Our House Season 4 Episode 6 - Our Mandello’s

Our House Season 4, Episode 6
Our Mandello's

Jerry and Mitchell rush into the house.

Mitchell: You guys will never believe what we found out today.

Teri: That it takes more than two dummies to screw in a lightbulb?

Mitchell: There’s no need to be so cruel.

Velma: There is. Keep it up, Teri.

Jerry: Mandello’s on Main is closing!

Karl: You’re kidding!

Jerry: Nope!

Velma: How did Tweedledee and Tweedledum find out about it?

Mitchell: Jim Mandello came into the boutique and told us. Their last day of operation is going to be New Year’s Day.

Betty: This can’t be happening! Where will we go to eat?

Ralph: Maybe one of the dozens of other restaurants within driving distance?

Betty: Mandello’s is our restaurant! You have to be sad that we’re never going to get to go there again!

Ralph: I’m sad, but I’ll get by. You can, too.

Teri: Have you met our mother?

Frank: I loved that show and then the finale ruined it!

Cindy: Frank, shut up.

Ralph: I have met our mother, and I know that even she will be able to persevere. This isn’t the end of the world.

Cindy: Speaking of mom, why were you not at the boutique today?

Betty: Your father won’t let me work there every day. He says it’s unhealthy.

Karl: All I said was that I didn’t think it was a good idea. You can if you want to.

Betty: No, I know you’ll judge me if I do go in to work there every day.

Karl: When have I ever judged you?

Betty: You know the answer to that already, I don’t need to tell you.

Teri: I think I’m going to make dinner.

Cindy: It’s a Hanukkah miracle!

Teri: I cook!

Cindy: Do you?

Teri: Yes!

Betty: Have we really all moved on this easily?

Teri: From…?

Betty: Not funny!

Cindy: Mom, we all care, but we also all realize that there’s not much we can do about it. Maybe we can go eat there a few times before they close up.

Velma: They might have some sales towards the end of operation, we should definitely go then.

Teri: One-track mind.

Velma: I like a good deal! I can’t help it!

Betty: I guess I just care more about Mandello’s than you all do.

Ralph: We can tell.

Three days later, at Mandello’s…

Jim: Just you today, Mrs. Bellwood?

Betty: I’m actually not eating today, Jim.

Jim: Really? Did you show up here by accident?

Betty: No, I intended to be here.

Jim: Are you here to talk about… that?

Betty: Your restaurant closing? Yes. I have a proposal.

Jim: Betty, I respect you a lot, and I know you only mean well, but there’s nothing we can do to save the restaurant. I’m so glad we’ve had you as a customer for all these years, and I know my dad loved seeing your family in here as well, but it’s coming to an end. All things must eventually.

Betty: This isn’t your time! You’re still so busy!

Jim: It is. It’s not about being busy. The landlord wants us out, he wants to sell the building.

Betty: I know, I read the story on LAN dot com.

Jim: Then I really don’t understand what your goal is here.

Betty: We’re going to help you buy the restaurant!

Jim: You’re what?

Betty: I’ve been spending days planning a fundraiser. It all hinges on whether I can get some of my celebrity friends to appear, but I think I can get them to agree.

Jim: Celebrity friends?

Betty: I have connections, Jim.

Jim: Are you really sure this is something you want to do?

Betty: Where else will I eat if this place shuts down? McDonald’s? Do we really think my stomach can handle that?

Jim: I think there are other restaurants in town, but I really appreciate your dedication to us.

Betty: And my dedication is what will save this restaurant! I’m going to go back home and bring you my fundraiser ideas.

Jim: I don’t know how we’ll raise three hundred thousand dollars to buy the place, but if you believe, I will at least consider it a possibility. Bring me whatever plans you have. Now, in the meantime, I have some customers to serve.

Thirty minutes later, at home…

Tammi: Grandma, what are those papers on the table?

Betty: My plans!

Tammi: Plans for what?

Ralph: I have a terrible feeling I know what it’s for…

Tammi: Well, what’s it for?

Danielle: They’re plans for a fundraiser to save Mandello’s.

Betty: You read them?

Danielle: They were out on the table, I was curious, and I read ‘em.

Betty: What do you think of them?

Danielle: I think it’s interesting. Who doesn’t love a good fundraiser?

Velma: Fundraiser? What are we talking about? Will there be a cake walk? I love a good cake walk.

Mitchell: I love cake.

Betty: Mitchell, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at the boutique!

Mitchell: Oh no…

Betty: Is Jerry there, at least?

Tammi: Dad’s there. He was complaining all last night about needing to go to bed early so he could get to work. He wanted to watch some History Channel marathon.

Danielle: Aww, poor baby.

Betty: It’s good to know someone’s at work.

Tammi: So, about this fundraiser… could we have details?

Betty; We’re going to get music, celebrity appearances, and we’re going to collect there hundred thousand dollars to buy the restaurant.

Tammi: Buy the restaurant? Why would we want a restaurant?

Velma: Yeah, we can’t even get Mitchell to do in to his current job at a family-owned business.

Betty: It’s not for us to own Mandello’s. It’s for the Mandello family to get to buy the building Mandello’s is in. The landlord is selling it and is only giving them until January 1st to continue operating. After that, the restaurant is closing and the building is going up for sale.

Velma: I want to save Mandello’s as well, but how will this work. We live in a small town, and I doubt that just the people in town donating will be enough to pull together that much money.

Betty: We’re twenty minutes from Richmond. This will be a big enough event for us to bring in people from cities nearby.

Ralph: What will be such a draw that it’ll bring in people that haven’t even heard of Mandello’s?

Betty: Leave that to me.

Ralph: So, she doesn’t have a plan and will make one up as we go along.

Betty: This is a dirty lie!

Ralph: Then would you care to elaborate on your grand restaurant-saving plan?

Betty: I have to get going, I’m meeting with Jim.

Ralph: So that answers that question!

That night…

Teri: How was everyone’s day?

Cindy: I got to make dinner after a long day at work. That was a true delight.

Teri: I worked, too.

Cindy: For four hours.

Teri: I went shopping after work. I help this family.

Cindy: You went shopping for yourself.

Teri: Shopping for Christmas presents is not shopping for yourself!

Frank: I had a great day. The principal -

Teri: Frank, no one cares.

Tammi: I… care.

Frank: That wasn’t very convincing.

Tammi: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jerry: I had to work the boutique all by myself once again. It was exhausting.

Velma: Once again?

Jerry: Second day in a row.

Velma: Mitchell, care to explain?

Mitchell: Pass.

Betty: I need to be excused. The spaghetti’s great, though.

Cindy: Thanks, mom.

Betty walks out to the hallway and calls her friend, Congresswoman Alicia Spanheim.

Alicia: Betty Bellwood? I haven’t heard from you in months! What’s up?

Betty: Congresswoman, I’m so grateful you answered.

Alicia: Betty, you know you can always just call me Alicia. We’re friends!

Betty: Okay, Alicia. We might not be friends after this, though.

Alicia: Oh no, are you going to yell at me and call me a communist like everyone that calls my office?

Betty: No, not at all. It’s just that I’m about to ask you a massive favor.

Alicia: Friends help friends. Lay it on me!

Betty: So, in downtown Lakey, there’s a restaurant called Mandello’s.

Alicia: I’ve been there! Actually, I went there for my anniversary this year.

Betty: They’re shutting down, unless we can raise the funds for the family to buy the building the restaurant is in.

Alicia: Oh my god, no! It’s a Lakey institution!

Betty: That’s what I said. That’s why I’m trying to save it, and I need your help.

Alicia: My help?

Betty: Yes, yours!

Alicia: I’d be happy to help, in what ever way you need.

Betty: Could you, in an unofficial capacity that doesn’t break any laws, help get the word out about the event? You have quite the social media following and it could really raise awareness. I’d also love if you could be there. It’s on a Saturday. Not this Saturday, the one after.

Alicia: No problem, Betty. I will be there, with bells on.

Betty: Make sure you dress warm! It’s going to be outside, and -

Alicia: That raises a question, actually. Where exactly is this fundraiser being held?

Betty: Down at Lakey Park.

Alicia: Okay, then I will tell everyone to be there. I’ll call you if I have any further questions.

Betty: If you can get any famous guests to come, that’d be great.

Alicia: I don’t exactly know anyone famous, but I can try!

Betty: Thanks, you’re a doll!

Betty hangs up and returns to the table.

Teri: What was going on there?

Betty: I spoke to an old friend and got some help.

Jerry: So when are they hauling you off to the loony bin? Tomorrow?

Betty: What?

Cindy: He’s attempting to make a joke, mom. Ignore him.

Karl: What was that phone call about? I’m genuinely curious, you don’t ever tell me anything.

Betty: I talked to Alicia Spanheim about the fundraiser, she’s going to promote it.

Jerry: Great, we’re going to have a bunch of communists showing up to the fundraiser.

Cindy: Jerry!

Jerry: Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Most of them will just be socialists.

Teri: You really think Alicia is going to be enough to help us raise three hundred thousand dollars?

Velma: Your big celebrity guest is some congresswoman?

Betty: You don’t think that’s enough?

Velma: Not really, no.

Betty: I suppose I can call someone else in.

Teri: This should be good.

Betty: I’ll call Andrea Campbell!

Teri: The news anchor of the Today show?

Betty: Yup!

Tammi: Doesn’t she hate you?

Betty: She doesn’t hate me. She just doesn’t like me.

Tammi: That’s a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one.

Betty: I’ll go call her now!

Betty gets up, walks into the hallway, and calls Andrea.

Andrea: Who’s this?

Betty: I’m B-

Andrea: Betty Bellwood…

Betty: Yes, exactly!

Andrea: How did you get my number?

Betty: You gave it to me before you moved to New York!

Andrea: That doesn’t sound like me, but for argument’s sake, we’ll say I did. What’s this call about?

Betty: I need you to do me a favor. Remember, it’s the viral video involving me that got you to the Today show to begin with.

Andrea: Are you trying to blackmail me?

Betty: Blackmail? No! I’m trying to remind you of all I’ve done for you.

Andrea: What’s the favor?

Betty: I’m holding a fundraiser for Mandello’s, one of the restaurants here in town. It’s closing unless they can scrape together enough money to buy it outright.

Andrea: What do you need me to do?

Betty: I need you to post about it online to drum up interest. I also need you to appear at it and maybe get some of your celebrity friends to come by.

Andrea: That’s quite an ask.

Betty: Remember what I did for you!

Andrea: I’ll do it, under one condition.

Betty: What’s that?

Andrea: You will delete my number if I do all of that for you.

Betty: Done!

Andrea: When’s the fundraiser?

Betty: Next Saturday.

Andrea: Next Saturday as in the 4th or the 11th?

Betty: The 11th.

Andrea: See you then. Bye!

At the fundraiser…

Jim: Betty, I can’t believe what you’ve managed to pull off. The Today show lady is here with Kelly Clarkson and Paul Rudd!

Betty: I told you I have connections!

Jim: I thought you were just crazy!

Teri: Well, you thought right.

Betty: Do you think we’ll be able to make enough?

Jim: We already hit it, Betty!

Betty: That’s incredible!

Jim: I’m not that surprised after seeing all that you did here today. Kelly Clarkson is here! Who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson?

Betty: I can’t lie, Jim. I feel like you’re more excited about meeting Kelly Clarkson than you are about saving your restaurant.

Jim: They’re both equally exciting.

Betty: That’s nice to hear.

Jim: I’m gonna go make some more food. There’s way more people than I ever expected. Betty, thank you.

Betty: All in a day’s work!

Ralph: Mom, how did you do this?

Betty: What can I say, I’m just that good.

Ralph: No, really. How’d you do it?

Betty: My skills of persuasion remain unmatched.

Teri: Are you happy now, mom? You don't have to expand your palate after all!

Betty: I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled!

Karl: Can we go watch the Kelly Clarkson concert now that we’ve saved the only restaurant you’ve ever loved?

Betty: Yes, Karl. We can go watch the Kelly Clarkson concert.

Cindy: I can’t believe mom is a hero.

Jerry: She’s never letting us forget it, either.

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