NBC Renew/Cancel Week 9: American Auto is a Lemon


This week on the NBC Renew/Cancel, new comedies American Auto and Grand Crew join the fray following their hour-long previews earlier this week. Keep reading for initial thoughts on both!


Certain Cancellation:
Ordinary Joe (0.35, 0.25-0.52)

Likely Cancellation: 

Leans Cancellation:
American Auto (0.32, 0.27-0.36)
Grand Crew (0.35, 0.30-0.40)

Leans Renewal:
The Blacklist (0.33, 0.29-0.39)

Likely Renewal:

Certain Renewal:
Law & Order: Organized Crime (0.58, 0.50-0.67)
Saturday Night Live (0.94, 0.82-1.04)

Already Renewed:
Chicago Fire
Chicago Med
Chicago PD
La Brea
Law & Order: SVU
New Amsterdam

Already Canceled/Final Season:
This Is Us

Coming Soon:
The Endgame
Mr. Mayor
The Thing About Pam
Young Rock

American Auto: While The Voice rates well, having it as a lead-in didn't seem to do much good for American Auto, which averaged just a 0.32 in its hour-long premiere. The show, created by Superstore's creator, became the lowest-rated comedy debut of the season, and rated above only The Big Leap overall. That's worse than Ordinary Joe's average in this slot, and I don't see how it can come back from that. I'm going to be cautious here and only label it LEANS CANCELLATION until the official premiere in its regular time slot, but this is not an encouraging start by any means.

Grand Crew: Speaking of starts that aren't encouraging! While new friendship comedy Grand Crew did mildly better than American Auto for its own hour-long premiere, it didn't do much better. Airing before The Voice's two-hour results finale, Grand Crew averaged just 0.35, falling an entire ratings point between half-hours. Without the local lead-in (it will air at 8:30 when it returns to finish its run in January), you can probably expect some truly weak ratings from this show. It's a hard call as to whether it or American Auto bombed harder, but labeling both as LEANS CANCELLATION is no tough choice.

Kenan, Mr. Mayor and Young Rock: Like the two new sitcoms, these returning sophomore shows all aired episodes in the last week. However, I'm not going to give predictions to any of them for a few reasons. First is that, unlike the new shows, these were one-off "holiday specials" and not normal episodes of the shows. In the case of Mr. Mayor and Young Rock, neither will officially premiere their second seasons until March. I'll be waiting to predict them until those official season premiere.

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