The Worldwide Index is a way to quantify how a show is doing in its top 15 countries, excluding the United States. As an example, the 0.48 Worldwide Index for Only Murders in the Building indicates that the average audience demand in its top 15 countries (excluding the United States) is 48% that of the audience demand in the United States. The higher the Worldwide Index, the better. 

There seems to be a pattern on Hulu in particular where shows with higher IMDb ratings by and large see more positive outcomes than shows with lower IMDb ratings. As is seen in the table, no show above an 8.0 IMDb rating has been canceled, while shows like Crossing Swords, The Premise, and Marvel’s MODOK are at the lower end in all metrics. Given Parrot Analytics reports IMDb ratings on each individual show’s page, it seems worthwhile to add in the column to the table. 

The Great
The only yet-to-be-renewed show in this table with a U.S. audience demand multiplier in the double digits, The Great also enjoys a respectable IMDb rating and Worldwide Index. It certainly pales in comparison to fellow comedy Only Murders in the Building when it comes to demand, but there’s no clear reason to believe it’s in danger of cancelation. 

Hit-Monkey, Marvel’s MODOK, & Crossing Swords
Hulu has yet to reveal the fates of two Marvel animated series: Hit-Monkey and MODOK. The more recent offering, Hit-Monkey, is doing better by all accounts, with MODOK never managing to go quite as high in audience demand. Additionally, Hit-Monkey has a solid IMDb rating, while MODOK has an IMDb rating lower than almost any other show on the chart. When taking all factors into consideration, it seems Hit-Monkey would be the clear favorite for renewal. As far as MODOK, it’s been over seven months since it was released and the only factor that seems to be going for it is the Marvel tie-in. A close eye should be kept on Crossing Swords, as its second season premiered within the 30-day period reported in this table. The audience demand multiplier could easily rise, but the IMDb rating will remain on the low end, and being co-distributed by Sony can only complicate things further. 

The Premise
No word has been given about if The Premise will see a second season or not. Given it’s an anthology drama, Hulu may feel it has come to a natural conclusion. With the low audience demand, low Worldwide Index, and low IMDb rating, The Premise is a predicted cancelation. 

PEN15 & Y: The Last Man
PEN15 was consistently predicted to be renewed, and for good reason: it consistently had some of the highest U.S. audience demand for a Hulu comedy. Maybe its low Worldwide Index hurt it, but according to reports the show will end after two seasons due to a decision made by the creators/stars of the show, with Hulu open to more seasons. 

As for Y: The Last Man, Hulu did not want to extend cast contracts, and constant delays complicated the fate of the show. Demand clearly says renew, but IMDb ratings and behind-the-scenes factors said otherwise. 

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